Final few hours to vote for which chapter I should paint!

I’ve nearly forgotten about this project since I’ve been getting my head stuck into others things lately. Anyways, yes, in just a few hours time the deadline will close and the votes counting in. Just a quick recap, I’m interested in starting a new project using my old unused space marine models to create aContinue reading “Final few hours to vote for which chapter I should paint!”

Need Tabletop hobby/ Art inspiration? Check these bloggers out!

Hey guys, I thought I might do a post today by recommending a few talented hobbyists and artists that I’ve found and followed. I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for ages now, but I couldn’t quite get my confidence up to try this out. Hopefully, if you guys have enjoyed this postContinue reading “Need Tabletop hobby/ Art inspiration? Check these bloggers out!”

The Skullfiend Tribe Skirmish warband (part 1)

As part of my focus on my Skirmish warband factions, I’ve decided to start my Khorne Bloodbound from the Thunder and Blood starter set. I’ve decided to paint mine in the colours of the Skullfiend Tribe, as there’s less red to paint and the small bio on the warband was pretty cool! I have twoContinue reading “The Skullfiend Tribe Skirmish warband (part 1)”

Skirmish Warband: SE- Knights of Excelsior (part 2)

Today’s post will be covering how I’ve painted my own Knights of Excelsior Skirmish warband. The pictures shown in this past are done in stages that I did on two models, but the process is still the same nonetheless. Without further or do, I hope you’ll enjoy this short painting guide! Step 1 Spray WhiteContinue reading “Skirmish Warband: SE- Knights of Excelsior (part 2)”

The Three Heads are better than one!

AoS Skirmish is a great opportunity to create unique and characterful models, making a small collection of models look really imposing on the table top. I’ve started my (second) Khorne Bloodbound collection based on the Skullfiend Tribe, who will don their red helms as sacrifice to Khorne’s growing throne of Skulls! I’ll have a fewContinue reading “The Three Heads are better than one!”

Sample edits and project reveal

I’ve been posting many posts now with various photography pictures. Whilst I’m still have yet to reveal the project as a whole yet, I can reveal that I will doing my FMP art work on Crime families, focusing on the Kray Twins. This is part of my final art course project, working from the projectContinue reading “Sample edits and project reveal”