AoS faction collection: Stormcast Eternals- Lords of the Pisces, the near end……

AoS faction collection: Stormcast Eternals- Lords of the Pisces, the near end……

It’s been way too long since I’ve last posted and AoS faction collection post, the last post was way back in March of this year! So why the long delay? Well…..

I’ve been distracted by other projects (as seen on my latest blog posts, mostly on my Ork collection), as well as taking a break from painting Stormcast Eternals. I got pretty tired of painting Stormcasts as it was becoming a chore rather than fun, so I went on to other projects to give some space away from my SE.

But now I’m back, after all the good stuff going on with AoS 2.0 and the reveal of the Sacrosanct Chamber, I thought now was the time to get my backlogs done. At this point now (not including the main three chambers), there have been three chambers unlocked including the Extremis Chamber, the Vanguard Chamber and now the Sacrosanct Chamber. So far I’ve only just about finished my main SE Chamber….

My plan is to finish my second unit of Judicators, and add one more unit of Paladins to fulfil 1/3 of the Warrior Chamber. Now, I’m not committing to fill the whole req for the Warrior Chamber as that’s just too expensive to commit to (as well as it being more points and models). Luckily, just having 1/3 of the the Chamber can easily cover 2,000pt+ army list, so its necessary to add more to the chamber collection in my opinion.

To help me get back into painting my SE, I brought myself the Vanguard Shadespire kit which was a simple push fit kit to build. These guys are my second unit into my Vanguard Chamber, my first being the Long-strike raptor unit.

For this unit, I’ll be giving it a new unit name and background, as I like to imagine these three SE as brothers who are veterans and legends in the Stormhost. Since the rules say you can only include this unit once in each army, I thought it would be cool to set them up as brothers who with a deep rooted history. They aren’t leaders nor high in rank like the Lord Aquilor or a Lord Celestant, but they are self sufficient to carry out the job to counter attack the enemy.

As you can see, I’ve painted them in the usual colour scheme like the rest of my SE. Their bases are a real treat to paint, as I like how the natural decorative tree trunk with fallen leafs add more character to the models and their environment. It would be cool to see more decorative bases like these be released by GW, as I think the current options look too man made and lacking in natural environment.

Finally, my Judicators were done by kitbashing a spare unit of Stormcast Eternals from the Thunder and Blood starter set (the rest were used for my Knights Excelsis Skirmish warband), and some spare parts left over from my Judicators kit.

Now you might be wondering why I’ve kitbashed this unit when there’s already a kit of 10x Judicators available? Well, I got the original 5x Judicator set before GW decided to rerelease the kit as a 10x set. Meaning that if I wanted more Judicators, I’ll need to buy a new set that had ten models. I didn’t want ten as I only needed one more unit of five to complete a warscroll battalion as part of the formation of a Warrior Chamber, so I went and built my own Judicators by kitbash.

At this point I hadn’t used the decals for my SE shoulder pads, designating what unit type they are. So I’ve gone and took some time to apply the decals to all of my current SE collection, with patients, time and a lot of swearing.

Below is a photo of my current status of my collection of My Stormhost, Lord of the Pisces for both the Warrior Chamber and the Vanguard Chamber.

I’m really pleased with this collection now that everything is completed and ready to play. To think this has took me over a year to complete is something I wouldn’t have achieved years ago.

However, there’s only one more unit to add before this collection comes to a close, and I’ve saved the best till last unit of Paladin Decimaters. On record this army will be the second collection to be fully completed and ready to play, my first being Clan Moulder Collection.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!



Summer of hobbying

Summer of hobbying

Ah it’s that time of year when the sun is out, the heat rises to a sweaty drench proportion and everyone goes out for the day to enjoy this refreshing wether. Meanwhile, I’m getting all of my blog drafts ready to be posted for the summer holiday.

Every summer I’ve made an effort to paint big models and infantry models as part of my year tradition here on this blog site. It goes way back two years ago when I did my first big model for the summer holidays, a kitbashed Great Unclean one as part of my AoS Nurgle Collection. Since then, I’ve made this a yearly tradition to try and paint one big model (or back log models like last year).

This year however I’ve taken on one of my biggest projects ever, as I’ll be painting a 1,000pt Renegade Knights Collection as part of my summer project. I’m either a fool or a lucky one if I can pull this off!

I won’t spoil too much on what the Renegade Knight collection will be based on, but I have a sneak peek photo for you guys!

As if giant Knights were the only thing on my mind, I’ve also risen to the challenge of painting more backlog models including my Black Templars, Blades of Khorne, Orks, Chaos Space marines, Stormcast Eternals and more!

This summer is going to be a very busy one compared to last year. Now that I’ve finished my course work and my college days are done, I can now focus back on painting more models and write more home brew fiction for my blog site.

Tomorrow will start off with part 2 of my Tale of one Warlord painting challenge, this time with loads of Greenskins (with added Gretchins)!

Until next time,


Take a break, take a Khorne flake

Lately things have been difficult with course work, reality, motivation and etc. I’ve been distracted from blogging (apart from updates on my art work and other stuff), but nothing big like my model painting collection or lore series on the Grey-manes. I think I’ve reached that time of year when my energy is low from my final course work project.

Up until now, I’ve been taking blogging way too seriously as if I’m working for a company on a deadline, I’ve always tried to maintain a good standard for blogging. But I’ve noticed that most bloggers don’t tend to take deadlines too seriously, but instead post at their own pace like once a week, bi weekly or monthly. I’ve realised now that I need to be more flexible and enjoy what I’m doing without pushing myself too much, and post when I feel like posting.

I want to get my motivation back after several months now where my creativity has been lacking for blog posting. I know I can do better, heck I used to post a lot more last year than now. I need to have a clear direction on where I need to go as well as not taking it too seriously.

So that’s why I’ve been absent with table top hobby posts for while now, not because I’m being lazy, but because I have a lot on my mind for the past couple of months.

Just an update on projects currently in the WIP.

  • I’ve been building a backlog of models completed a few weeks ago, which will hopefully be shown on the blog at some point next week. It’s just Khorne Bloodbound at the minute as I’ve had a major reboot on the whole collection from Axes of Skarbrand to The Skullfiend Tribe. Good news is, pretty much nearly all of my models are painted apart from a few hero’s, Bloodreavers, Blood Warriors and a unit of Chaos Warriors.
  • As for the Novamarine project, that’s still in the planning stages for now. I’m getting a check list ready for what paints I’ll need, and how I’m going to approach this project.
  • The Black Templars Collection is nearly done, so very nearly done. I only need to paint five more crusaders and some minor improvements on previous marines, which will finally end this year long project for good.
  • Stormcast Eternals are shaping up well, my Lords of the Pisces is nearly complete as I only need to paint one unit of Judicators and add a Paladin unit. Finally it will complete 1/3 of a Warrior Chamber list (I’m only doing 1/3 of a list and not the full chamber). My Knights Excelsior are taking a break at the minute as I needed some new fine paint brushes. I’ll be getting back to painting this lot very soon.
  • Harbinger Legion is on a break, however I have more than enough models to fill in a patrol and battalion detachment. So priorities on this project are on hold for now.
  • Project [expunged by Inquisitor Ashenpher Reginald III, Ordo Xenos] has just been started with all models glued.

Other projects that are done (D), delayed (De) for current projects until further notice or abandoned (A).

  • Clan Moulder (D).
  • Nurgle warband (De)
  • Skaven Collection (De)
  • Iron Scarabs chapter (D)
  • Inquisition warband Silence if the Shroud (D)
  • Death grand alliance (A)
  • Liverbone Court (De)
  • Dark Elves (De)
  • Scenery (De)

I’ve got a special post coming up that will interest new and old hobbyists, as I’ll be doing a retro post on my recent discovery of three Inferno issues and a very old Warhammer book, Storm warriors.

Until next time,


Recommend Bloggers month (April 2018)

My first post about bloggers that I had recommended went very well, I was happy to see that the post had a positive reception. I’m aiming to do this as once a month schedule, so I can take my time to find more talented bloggers.

Today I wanted to continue this by recommending more bloggers that I’ve read and followed.

Tales from the Aaronorium

First up is a blog site that’s not got only one blogger, but four talented hobbyist that form the Aaronirium. These four horsemen of Mortarion include: The-actual-colin, The-grim-docness, Ross and Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Currently, the blog is doing an AoS series (like tale of four warlords) where each member of the Aaronorium build and grow their grand alliance to a fully painted Skirmish force. They’re also doing some 40k hobby posts (check Ross’s posts for his awesome 40k painting).

The reason why I’ve recommended this blog is because each of the hobbyists on the blog site have their own unique talents and skills for their growing collections. For example, The-grim-docness has a fantastic collection of Stormcast Eternals with one of the best kit bashed models I’ve seen for SE (you’ll have to check his posts as I won’t spoil the surprise here 😏). Another example is the Sylvaneth collection by Ross, who has put a great deal of effort to decorate his bases look natural and alive (like Ghyran, without any hint of Nurgle’s blessings).

The-actual-colin isn’t to be trifled with, for this Ork boss has a massive Ork army ready for stomping. The painting is really good, especially how Colin achieves a unique colour scheme to his green skins. When you read his opening paragraph with “this week I have been mostly been——“, you know someone’s been watching the Fast Show.

Finally there’s Aaron, if you’ve been reading Black Library books and read Warhammer Community blog, you’ll already know who he is. He’s the chapter master of the blogsite, and he’s actually really good at painting terrain.

I’d recommend looking into Tales of the Aaronorium If you want to learn more about the processes that go into building a new army. It’s also a great place to see AoS content, as currently there’s not much AoS content than 40k.

Link here to see each of the Aaronoughts posts from the beginning of their AoS series:

The Roost of Turkeydactyle

What do you get when nature decides to blend one of planet earths most terrifying airborne creatures, and one of Decembers favourite main course?

A Turkeydactyle!

I’ve been following Turkeydactyle for a few years now, and it’s still interesting to read his posts on his latest/ current projects. My favourite post would have to be his post series on his painting of St. Celestine, a really finely painted model indeed (you can see the process painting post here to the blog page).

Another post that like was the Spartember post series, where Turkeydactyle had a number of posts where he built his Spartan Land Raider. This is a good series that shows the amount of hard work that goes into preparing and building a resin kit. If your interested in reading more about Spartember, I have a link here to the blog page.

Turkeydactyle is a hard working hobbyist who has done lots of fantastic blog posts and model painting, I highly recommend looking at his blog site if you haven’t yet.

High times on the Eastern Fringe

Imagine if Tzeentch decided to weave a a thread of having a disciple in M2 to be the greatest pawn to the Great game, and would have completed his tasks for Tzeentch to win against his brother gods before the Horus Heresy ever happen. Only to be bested by a mortal by the name of ‘East’ who was also part of Tzeentch’s great game of conspiracies, through some complex planning and web weaving.

Well, the High times on the Eastern Fringe maybe just that very disciple, having an army of Thousand sons in his collection, with ‘East’ in his name. The plot thickens…..

I think East has a really good paint scheme for his TS marines, there’s a very magical and kinda eldritch look to his marines that makes them come to life. Whilst GW did a grand job with their TS painting, I felt that East really nailed the mystic element to the TS better.

I’ll list below some of my favourite TS blog post by East:

East does other posts on painting small projects, but his work on his TS collection is the spotlight on his talents. Again, I’d recommend seeing East’s blog if your a fan of the Changer of way, a great talent and enthusiasm for the hobby!


I’m gonna end it here as I’m out of juice to carry on listing recommendations for now. But I’ve mentioned six (four on one blog site) to be fair though, so that’s a good excuse aye?

In all seriousness though, I’ve enjoyed typing and showing you guys these talented hobbyists hat I think deserve your attention. I’ve put a lot of effort into typing this one, so I hope it’s up to your standards of reading (if not, I’m a certified heretic that must be purged).

So I have until the end of May to type another recommendation post, so I’ll be seeing you guys this time next month for another recommended bloggers month.

-Bjorn (the certified heretic)

Visiting Warhammer World

Visiting Warhammer World

Yesterday I went to Warhammer World as day trip to mark the end of my holiday, before I return back to studying at college. The visit was fantastic with the changes to the building, including new exhibition areas to look around. Just looking at the models up close to see the painstakingly detailed model paintings, makes me want to push myself to aim for a better painting quilt on my own miniatures.

I’ve taken a lot of photos too of the exhibitions on display which I would’ve shown you guys the photos, I can’t however as it would be against WW rules on taking photographs. However, I’d totally recommend visiting Warhammer World’s exhibition as it’s packed with loads of awesome displays and massive diorama pieces.

The hardest part of the visit was shopping around for stuff, let alone decide on what I wanted from a massive range of books, models and accessories to choose from. I think I must have spent 15min est choosing what book I wanted to buy from the biggest BL range I’ve ever seen. In the end, after much self debating on what to buy, I’ve finally made it through.

First up is an exclusive book only at Warhammer World ‘ Sons of the Emperor’, an anthology book that’s part of the Primarchs series for HH. Written by various authors of up to eight short stories, it tells various stories of pre heresy and stories during the heresy.

I didn’t actually knew that this book was on sale, so I was really intrigued to read it and find out more about these exclusive stories. It even includes an Iron warriors short story, so I’ll certainly be adding it to my Iron Warriors retrospective book series.

Next up, something that caught me by surprise was this treasure from the book shelf…….

There were a lot of signed copies of Lorgar’s, Bearer of the Word as well as a few other signed books by Gav Thorpe at BL. How there were only signed books of his at the bookshop was surprising when I went to the counter. The guy serving at the till said that Gav was at WW last week signing books, with a few copies left over that weren’t sold being on sale at BL instead.

I’m very happy to have gotten this book on the day, and I’m looking forward to reading it very soon!

Finally, we come to the last item….

Being the first ever Forge World resin kit I’ve purchased at WW and in my life, I was pretty excited to build this kit like some crazy pink horror. But who did I get?

It’s surprisingly Jago Sevatar of the Night Lords legion.

I couldn’t afford to buy a Primarch, so I went with one of the cheaper character models instead, that being the handsome convict himself, Sevatar. I’m glad to report that there was no major moulding faults, missing parts and warped problems with the kit. Only some areas needed scrubbing and resetting bent parts like the staff and dagger.

The overall look of the model is exquisite in detail and design, well worth paying for! However, I want to see if the primer paint will set on the model before anything else. I did what the instructions said on cleaning the models, so hopefully it should go well 🤞.

Some highlights from my visit to Warhammer World:

  • Seeing the massive diorama of Istvaan V with the dual between Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus, a very impactful display that visually captures that fateful day.
  • Seeing the early days of Citadel Miniatures with various resource books and classic models, including a dragon that looks too cute to be scary.
  • Looking at a Warlord Titan itself, holy s*** is it big! Too expensive to buy though 😣.
  • Seeing Perturabo himself (well not exactly) on display, I made sure I took a good photograph of him for my 2018 photo album.
  • Looking at the Stormcast up close, they look more shiny and details than they look on White Dwarf. The team behind painting the SE are really talented!
  • There’s actually two dedicated displays for armies of Warhammer fantasy battles, the Tomb Kings and Bretonnia. I think WW wanted to retain these guys to show that they won’t be forgotten any time soon. It was nice to see a small section dedicated to the old setting too.
  • There’s a 360 display of the End Times featuring the Skaven and the Dwarfs battling underground, did anyone visiting WW find Bugman himself?
  • A whole display of Black Templars, a glorious sight to see.
  • The Black Library Shop was like a book worms heaven with a vast array of books on sale. Anyone who likes BL books should visit WW at least once in their life!
  • The Forge World Shop was pretty cool, the staff were very helpful and enthusiastic.

Overall, I was very happy to have visited Warhammer World again after many years of not visiting. It’s a place that beats video games any day, just to see the creativity that goes into the hobby. I’m impressed by he changes that have been done to the place, and I’m certainly going to go back in the summer holidays if I can.

Before I finish, I would like to thank the WW staff for helping me and my dad for directions, as we were very unsure where to go for the exhibition. I’d also like to thank them for their enthusiasm and politeness, I rarely get to see great customer service outside of Games Workshop.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who worked on the exhibitions, as they’ve put a lot of effort to create a very memorable displays.

And so I finish here, thank you to everyone for reading this post and I hope you have enjoyed reading it. It’s wonderful to see a hobby like this become a world wide success thanks to hobbyists all around the world. To last this long from it’s early days is a massive achievement.

I know many of you may not be able make it to Warhammer World due to commitments and being far away from the UK. It’s sad to know that not everyone can make it, which is a downside to having one Warhammer World in the World. Hopefully, if Warhammer Cafe is a successful venture, I hope GW will start spreading Warhammer Cafes around the world in the future.

Did you visit Warhammer World before? What was it like for you, and what did you like from your visit? Leave a comment below, and I’ll see you guys very soon in my next upcoming post.


Blog updates! (With the staleness of IVth Legion)

Blog updates! (With the staleness of IVth Legion)

Just a quick update on things with the blog and what I’m planning for the next couple of months.

Iron Warriors retrospective series

Currently, I’m writing several retrospective posts on the Iron Warriors during the Horus Heresy, focusing on several books by several Black Library authors. Having recently listened to both the short audio drama ‘Perturabo: Stone and Iron’ and ‘The Horus Heresy Primarchs: Perturabo, The Hammer of Olympia’, I’ve been inspired to dedicate a whole week to write my thoughts and views on the Iron Warriors.

Whilst I don’t own all HH books relating to the Iron Warriors (including Tallarn series), I do however have enough to cover a week of posts. The series will be a spotlight on a legion that doesn’t get as much attention as other more well known legions like the Sons of Horus, Ultramarines, Blood Angels and the Emperors Children.

Each day, I’ll be focusing on one book which I’ll give my thoughts and views on. Below is a list of what books I’ll be researching on each day.

  • Angel Exterminatus, by Graham MacNeil
  • Perturabo: Stone and Iron, by Robbie MacNiven
  • The Horus Heresy Primarchs: Perturabo, The Hammer of Olympia, by Guy Haley
  • The Crimson Fist, by John French
  • The Horus Heresy Primarchs: Magnus the Red, Master of Prospero
  • The Iron Within, by Rob Sanders

The series won’t be up right now, however, I will let you guys know when the first post in the series will be posted. So keep your eyes peeled (and your iron anvils hot).

Skullfiend Tribe Collection, towards Path to Glory

As this post is published, I have now completed not only a fairly decent sized Skirmish force, but also finished my Khorne Bloodbound from the Thunder and Blood set. I’ll be featuring my current progress very soon on the blog, and there’s been a heck of an increase of painted models since my last post on the collection.

Whilst I could finish this faction collection right now, I’ve decided to boost the collection towards a sizeable Path to Glory warband. This way, I can play another game system if I want to play more mission based campaigns.

The Horus Heresy Character Series, painting [Redacted]

Recently, I’ve visited Warhammer World (which was absolutely amazing!), the place has really changed since I’ve last visited Nottingham in 2011. Whilst I was there, I was able to purchase a character from Forge Worlds Horus Heresy character series.

Whilst I’m not revealing what the model in question is yet, I can announce however, that I will be doing progress posts showing my progress with painting the model. The model is already cleaned, scrubbed and glued, so there will be a post coming out really soon!

I’m very excited to start this project as I’ve never had a Forge World kit before, so this will be a trial and error attempt!

I’ve watched a YouTuber called Leakycheese, who does videos on Warhammer 30k/ 40k models. I’d totally recommend watching his How-to guides on preparing resin kits, and the positive and negative points of Forge World model kits. Thanks to his wisdom and advice on building resin kits, my model went well (I just hope spray painting goes well though).


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


When faith in unity makes us stronger

When faith in unity makes us stronger

My last post featured my current progress on my Skullfiend Tribe for my Khorne Bloodbound collection. This time, I wanted to show my current progress on my Stormcast Eternals (Knights Excelsior stormhost), also from the Thunder and Blood starter set. Enjoy!

led by Liberator-Prime Kronis, Warden of the Underlevels, the retinue wear armour of pure white to signify their devotion to cleansing the corrupted. The blood covers their armour as a sign of their eagerness to do battle up close, as well as a darker story behind their deeds of ‘purification’.

For those of you who don’t know who Kronis is, he was featured in one of the Malign Portents short stories, Reapers Revelation story 13. He guards the underleves of the Consecralium, an underground prison in Excelsis that he is tasked with guarding. Cerrus Sentanus, the White Reaper, is a Lord Veritant (witch hunters and specialisation in seeking out corrupted magic users), who in the story, interrogates a Soulblight vampire for information.

The short story, along with previous story’s connected to the Knights Excelsior were inspiring to read. Unlike the Hammers of Sigmar, the Knights Excelsior are good nonetheless in their intentions to smite chaos’s corruption, however they can be easily be too devoted in their extreme actions to purge even the sick that can be easily cured.

Next up s my Palladin Retributor, clad in the thickest of Sigmarite armour. The Knights Excelsior colour scheme I’ve used for my collection has been fairly simple but great results, when used for the Palladin, it looks even better!

I plan to get two more Retributors done once I’ve finally got myself a new bottle of Reikland Fleshtone, as I’ve ran out of shade for a week now (longest delay for ink in ages!).

Finally, we have the Lord-Relictor by the name of Morticar. I’ve decided to use a spare woodelves hood rather than the skull helmet, as I wanted to the model to look more like a Priest of faith mystery rather than just a warrior.

Currently, this model will be leading my warband for Skirmish, as I don’t have a Lord-Veritant yet to represent the White Reaper. Narrative wise, I can imagine Kronis and his men are separated during battle (or trapped in Shadespire by magic logic) by the affects of the Malign portents.


Thank you for reading my second collection in progress post, it’s great to share these kinds of post to you guys and read your comments. If you have any suggestions or questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Before I finish off typing this post, I have an important announcement to make!

Visiting Warhammer World

After many years since I’ve last visited, I’m going to be visiting Warhammer world this weekend!

It’s been a very long time since I’d visited Warhammer World, not since 2010-11 have I visited the home of the hobby. This trip will be important as I’m excited to see the changes to the building, as well as of course an updated museum display to look at!

This will also be my first time in purchasing a Forge World kit, as I’ve never ordered any kits online from Forge World. So I’m very optimistic to see what kits will grab my hobby heart strings (that Perturabo model would be a dream to own).

Anyways, now that the gushing is over, I will be making a special post on my journey to Warhammer world and what it’s like to visit. Photos might be added, depending on wether I can take photos of display models if it’s allowed. Any advice or suggestions will be very helpful!