The Skaven from 7th ed, 8th ed and End Times

Welcome back to another special post celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Island of Blood, the last boxset edition to Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Today I thought I’d share some interesting facts featured in White Dwarf from Skaven 7th ed to End Times.


WD361, January 2010

Two articles on the Skaven included ‘The 13 Trials of the Ratmen’ written by Jeremy Vetock, a lore scenario article where various parts of Skaven lore is presented as scenarios for gaming. The second article is Warhammer Army Masters showcasing Colin Grayson‘ s Skaven Collection. Very disgusting, but highly recommended for inspiration for highly disturbing kitbashing!

WD372, December 2010

For the second anniversary of Citadel Hall of Fame series of articles featuring miniatures votes by sculptors. Seb Perberts (miniature sculptor) Deathmaster Snikch was voted by Darren Latham (at the time of the article he was a veteran figure painter, a judge for U.K. Golden Daemon and member of E’avy Metal team) as his pick for the hall of fame.

WD374, January 2011

The article ‘Die+Die! Man-things: Skaven tactics for Warhammer’ Jeremy Vetock writes about ways of playing Skaven effectively in game. With advice and tactics on how to crush your foes like a Grey Seer high on Warpstone shards! Advice was also given by Matt Ward, Robin Cruddace and Andrew Kennrick, sharing their tips on how to fight back against the Skaven. Nobody likes vermin when they block the pipes in Nuln!

To balance this unfairly mob of Skaven haters (jk) Phil Kelly and Andy Hall offer some fresh ammunition on ways they deal with opponents when playing the Skaven.

WD375 March 2011

In ‘The Battle for Karak Eight Peaks’ Jeremy once again returns to detail the saga of the history behind Karak Eight Peaks, a once magnificent Dwarf ancestral home now in dissatisfaction after the Skaven and Greenskins overrun the Dwarfs.

A campaign game for 8th ed was made recreating the battle to take back (or keep) Karak Eight Peaks in scenario games. Special rules and table top deployment missions were included to make the campaign truly special. Shame that the End Times came………

Blood in the Badlands supplement (2011)

Andy Hall and Pete Foley were part of the year long campaign game Blood in the Badlands, a series of games leading up to the location of Fozzricks Flying Fastness. A strange flying castle made by a renowned wizard who built this strange flying fastness. This would be his last creation before he and his creation vanished.

Every century or more, it returns to an unknown location in the Badlands to the location it was originally created. This is only temporary as it soon leaves the earth towards the sky, never to be seen for another generation.

Andy played as Clan Mange and Pete Foley played as Clan (Mors) Fawsquikk.

WD378, June 2011

Queen Headtaker was the first Skaven metal miniature to be shown in Finecast.

WD379, July 2011

As part of the release of Storms of Magic Jeremy Vetock built a Skaven list designed for playing SoM in mind. The Ironklaw Clan is a 2,000pt army list led by Vektel Ironklaw with a monster and magic pool. Including a binded Chimera, Hydra with envenomed fangs and a Chaos Spawn with Mark of Nurgle.

WD382, October 2011

Dreadfleet had a Skaven ship called Skabrus, captained by Skaven rat-lord Skretch. He was once a Warlord of Clan Skurvy of high renown, until his ship was eaten by an Orb leviathan (the crew thought the glowing light was chunk of Warpstone).

Everyone died in the leviathan gut. Then they were resurrected by Count Noctilus (intended for the Orb Leviathan to be resurrected, he mistakenly resurrected the dead Skaven within the gut). The crew of zombie of rat-men use the carcass of the dead Orb Leviathan as their ship, powered by a warp stone generator.

WD388, April 2012

Army of the month featured Ben Johnson (who now works for GW) Skaven army, article written by Dan Harden.

WD Nvember 2013

Triumph and Treachery was released for Warhammer 8th ed for all factions.

End Times

Book 4: Thanqoul was released as part of the End Times series featuring new lore, rules and miniatures.

WD mini issue 74, 27th June 2015

Wharmmer celebrates its 30 year anniversary, marking the end of Warhammer Fantasy Battles to be replaced by Warhammer Age of Sigmar. AoS would soon be revealed on 11th July 2015.


That’s all for today. Just to let you know theres only a few weeks left until the Skaven and High Elves painting challange is over. I’ll be showcasing everyone’s entry in September (date yet to be decided).

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “The Skaven from 7th ed, 8th ed and End Times

    1. I had two chances to get the previous ed of the Skaven army books, but sadly I didn’t have the money at the time to get them. The last time I saw one was at a carboot sale where this guy had loads of old warhammer stuff. I had to choose between the Dark Elves or the Skaven 4th ed.

      Its surprising how common it was to find old Warhammer items at this one carboot sale location. However last year it was pretty much a dry year.

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