Fallout Wasteland Warfare Solo campagin : Lexington

Today I wanted to share what’s been going on with my blogging focus for the last couple of weeks. Since I first started collecting and playing Fallout Wasteland Warfare, I’ve built quite a collection of miniatures for me to start going for solo campaign games. As you may or may not know I’ve completed myContinue reading “Fallout Wasteland Warfare Solo campagin : Lexington”

Happy 5th Anniversary to BjornStormcast blog

Got a notification today about my blog reaching it’s 5th anniversary. So now its officially the day to celebrate! I thought it was February time but I was mistaken. Oh well, better to be early I say! Whilst I’m still getting around to showing off the remaining Fallout Wasteland Warfare collection, here’s my Brotherhood ofContinue reading “Happy 5th Anniversary to BjornStormcast blog”

12 days of winter: day three, The Luna, Son and Legion of Horus

Today’s post is a pretty special one as I can finally reveal my week long work into my latest project, a son of Horus. After acquiring some second hand HH books I found at the charity shop (I got False Gods, Tales of Heresy and Nemesis at a good bargain!), I started reading False GodsContinue reading “12 days of winter: day three, The Luna, Son and Legion of Horus”