Skaven and High Elves painting challenge

I thought it would be a good idea to set up a painting challenge to celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Island of Blood release. That way everyone has a chance in getting involved with the celebration. Whilst its months away yet to celebrate, there plenty of time to build up, read and discuss one of the last Warhammer Fantasy Battles starter set edition (8th ed).

The challenge is to paint any High Elves or Skaven miniatures before the deadline. You can kitbash, make a diorama or go crazy on the theme of the Island of Blood for either Skaven or High Elves. Anything from a single miniature to a diorama display of your imagination.

However, not everyone owns Skaven or High Elves miniatures on hand to work on, nor even much of the High Elves kits still in production. But fear not, you can use AoS Aelves miniatures to represent the High Elves. Maybe the release of the Lumineth or the Idoneth could be painted in the style of the Aelves of the past?

Even if you don’t have any miniatures required for the project, you can still join in challenge with a unique opportunity to go creative. Maybe you want to recreate the guardians that oversee the Island as it’s mysterious protectors? Or maybe build a Skaven contraption like a mechanised Warp Grinder? A High Elves Mage on a really cool diorama? So long as it fits with the theme of the faction you can go anywhere with your project.

The starting date is July 6th and ends on September 1st. Rather than just a month long challenge I thought some extra time will help get the most out of your hard work, and gives everyone time to prepare their project.

Here are some of my past skaven miniature work I’ve done that might give you some inspiration. For High Elves, well, I only have Dark Elves so you’ll probably prefer looking at other places for inspiration (unless an ancient Elven/Aelven statue might help)


Once your done all you need to do is link this post to your blog post entry, and I’ll include your post in the round up end challenge post.

Over to you,


10 thoughts on “Skaven and High Elves painting challenge

    1. I can still remember the boxset reveal and how me and a friend shared two sets (I got the skaven). The Island of Blood was one of the few good things about 8th ed.

      Awesome! I’ll keep an eye out in future. 🙂

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  1. Looks fun – and I do like a challenge. I’ve even got a High Elf model that I’ve been struggling to get finished – so maybe (hopefully) this can be the klick in the pants to finally get him done.
    And then maybe some more from the two forces… (maybe!)

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  2. Reblogged this on Azazel's Bitz Box. and commented:
    Just saw this on Bjorn Stormborn’s blog. I haven’t been able to paint or blog much for the past week or two, and I need to get something done for my *own* Jul-August challenge but it never hurts to amplify something like this (and being a WordPress one, it’s easy for me to do so!)


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