Looking back

Apologise for not getting this post out sooner, It took way longer than intended. 😅 I’m slogging behind schedule, and since I’ve just finished the fourth arc in the Gaunts Ghosts series, I needed to get this out now. Now that my blog has reached over 5 years of existence, I thought I’d share myContinue reading “Looking back”

Skaven and High Elves painting challange is over!

Today is the end date of the Skaven and High Elves painting challange, as part of celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Island of Blood. At first the challange received no interest from anyone, I was worried it might have been too constrictive in it’s theme. There was a point where I was going toContinue reading “Skaven and High Elves painting challange is over!”

Skaven and High Elves painting challenge

I thought it would be a good idea to set up a painting challenge to celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Island of Blood release. That way everyone has a chance in getting involved with the celebration. Whilst its months away yet to celebrate, there plenty of time to build up, read and discuss oneContinue reading “Skaven and High Elves painting challenge”

10th hobby anniversary month

In February I’ll be celebrating my 10th anniversary starting my hobby in Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy battles and Warhammer 40k. All because of a White Dwarf magazine appeared on a magazine shelf for me in 2009, like some secret gateway…….. I’ve got some ideas ready to roll out for the month (I have at leastContinue reading “10th hobby anniversary month”