Looking back

Apologise for not getting this post out sooner, It took way longer than intended. ๐Ÿ˜… I’m slogging behind schedule, and since I’ve just finished the fourth arc in the Gaunts Ghosts series, I needed to get this out now.

Now that my blog has reached over 5 years of existence, I thought I’d share my thoughts on things with the blog.

Originally, back when I was about half way through my first year in Art College I was told to start an online portfolio. My first few posts were art posts from my course work portfolio; which weren’t spectacular or groundbreaking stuff to the blogs identity going forwards. It was only when I posted my first miniature, the Verminlord Corrupter, did my blog find it’s identity and journey for the next five years.

Once I found out how to tag my posts I started to gain interest from fellow bloggers. I then found like minded hobbyist bloggers were my first interactions with Table top wargamers. They helped me to be a part of the community which I’m grateful to this day to have met, introducing me to a community who value a strong and welcoming environment. Today sadly, many of the bloggers I interacted with have since left WordPress or just vanished. Some left within a year of me joining WordPress, my first lesson learnt was to carry on and accept that things will always change. Such is life.

Looking back now, I’ve always saw the WordPress table top wargaming community to be the most welcoming and respectful group. Everyone I’ve met were positive and generally enthusiastic about the hobby.

I still posted my art work for the majority of my time from 2016 to 2018 as I posted my growing portfolio work. After finishing college I still carried on including art into my blog posts for awhile. However, due to how things have turned out with my chances of getting into art as a career, I’ve since committed less into my art projects.

Around the time of the outbreak in 2020, my output of blog posts had lessen at first due to my focus on my Island of Blood Blood anniversary research. But later on my time was spent more on Instagram as I joined a new community place to share my hobby projects.

With the history lesson done, it’s now time to reflect on the journey so far.

I tend to criticize myself a lot if I find my work quality is lacking or my posts gaining no traction. I function by feedback, which motivates me to produce more content.

Whilst things have changed since I first started blogging, I still have an attachment to post on WordPress now and then. Once, I took it seriously as I wanted to produce the best of my abilities, building an online portfolio as a presentation for any opportunities to go into art as a career. However, nowadays that focus has changed to a more open and minimal push in content. Since last year, I have stopped any Hope’s of becoming an artist as a career, the blog in a way reflects this change.

It’s not all bad though, I’ve got some ideas that I want to post on the blog. Due to last years successful TIoB anniversary series, I want to do posts on the things I have enjoyed in the hobby.

Thank you to everyone who has been following me since I first started, or has just recently found my blog. The support and community has helped me through the years. I hope my blog might inspire or share some stories into the hobby community we are a part of.

Until next time,


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