5th Anniversary of Clan Skelnix

2021 is here and what better way to start by planning out ideas on this years hobby projects! This year I plan to try out some new hobby skills: like using greenstuff (yes, shockingly enough I haven’t used greenstuff in a very long time!), wire work, and other useful things that I haven’t tried out yet. Now that my mind has shifted from focusing on army building to smaller projects and themed collections, I was able to buy some supplies instead of miniatures in January.

Next month will be my 5th Aniversary on WordPress! to celebrate this milestone I will be posting my latest project miniature that will be my focus through February. Currently I’ve narrowed down my list on a few ideas: It’ll be either HH with my Iron Hands skirmish force, Skaven as they were the first faction that appeared on the blog or the Bloodpact patrol pack as I was inspired by Dan Abnett’s many books on these “Primaris” cultists.

  • Iron Hands MKIV Tactical squad (HH)
  • Skaven Verminlord kitbash (Darklands Vras)
  • Bloodpact Patrol pack (Using SC!: GSC set)
  • A few Skaven kits
  • Minotaur’s (Zealot miniatures)

These are just ideas so far, so more than likely it might change depending on what I will decide to do in February. Because of this and the Fembruary challenge is currently going on, I’ve postponed my own hobby challenge till March. Since its my 5th anniversary soon I’m thinking of doing either a top 5 favorite blog posts or a look back post on my first painted miniature for the blog. I made a promise to myself for 2021 not to go too far and make concrete plans and end up taking a back step, so for now these are just ideas.

I hope my absence hasn’t given anyone the idea that I’ve retired from blogging, I’m still committed to blogging on WordPress even if its less than what I used to do. I’ve realized that moving my hobby work on Instagram and focusing more on research into the lore on here has took away what my blog was built on. So I hope next months project posts might prove me that blogging can still be a thing.

Anyways, thank you for reading this post. if you have any suggestions that you would like to share, please comment below! 🙂

Until next time,


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