Airfix Vintage T-34 tank

When discussing the subject on Stalingrad you’ll more than likely hear about a particular Russian tank, regarded as one of the best during the conflict during WWII. Mass produced by the many due to its simple yet effective design, the T34 tanks were Russia’s offensive might against the Germans.

Airfix produced a miniature scale of the T34 in 1968 with a choice of either assembling the T-34/76 or the T-34/85 turret. The difference is the turrets and personnel capacity, as to the former only carrying four crew and the latter five crew members. Because the kit lets you build these two turrets separately, you can swap them around to represent the different variants of the T-34. No magnets and extensive drilling for custom changes needed!

The kit I brought was the vintage set costing around £5.99 (compared to the larger kit by other brands that costed £30 to £40). A simple cast, the plastic kit has the basic design of the T-34 shape, but the details are limited due to it being produced way back in 1968.

I’ve based the model on an old GW rectangle base and painted it white, sprinkling some snow basing to make the miniatures environment much more realistic. Just to add that final touch I’ve used some flock cuts to add to the environment of the setting.

I like Airfix kits for a quick build for small diorama projects, it’s great for times like these when you’ll want to spend some time being distracted from isolation sluggishness. I’ve got some plans for a future project once things have settled down, a WWI tank or Tiger tank will be a fun challenge to try out.

Until next time,