12 days of winter [day 6]: The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series- the art of the Grey-mane, year 1

12 days of winter [day 6]: The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series- the art of the Grey-mane, year 1

This year was the start of a long series of my homebrew lore series on the Grey-mane dynasty for AoS. The lore was planned to tie all of my AoS factions from an origin root that would spread out and build many perspectives from different factions.

However, the story couldn’t be fully realised without the help of visual imagery art. So this year was an effort for me to not only build my lore series, but also to provide visual art of my stories.

Today, I would like to show you guys a whole years worth of art from ‘The Grey-mane Lore Series’, ranging from portrait art of the Grey-manes themselves to the landmarks that define the dynasty’s history and heritage. Enjoy!

Arashar The Master Alchemist, Grey-mane of Metal.

Future sight of the second fall

Realm map of the Grey-mane dynasty land in Aqshy.

The Corrupted constellation above mount Silver Throne.

Map of the Grey-mane city.

Roar of the Lighting God.

The Stagrot Gladiators heraldry.

A dynasty falls, the Dark Gods rejoice.

The birth of the land

Matron of the Shadows

Oaken the Ancient Ghuldryad, Grey-mane of the Beast.

Croscarvro, Whight king of the Frost Crosil Crypt, Grey-mane of Death.

Lord Celestant of the Grey-mane truce.

Towers is the Celestial Order.

Palace of the dynasty.

The Fire Horse Freeguild.


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AoS faction collection: Arkanaut company of Barak-Nar (allies)

The Duardin of Barak-Nar have lend their aid to the Lords of the Pisces in their direst need. For the Stormhost need as many allies as they can rally to retake the lands of the once great Grey-mane dynasty. Led by the warrior chamber commander, Lord Celestant Bjorn the Stormborn, he seeks to retake his homeland and destroy his arch nemesis, the Mighty Lord of Khorne, Malthran.

The Kharadron Overlords have seen great promise in this alliance of the Grey-manes Expedition, as the outcome can produce a future trade line for the navy. Taking on the request from the Stormcasts, Barak-Nar have offered to help the Stormhost with a privateer crew and their frigate. Whilst it’s only a small offering (for a high price in gold), it’s more than worth its fire power and capacity to smite the foes of Chaos.

Painting this unit was a simple task, since the majority of the models were coated in silver spray paint. I tried to keep the colour scheme as close to the Barak-Nar imagery, so the unit will be recognisable on the field as part of Barak-Nar.

On their right shoulder guards, you’ll notice some Duardin runes inscribed on each Kharadron Overlord. The runes are actually from one of the old Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf supplement books (can’t remember which edition number it was, but I think it was released around 1995 onwards?), which has loads of runes to equip (not for AoS sadly). So I’ve inscribed two runes for the unit, one being used through most of the troops, and a unique rune for the unit champion.

I think this is a great way of connecting the old Dwarfs of Warhammer fantasy to the new Kharadron Overlords of Warhammer AoS. Can you guess what the runes mean? (No prizes by the way)

My only criticism for the unit would be the shade I’ve used for the bronze, due to the glossy finish. Whilst I’m not keen on the gloss effect, overal I like the paint scheme.

My goal now for my allies option will be to add a Frigate to the roster, which will be perfect along with Arkanaut company for a 2,000pt game. However, since I’m only using a 1,000pt army list currently, it’s none essential to get a Frigate for now.
Next time, we return to the Lords of the Pisces, as the Stormhost finally taken it’s first steps out of Azyrheim. leaving the Celestial realm to wage war in the lands of a lost dynasty. Leading the thunder strike is none other than Lord Celestant Bjorn the Stormborn, riding on top of his faithful Dracoth, Kivendorr. With hearts of cold vengeance tighten within each and every Stormcast Eternal, none are more cold and unforgiving as the Lord Celestant.


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