Treasure hunting is probably my greatest gift, and my greatest burden. Sometimes I find long lost books that are hard to track (well, not too hard if you look at places like eBay. For a steep price though). Other times I’m in the rain at a bargain sale with nothing to take back. But the hot dogs make up my day!

This year was a dry year with only a few findings, my usual carboot source hasn’t been at the sales for a long time now. Another stall I saw in the summer last year who had a wealth of old White Dwarfs and classic supplement books weren’t there this year. Only place I could find my classic Warhammer items were from a charity bookshop. So far it’s stocked a few of classic stuff like the original Rouge Trader book (I didn’t get that as it costed £40!!!), codex’s, novels and even some classic graphic novels.

The later half of this year had been more successful thanks to my regular visit to my local shop. I brought some really good stuff.

But nothing compared to what I found a week before Christmas.

Aye, the Bretonnia army book. This was my second encounter with this book face to face as I saw the same book way back when I got a copy of the Dwarf army book.

I’ve got a Bretonnia army built on historical miniatures that I’ve substituted for units within the army. This book will be very handy for playing my Bretonnia faction without relying on an online PDF, although there are a few units that I can’t have access to that are in the second Bretonnia army book. But if I’m lucky I might find a physical copy of that edition for Bretonnia.

Currently I’ve worked out a list that’s around 1,500pt, which is a fairly decent sized army to play with. It’s roughly consists of:

  • Bretonnia Lord on Warhorse
  • Hero
  • Hero
  • 20x Men at Arms
  • 20x Men at Arms
  • 9x Knights of the Realm
  • 10x Bowmen
  • 10x Bowmen
  • 1x Gryphon (substitute rules for Owlbear model)

It’s a small list, but it’s just enough for a good game of knightly fun. I’ve only got to paint two units of Bowmem for this project, and then that’s it for the project until I can find more historical miniatures that fit the scale of my army models.

I’m hoping to play some classic Warhammer next year with my dad using 1,000pt, this will be our first rank and file game (not my first, but my first in a long time). Dark Elves vs Bretonnia, I can almost see a knightly clash of Cold Ones against the steeds of Knightly deeds.

Oh and I found this too a few months ago…..

My Crimson Fists and Black Templars are deemed unworthy by this book supposedly. This books only worth keeping for historical purposes. At least the author did a better job for the Dark Elves 8th edition army book.

That’s it for 2019 treasure hunting! It’s been a good year despite the dry months of empty handed searches. I’m really looking forward to finding more stuff in 2020!

Until next time,


Book reading challenge 2020

This year I set myself a challenge of reading books and beating my goal based on the total I read last year. This was my first ever book reading challenge I’ve set myself up for, the goal was to read more than twelve books.

Easy you might say, for me, I tend not to finish reading the whole book as I get distracted or become really unmotivated to read through the whole story. It’s trying to keep names, personality, locations and everything else in mind when reading, or else I become inconsistent. I like to imagine giving characters unique voices to keep things consistent and immersive with that characters identity and background.

How did the challenge go? Well, I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but to my surprise I’ve actually done it! Not only that, but I’ve read up to twenty books!

Here’s what I’ve read for this years challenge.

  • The Rats, by James Herbert
  • Lair, by James Herbert
  • Domain, by James Herbert
  • Chacarodons: The Outer Dark, by Robbie Mcniven
  • The Horus Heresy: Galaxy in Flames, by Ben Counter
  • The Horus Heresy: Crimson Fist, by John French
  • Nagash: The Undying King, by Josh Reynolds
  • Legacy of Dorn, by Mike Lee
  • Elric of Melniboné, by Michael Moorcock
  • A knight and his horse, by Ewart Oakshott
  • Eric, by Terry Pratchett
  • Knight of the Sword, by Micheal Moorcock
  • Queen of the Sword, by Micheal Moorcock
  • King of the Sword, by Micheal Moorcock
  • The Fog, by James Herbert
  • Gaunt’s Ghost: The Saints Omnibus which includes four novels, Honour Guard, Guns of Tanith, Straight Silver and Sabbat Martyr (note I’ve only read three books, the third book was passed on)
  • Sons of Wrath, by Andy Smilie
  • The Land Leviathan, by Micheal Moorcock
  • The Dark Powers of Tolkien, by David Day

What helped me for the challenge?

Music really helped me to read through these books, whilst I did use music last year for reading the first Gaunt’s Ghost Omnibus, it was only 40k OST that I’ve used to read it. For books that weren’t 40k related, it didn’t fit well unless it was a sci-fi book.

I’ve tried to broaden my music genre playlist to fit into the genre of the book I was reading, like the Rats for example, I used Mitch Murders Hardwired Album to immerse myself in its retro noir horror synthwave. This approach in using music as background noise has been a great motivation tool for reading, it adds weight to the stories that can’t be done with just imagination alone.

Top authors I’ve enjoyed reading

James Herbert was my favourite author for this years book reading challenge, after finding a copy of the graphic novel, The City, I was drawn to his fictional literature. In a matter of weeks I had the whole The Rats trilogy and read The Fog. His literature is gritty, realistic, graphic and strangely relatable with the characters he creates.

Micheal Moorcock was another stand out author for his Corum book trilogy. It inspired me so much that I did an art post entirely dedicated to illustrate key moments for the first half of the Knight of the Sword. A underrated fantasy that I’d highly recommend reading for it’s 70’s inspired sword and sorcery epic, with connections to the multiverse that connects a few characters from Moorcock other works.

Another book by Moorcock that really got me hooked was the Land Leviathan, an alternate history views by a multiverse traveling man who sees earth decimated by a catastrophic world war. Led by a ruthless, smart and cunning Warlord, Africa becomes the new super power of earth using technologies left over by the World War.

It’s a fascinating sci-fi story that mixes alternative history, politics and who would rise and fall in this post apocalyptic world.

Two Challenges

In 2020, my goal will be to read over twenty books. But there’s an extra challenge alongside this, as I’ve set myself a goal of reading all of my Warhammer army books from start to finish. That’s right, from 40k to AoS, I’m going to read all of them to catch up on things I’ve missed and might not have read for awhile.

The only exception is The End Times: Thanqoul, as that’s more of a book than an army book, so that will be added to the reading challenge.

My rules as follow for the challenge:

  • Book only counts as completed if read all the way through, no chapter skipping.
  • Can read book from where I left off when I last read it (can be the year before or reading on from the last month of the year) but I have to at least remember the plot of the story. Otherwise, I need to start from the beginning.
  • Army books need to be read from start to finish, rules, photos and small blurbs that’s not part of the lore section can be ignored.
  • The End Times: Thanqoul rule booklet counts as a an army book of sorts as it’s got lore on playable units that tie into the main book.

On January 1st I will be starting my Yearly Book Reading Challenge and The Warhammer Army Book Reading Challenge. I’m looking forward to staring these challenges very soon. Currently I’m reading Lukas The Trickster by Josh Reynolds, so far it’s a cracking read.

Until next time,


Look out boss, it’s da Ogor Pirates!

Joining my Mawtribe today is an unusual and slightly more optimistic group of pirate mercenaries, the Maneaters known as Gut sailors. Rather than being a mix of different individuals paid by the tribe to fight as a group of Maneaters, the Gut sailors all belong to an Ogor sailing empire led by Captain Red Guts. Because of his reputation and deeds known to a few Ogor kin, Red Guts offer Mawtribes a few of his vast army of mercenaries for gold and treasure in return.

I saw the Bloodbowl team at my local shop and thought “hey, these would look great as a Maneater unit”, what’s even better is that there’s enough to build a unit of Grots, Maneater and a spare Ogor to kitbash. The Pirate theme came whilst I was kitbashing the unit, I thought it would look more interesting and lore wise more appealing to play with.

It took me two days to paint the unit (about 3-5 hours roughly each day), a lot of work went into painting the skin and stripe shorts. But the long we it took, the better the outcome was for this unit.

Also joining my Ogor Mawtribe is a kitbashed Fire Belly!

Originally I was intending to make a third Butcher for my army, but I realised that I could make a Fire Belly as an alternative from the Finecast version. Whilst it’s got more armour than the original kit, I think it retains the look of a volcanic enthusiast looking to eat some spicy meat.

Finally, my second Scrap launcher.

All that’s left now is a unit of ten Grots. After that, I’ll have to see wether or not I’d want to continue adding anymore units to this project. Whilst I’d like to continue adding more stuff to this bizarre project, I think it’s worth remembering that I don’t need a massive army to play games of AoS. I’ve still got the bad habit of adding more and more from my WHFB days.

That’s all for today, I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Until next time,


1 year of building and painting my Iron Warriors (nurgled) project

It’s nearly been a year since I’ve started this project alongside my Primaris Crimson Fists project. At the time it was just a side project for fun as I already had a Death Guard army that I was building. I wanted to try out a colour scheme I’ve planned to see how well it looked on a Death Guard model.

Little did I realise however, that this project would soon grow into a massive army project. By March I had amassed a fairly decent sized force, half way through this year I included model from my old Death Guard project into this project.

I had a lot of passion and enthusiasm for my Death Guard project due to my interests in the Iron Warriors Legion and the Death Guard. Mashing these two into one was like an unholy union of trench siege warfare and infantry endurance warfare. Soon enough I had enough models to rival my combined Sons of Dorn collection (Black Templars and Crimson Fists).

Now in December of 2019 I’ve just about reached my goal that my project has come to it’s creative end. There’s a point when you’ve done all you can to build something your proud of, investing time and patience to paint at your best, to build to your standards and assemble an army you’d proudly display in games of Warhammer 40k. For me, I feel like I’ve reached the peak for this project after months of adding models and adding neglected models for a new or kitbashed character.

Although I will be adding a few more models to this project before I finish it for good. Just small stuff to fill in the gaps that should give me enough options for when I play my Iron Warriors.

Here’s my current batch of painted models. Enjoy!

This unit was once part of my old Death Guard collection for The Harbinger Legion, until it was moved over to the Iron Warriors project. I didn’t paint this unit until inspiration came to me when I came across an issue of Warhammer Conquest. There’s only one shop in my county that still sells Conquest, unfortunately it’s difficult to buy weekly as it’s quite far from me to go to. But as luck would have it, I managed to grab a copy last week and assemble a Plague marine with an Icon of Despair.

Now that the unit is fully painted I have three troop units ready for gaming, four if I wanted to include my historical miniature unit of cultists. After playing a few games with my dad I’ve noticed that the Plague marines were pretty easy to kill off, even with their special ability to save roll. I wasn’t sure if it was worth me boosting my units to seven or ten models a unit, but because each set is £30 for seven models, I wasn’t keen on boosting them unless I really needed more options.

I forgot to include this disgusting and disturbing chap in my last post on the collection, it will be my Greater Possessed unit as a lieutenant for the Possessed side of the army. I think the picture can fill you in on the rest……

My second Daemon Prince needed a new base to add more intimidation and a suitable circle base that fits a Daemon Prince for balance. A spitting image of Mortarion as winged grim reaper who could melt your lungs just by seeing and breathing in his presence.

Because The Noxious Blightbringer is currently exclusive to the Warhammer 40k starter set, I’ve decided to kitbash my own version to save money and time waiting for the official model to be release. Rather than sticking a huge bell on a single model, I’ve gone for the ancient standard bearer look.

Just to make sure that this model at least had some bells, I’ve used some spare bitz from the Plague monks kit that had some bells. I think it looks pretty cool!

I think I might do a command squad to my Iron Warriors Collection to represent the warbands strongest and favoured soldiers. Currently I have this model and my Tallyman done, just three more models to add to complete my command squad.

Recently I’ve also added a unit of Chaos Spawns to my Iron Warriors project, my third first attack unit which I won’t show here as I’ve post pictures of them countless times before. My Daemons of Nurgle will also be transferred from AoS to my Iron Warriors project, which will give me some units to summon as support or backup units.

Now we come to the last of the batch of Iron Warriors that I’d consider to be my best painted unit from the whole project, the Death Shroud. Now lore wise this unit has deep ties to the Deathguard as they’re the tallymen of Nurgle, and Mortarion’s inner circle of trusted warriors.

The Iron Warriors don’t have a unit like the Death Shroud, so what made me go for this unit and how could I justify it? There was a way I could justify as the pre Heresy Iron Warriors had a special role in the Legion called the Trident, three exceptionally gifted and reliable leaders who Perturabo trusts as his advisors. It’s the greatest honour an Iron Warrior can achieve, but it’s also a great burden for if you mess up and waste valuable time and resources on failure, Perturabo would personally take away everything out had and sent you to the front line as a mere marine.

The Trident in the current 40k timeline isn’t known as of yet, the original three left Perturabo as their own warband led by the Warsmith. Who knows wether Perturabo still has a Trident, or wether he’s too self reliant to rely on mere mortals now that he’s a Daemon Primarch.

My Death Shroud unit will act as the Trident to my Lord of Contagion or one of my Daemon princes, three capable warriors who enact the will of their lord and advise him in turn. I like the idea of making them a Trident Council, it’s a Legion custom that in some way has carried on by this warband of Nurgle worshipping Iron Warriors.


That’s it for this years 12 days of Winter! 12 big posts that I’ve been working very hard to bring together and share with you guys. I hope you have enjoyed this and others too, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Thank you for reading this post,


Fly on the Wall post apocalyptic saga fan fiction series part 3: Time and the underworlds embrace

London, East End, est 1950/1960

On the streets in the East end of London, in a pact narrow rows of brick houses in Bethnal Green, a young man was watching outside through his window. Looking down at the street from his house, where people were going about their daily lives on a cool autumn morning. He opened his windows to let the breeze in like a fresh draft, but not the freshest and cleanest of air. Here it was full of smoke from the chimneys from coal fires, clogging the air in a smokey line of heavy black fog. But the man didn’t care as this was his home that he grew up all his life, he wouldn’t change it any other way.

Bethnal Green was a place like no other for it was where The Firm, the gang led by Kray Twins once ruled the streets, and the site of one of Jack the Rippers routes to escape his acts of murder. But life wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Community was strong, neighbours knew one another and would help each other when times were tough. Fathers went to work in the working class world, wives would look after the children and do their daily routines, some even worked in market stalls selling food.

The young man got his music player out which he fondly enjoyed listening to, music inspired him to draw, think and feel the music playing on his old 78. He put his favourite song in the 78 player and started playing the song, the sound was booming out of his windows as the music traveled down the narrow street like an amplified stage show. The drums and beat could be heard straight down the street bouncing around and echoing from the walls.

Somewhere nearby in a disused vegetable pile down the back of a stable house, rats were eating raw vegetables in this graveyard of dead veg. Their ears detected the booming music and hurried back into the shadows. Some skulked around ruins of bombed out houses that still stood after the Second World War. Overgrown, abandoned and deteriorating from years of neglect, these ruins provided the rats a comfortable nest to breed and expand around the East End.

Meanwhile back on the narrow street, people heard the music and saw the young man with his music player as the source of the loud noise. They danced and smiled at the music that was playing. It was a calm but catchy song that had a great drum and piano combination. The song that was playing was called Blueberry Hills.

Blinking his eyes open as if he awoke from a terrible dream, Luke was standing in amongst the crowed looking up at the young man. The man looked down at him with a charming smile as if he knew Luke. Suddenly he stood up on the windows edge, spreading his arms out wide and jumped down. He fell head down towards the cobbles, his sudden act shocked Luke by the sight of this mans death wish. Instead of cracking his neck from a height of 16ft or more high, he dropped into a pool of dark liquid that appeared out of nowhere, exactly where the man would’ve killed himself. It saved his fall as he fell onto the pool that was only a few centimetres high, but he vanished into its thick dark underworld.

The crowd froze with no concern for what just happened to the man, they stood still smiling in an oblivious day dream. They turned towards Luke with that same expression the man had given Luke, that knowing sinister smile that made his back chill by the supernatural.

The street turned dark, the sun became clouded by thick dark clouds that blotted the light. The people around Luke suddenly fell on the cobbled floor as If a great plague had struck them, he gasped stepping back in shock as women, men and children decayed into shrivelled corpses. They all looked at Luke as they decayed into piles of yellow bones, whispering his name even as their life force dissipated. “Luke” they whispered “Times running out, you’ll be with us soon”.

The street was silent and cold as a crypt as the world around Luke the streets became a dark and haunted perversion of what came before. The bricked houses had an eerie appearance like a tight wall blocking the light and outside world. Bethnal Green became a fantasised underworld that it was known for by the legends and villains that walked it’s streets. For Luke, he was walking in the physical underworld of Bethnal Green, it’s underworld.


Bubbling and squelching like a boiling pot of hot water, the dark pool grew wide and deep as it flooded the street up to kneecap height. The young man slowly climbed up the flooded water and up towards the surface like a revenant from the dead. Drenched in water and walking slowly, he brought his left hand up in a clenched fist and opened it up in an open palm. He smiled as the rats appeared all around Luke with gleaming red eyes and decaying fangs that gnawed on dead fleshy chunks. From rooftops to swimming in the water, they sniffed the air catching Luke’s scent. The predators have found its victim.

Luke was trapped in a narrow street with no route for escape, trapped like a rat in a corner. The mysterious man still smiled at Luke, chuckling as he came towards him with the rats circling around. He spoke in a soft and intellectual cockney accent like any East End born “It’s nice to meet you at last Luke, your getting closer now, so very close to the Final Apocalypse”.

“What Final Apocalypse? Who are you! Where’s my friends and where are we?” Luke’s anger rose in agitation at the mans amusement. The man replied back “The journey you’re now undertaking has set a chain in motion that cannot be stopped, and you know you can’t change it. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, the mutant army has grown to a mighty force that’ll invade Melbourne very soon. Even yourself time is running out from the virus that flows in your body. How long will you last until your body finally gives up?”

In rage, Luke balled his right fist tight and strikes the man down by impacting his fist to the face. But the man quickly grabs the hurling fist with ease, and flicks it backwards breaking the wrist and joint to the hand. Luke howls in pain as he falls to his knees cradling his limp hand. The chuckling echoed around the street ridiculing the futile attempt.

“This is my world, what strength you have has no meaning to me, I can make you suffer much more than that. But I’m not a violent man, I don’t believe in violence. But I will defend myself if I perceive a threat”

Luke cradles his hand as he clenched his teeth to endure the pain. He looks up with fury burning in his stare “So what’s the goal for this Final Apocalypse? World domination? Replacing humanity with your mutant army? Or sending your alien friends to earth to make a new home using it’s natural resources?” The cockney man shakes his head and says “None of them, I won’t reveal what we’re doing yet. I await for you at the Water purification power plant”.

He walks away from Luke and snaps his fingers to command the rats to engage towards Luke. The army of rats pounced at him, shredding his lungs and eyes in a bloody bloodbath. Luke screamed in pain as the blood gushed out in pools of dark red in the flood, causing Luke to fall and thrash in the flood water. The rats tore out his ears with their yellow diseased teeth, gnawing at the fleshy meat in greedy gulps. They clawed at the joints in Luke’s legs and arms paralysing him whilst he violently spasmed in pain. Gnawing at his flesh, the rats entered Luke’s body’s as the dug into his insides looking for the tasty organs like the liver, heart, intestines, lungs and kidneys.

At this point Luke would’ve died from shock and intense pain, but he was still alive. All he could hear was the chuckle of the young man as he knelt beside Luke’s thrashing carcass body. “I’m not a violent man” the young man said as the rats eat the last of the flesh that were left on the bones of a dead man.


Luke was still alive, even though he was just a pile of bones floating in the flooded street. The young man picked Luke’s skull, he positioned Luke’s skull to look straight at him. “You know times running out Luke, I can see it, the day the virus will clog your vital functions to breath, see, smell and move. You’ll need to hurry, find the Dark Mind, find me and I’ll give you the chance to die trying”. Suddenly he crushed Luke’s skull, and all that can be heard was Luke’s agonising screams as his soul was dragged down into the flood by forces unknown.

The underworld.


Luke blinked his eyes open, sweat pouring down his face and body in a heat of panic and anxiety, heart beating so fast that Luke couldn’t breath for several seconds. Still in his hazmat body gear, he ripped off his gas mask and breathed in an out deeply in jagged breaths. He was back in the wasteland, the dry land that stretched either side of a long tarmac road that seemed better days. Trees dead and hollow like thorns appeared in the distance, with little plant life around Luke.

He turned to see the gang as panicked and distressed as he was, Glenn looked like he saw a ghost, Krakstrong angry from a great offence that caused him to roar. Waz was mumbling to himself, saying about “the heart and soul” like it was a riddle that even his vast knowledge couldn’t decipher. As for the flood, the rats and the man, they vanished like they never existed.

After several minutes of waiting for everyone to calm down Luke spoke to the gang, his nerves still shook him from his nightmare. “Did you guys see that? The man, did you see what the F he did?” They all nodded in agreement, they all saw what happened.

“We were all there in the flood right here, then all of a sudden I was alone in the same shed that my wife was in before she was murdered. The Butcher came back from the dead, standing there eating chunks of my dead wife. Then he came up to me and shredded me alive” said Glenn, he was shaken by what he saw but kept his iron will together. Luke shook his head in confusion. Didn’t they all witness what he did? Or did they see something else……

He said to Glenn “Wait, did you see a young man with an army of rats around us before and after?”. Glenn replies back confused as well “No, I saw the Butcher coming out of the flood, he came up to you before everything changed and I was alone, then I saw the shed like I awoke from a nightmare. I didn’t see an army of rats nor this young man either”.

Luke’s spine chilled as the supernatural became more mysterious by Glenn’s vision of what he saw. Is this how the Dark Mind works? By using the fears and nightmares of its victims to control them? Luke needed to hear what Krakstrong and Waz has to say to see their prospective on the situation.

“Waz, Krakstrong, what did you two see in your visions?”. Krakstrong who calmed down from his anger management looked at Luke and replied “I saw flood, I saw that man thing”. Luke smiled “So you did see that young man with curly hair in the suit too?”. But krakstrong shook his head “No, I saw my old self, Keith, he tried to posses my body and turn me back into a human”.

This was another revelation that made things more complicated. Luke looked at Waz and waited for his reply, Waz talked slowly in a dry unemotional tone “I saw the flood, it defies logic for there wasn’t any water source, not this far into land unless there were rain clouds. But there were no rain clouds, the water came from the ground. Then I saw you coming up from the flood, you asked me to take your hand……then ………” he stopped. He didn’t say anything after that.

It’s an illusion more likely, a game that the Dark Mind plays to lure its victims into a false sense of unease and lower their mental defences. But, they all saw something in the flood, but was it a being that could use powers to show different prospectives, or was it more complex than that? Why did Waz see Luke in his prospective, was Luke his greatest fear, regret, loss or jealousy?

Whatever it was, it made no sense, especially when comparing each experience with each other. One was fear, the other in denial. For Luke, his was the strangest one that was someone he never met before in the flesh. He knew the person in books he read, horror stories that would chill your bones and screw your mind by the violent and supernatural horror. The man died many decades ago, this being wasn’t the same man as the one Luke saw. It was a younger version, a mocking disguise of someone’s flesh and identity.

The man he met in the flood was called James. He was now Luke’s nightmare, the living manifestation of Luke’s fear of a slow death by the virus that’s flowing in his body. Once his time was over, the rats will surely find him and they will devour him……..


The gang reached the end of their long walk across the long stretch of road leading towards the Water purification power plant. They see a gas station that was abandoned, this will be their resting point until tomorrow. Glenn and Luke scouted the area to see if there were any hostiles in the area, none were found. They enter the kiosk shop, scanning the shop for supplies and clearing the area for them to rest. Krakstrong will have to sleep outside as there weren’t enough room for him to fit into kiosk space.

As the sun went down and the stars came out, the gang rested from the long days road trip. Gathering their thoughts on what happened that day. It still shook them from the experience of witnessing the supernatural influence of the Dark Mind. But it made them more determined and stronger to stop the Dark Mind.

Waz went outside walking around the building where no one will notice him for a few minutes. He held up his symbiotic arm that withered and morphed constantly, cables, flesh, metal and bone morphed like a constant wave. He morphed a small screen with buttons to tune the signal, a small tv like device that he used to catch the signal that he was following.

He tuned it for a couple of minutes as the static buzzing fuzzed when tuning for a signal. The he got the signal, a barley visible green glow of an unidentifiable person on the screen. The person spoke to Waz through the radio speakers “So, have brought the group to the location that we agreed on? Has Luke collected the package from his father?”

Waz replied back in a dry cold tone “yes, he doesn’t suspect that I know about his package. We’re at an old gas station to rest for the night, by tomorrow we should be on schedule following the river down towards the location for three days”. The person replied back “Good, I’ll be waiting for you by day two, make sure your not delayed or this entire mission will be doomed”. The signal went as the man signed off. Waz was about to go back when suddenly he was pinned to the wall by a great force of impact, breaking his bones. A big purple hand pushed him into the brickwork pinning him to restrain his movement. He turns one of his eyes around to see Krakstrong snarling at him, radiating pure hatred at Waz.

“Who were you taking to! Answer now or I’ll tear you apart!!!!”

End of part 3

12 days of Winter| Rebasing my Dark Elves (again) for 7th/ 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles

A full circle this year, not only did I celebrate my 10th anniversary joining the hobby, and ten years since I’ve started my Dark Elves army, but now I’m going back to where it all started. Just when I’ve rebased nearly all of my Dark Elves for AoS, GW decides to reveal that Warhammer Fantasy is coming back. Fantastic.

Days of rebasing later I’ve got a fairly big collection of Dark Elves ready for playing 7th and 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy. It’s been years since I’ve played both editions using rank and file games, I think I’ll be better at playing 7th ed now that I can absorb rules in my mind much easier now.

The plan is to rebase all of my current Dark Elves back to square bases, I’ll just have a enough to fit around 1,000- 1,500pt list. My hopes are that once I’ve got my undead and Dark Elves re based I might have a few games of 500pt with my dad, just so we’re not overloaded with information (something my local store didn’t consider back in my amateur days).

This will definitely be the last rebasing post for this collection. They have no place in AoS wether as a Free city army or Warhammer Legends army. It’s all WHFB for my Druchii!

Lately I’ve been reading the first Sundering book from where I left off, I prefer the second half to the book now that the story takes place in Ulthuan during the rise of the pleasure cults. The whole background of the Cythari as the underworld pantheon is pretty interesting. But I’ll share my thoughts in another post in the future. I’m keen to get the Omnibus as it’s got the trilogy and The Bloody hand of Khaine in one book. Even if I don’t give a damn about the High Elves prospective, but I’m hoping for more Dark Elves prospective and wether Anethra makes an appearance in the trilogy.

Now that Warhammer The Old World is announced it feels like the classic fantasy setting has breathed new life again. It’s back now, well in three years time at least. With all of my old army books and BL book collection sitting there collection dust, I think it’s time I got reacquainted with the World-That-Was.

Until next time,


12 days of Winter| Vampire Counts 7th/ 8th edition army

With the announcement that Warhammer fantasy was coming back under the brand called ‘The Old World’, I thought it was about time I cobbled together my Vampire Count army. After years of being in limbo with all my models belonging to different factions (and I didn’t want the Legions of Nagash book as I wasn’t keen on it) and my Flesh Eater Courts project discontinued, my only chance of having these undead models resolved was to wait and see. When the Old World was announced I knew this was a sign that my undead army was going back to the old days!

Long story short I originally started a Vampire Counts Army way back during the release of the Storms of Magic supplement (8th ed), since you could take on a support detachment of the undead (from Tomb Kings or Vampire Counts) or Daemons. I didn’t go too far with the project as my painting was pretty bad back then, and the End Times came when I finally got everything together.

For AoS I didn’t have much luck with the undead, the project kept changing as I couldn’t decide where I wanted the faction to go thematically. Last year I was going to use my Death models as support to my Nighthaunt army.

However, having the models go back to Warhammer Fantasy seemed like a good choice, I’d have enough to play at least 1,000pt (7th/ 8th ed).

Already I’ve got a few models rebased back to square bases, and I’ve even included a Terrogheist for the first time for my Vampire Counts army. I had to make it’s base from foam board and cut it based on the size of the old square base it would have been on before AoS.

My plans going forward for this project is to add more old models back into Warhammer Fantasy Battles, as well as painting neglected models. I have to find another Core unit to add to the project as I’ve only got one Core unit so far as I’ve used my undead wolves for my Ogre Mawtribe project. I might add a second unit of Skeletons or find some better looking zombies to add to my project.

All in all, things are looking well for my undead collection. Now that my Nighthaunt are my only Death faction for AoS, it’ll be easier for me to invest in the faction without worrying about supporting my other Death factions. I say this as having my models go back to the Vampire Counts will mean I can focus on one faction for each grand alliance.

That’s all from me for today. Check back tomorrow to see what I’ve got for you guys in my next 12 days of Winter blog post.

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12 days of Winter| Ogor for hire

My Ogor army has grown a lot over the past few months and that’s not because they’ve been eating a lot of humies. But I think the project could do with a bit of personality by hiring a Maneater with skill in hand to hand combat, a fanatic in warfare who will do the dirty work for the right pay for a hearty meal from the Maw pot. That’s where this guy comes in…….

Greasegrunt will work for the Bloodgullet Tribe for food, but he’s also known to work for the Khorne Bloodbound Skullfiend Tribe, he likes his meat raw and chopped.

Also I’ve kitbashed my second Butcher using the Ogre Bloodbowl plastic kit.