Big changes to come in 2018 on Bjorn the Stormborn!

I’m back today with a new post that’s going to be more of a serious subject, rather than my usual positive and humorous (very dry at times) tone. There some good news, and bad news…..

For nearly two years now, I’ve been posting weekly posts on my hobby for painting miniatures, which has been the most common subject I post on this blog (followed by my art projects). In that time, I’ve painted many weird and wonderful models, from immortal Stormcast Eternals, to backstabbing creatures of the Skaven and plague infested Death Guard.

Each faction has given me challenges and ideas to experiment with my creativity. Every painting task has challenged me to improve myself at painting, wether trying edge highlighting on black power armour, to complex skin painting for my kit bashed Great Unclean One. It’s always exciting to paint new and impressive models to add to my growing collection……

….but that’s the problem, my collection has grown too big to store. Nearly nine years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined collecting different factions from various races from the Warhammer fantasy and the Mortal Realms. Back then, I thought I’d be giving up by year four. But here I am today, still invested in the hobby that I love and still eager to learn more about it.

But space can be filled over time, and sadly, I’m nearly full of room. It’s a growing problem I’ve had for about a year now since I’ve brought many model for AoS and 40K that have slowly filled up storage. With an upcoming Destruction army on the table (500pt/ 50 renown army), I need to sort this problem out or else I’ll end up hoarding.

I have unwanted models from Death alliance models (was once going to be my summoned force for Storm of Magic expansion, but that died off when Warhammer fantasy was ended), to unused LOTR models that I can let go of easily. But finding someone who might want them is difficult, and I’m not keen on selling them on eBay. So I’m left with three options:

  1. Sell my unwanted Death alliance and other models to someone locally who will make better use with the models.
  2. Give most of my unwanted models to charity locally, or give to a local hobby club.
  3. End my journey with collecting models and stick to army books/BL books.

My hope is that 2. Will be the option that I’ll end up with, as it would make me happier to give (painted and unpainted models) to a club that might need it most. Selling the models would be great to cover the cost, but I doubt anyone will want a amateur painted models.

However, there are some good news from this situation!

Depending on what outcome will happen, I can see two options from now that will keep me posting new stuff on the blog (as well as building my armies for any future gaming).

  1. If I can’t give my unwanted models away: this option, I’ll be posting painted models as normal, but I’ll be pushing myself a lot harder to get the backlogs done. This may result in fewer weekly posts, as I tend not to push my motivation on units that take too longer to paint (like Clanrats). My blog will eventually shift to something new, like BL book reviews, in-depth lore analysis and sometimes on occasion a batrep. At least this way I won’t be worried about what to post when I’m painting units for a long time.
  2. Unwanted models are given away: great news for this option is that I can run this blog as usual, painting backlog models as well as new stuff in between. So far last year, my plan of painting backlogs in between new models has worked well. I’ve benefited from getting nearly half of my Dark Elves army painted last year, so motivation will be stable. Whilst making more space means more freedom, I will however be including only models that are related to my already owned factions (as well as small creative projects on the side). If I do get more space and better organise storage, my secret project (mentioned in my 2018 New Years resolutions) can continue.

With this in mind now, I can at least continue blogging without long overdue silence, and worrying about my future with the hobby.

That said, I’m also have a rethink on what to buy from GW, lately their prices haven’t sit well with me. The GUCO for example seems too steep for my tastes. Also, since the hobby is getting more expensive, I’m not going to invest as much as I used to, as I need to think about other things IRL.


That’s all for this subject. I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile now, but I’ve been holding back as I wanted to explain it when I felt the time was right. I’m hoping to continue blogging in the future, as it’s helped me feel more included into the community, as well as learning and sharing hobby tips with fellow bloggers.

If you are in the same situation as I’m in currently, or have been able to deal with this sort of situation. Post a comment below, and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!