Lodge Grymthenian (part 5): First wave journey

Lodge Grymthenian (part 5): First wave journey

“My ancestors once told me a tale of a great hero from the World-That-Was, a slayer king who inspired many Duardin to don the path of the Slayer, discarding the life they once had to a death oath to avenge their agenda and grudges, or repent for their past sins.

We aspire to be as determined, to be honourable and true to the oaths we bear like our ancestor Slayer king, we are the fire and steel that builds and destroys all things Chaos.

But we follow our patron gods ways, Grimnir the wrathful, the mountain splitter and the Duardin god who would challenge anyone. Even the Godbeast Volkatrix……..

My sons, remember that whilst Grimnir flows in our blood for the runes smelted in our flesh, we must remember the oaths that we have sworn to. Honour is honour, but gold is gold.

-Auric Runefather Bornjit Grimnir, telling his Auric Runesons the ways of the Fyreslayers.

It’s taken me about a month to paint what you see in the picture above, both the starter box for the Fyreslayers and the Auric Runemaster. A very intensive project, I’ve been pushing myself to paint as much as I can (with patients and detail) to get this lot painted up. Why the rush you may ask? Well I wanted to get this first wave done so that I can contribute to the Malign Portents event.

I’ve missed my chance to join in the first AoS global event (the Seeds of hope I think it was called?), but this year, I’m hoping to do my part to join in.

But it’s not just because of the Malign Portents event, for I wanted to collect the Fyreslayers for my growing collection as part of my Grey-mane Truce alliance. An Order Grand Alliance that consists of different races joining as one to reclaim their homeland of the Grey-mane Dynasty.

Although, the Fyreslayer are in it for the Ur-gold, for they had a bargain with the Lords of the Pisces Stormhost. The Lodge of Grymthenian live in another land in the realm of Aqshy, outside matters don’t interest them unless Ur-gold is involved (the Dynasty has lots of Ir-gold in its time, so rumours persist).

Now that my first wave of model are now completed, I can now detail through my process, thoughts and overall opinion on the collection so far. So without further or do, enjoy!

Auric Runemasterwhen it came to painting my first model, the Auric Runemaster, I was unsure as to what colour scheme I was going to paint him. After looking through some photos of fantasy/Greek art, I had a references to create a colour scheme that I wanted.

Paint the model was fairly simple, although it took me some time to paint it, as I’ve not been used to painting much Duardin sized models. My colour scheme can be recreated from the list I’ve put below.


  1. Basecoat- Flat Brown
  2. Shade- Druchii Violet
  3. Drybrush- Terminator Stone


  1. Basecoat- Khorne Red
  2. Shade- Reikland Fleshshade
  3. Drybrush- Evil Sunz Red
  4. Drybrush- Ryza Rust

Helmet Crest

  1. Basecoat- Incubii Darkness
  2. Basecoat (grey stripes)- Titanium White + Black Acrylic (1/3 est)
  3. Shade- Druchii Violet
  4. Drybrush- Sybarite Green
  5. Drybrush (grey stripes)- Administratum Grey
  6. Drybrush (grey stripes) Titanium White

whilst there’s more to list for painting the model, I’ve only detailed my own colour scheme on selected areas.

The Auric Runemaster was a fun model to paint, it was quite fresh for me at the time when painting something different for a change. I think if there were any faults with the model, I’d say it would be the head position, as I only just realised it was slightly at an angle once I’d basecoated it. However, it looked fine as it was, so I didn’t need to alter it.

This is one of my favourite Priest type model that GW have produced so far. It’s sculpting has so many details and textures that not only retain its Duardin race, but also given some uniqueness like the exquisite helmet crest design and magma staff.

Auric Rubefather on Magmadroth The big centrepiece for my collection had to be the Runefather on a Magmadroth, as I liked having my army being led by a wise old Fyreslayer with a big Latchaxe (he who opens many doors). This model was honestly the best in terms of letting my creativity go wild for painting. I wanted to experiment ways to present both the rider and beast as old and ancient, but at the same time trying to contrast both models without them looking too bland.

To realise my Magmadroth as an old beast, I’ve decided to use brown as my base colour, as compared to other brighter more colourful Magmadroths, this one would look more cooled down for its scales. I didn’t want to make this model look too plain and boring, so I’ve contrasted it with bright flame colours to show that there was still life left in the beast. (Lodge Grymthenian part 2 details the process for painting the flame effects).

I’ve really enjoyed painting this model a lot, however, I think the rider is a 50/50 when looking at it. He doesn’t look bad for the paint work, but I’m not quite keen on the outcome. Possibly worth having a second look to see if I could add anything to the rider (maybe gem effects or silver metal) to make him stand out a bit more (but not too much glare issue).

Auric Runeson and Auric RunesmiterMy next two models painted are the Auric Runeson and Auric Runesmiter, both painted in between breaks from painting my Vulkite Berzerkers. With these two, I had the constant motivation pace needed to get the Vulkite done (I can’t paint infantry with any speck of love and passion like other models).

I like the Runeson’s sculpt, at one point I was going to kitbash him as a Doomseeker (as the original model is now online only), but I thought the Runeson looked too good to pass. I would use him for Skirmish, as I like the idea of a young Runeson traveling around Shyish looking for treasure in forgotten and abandoned lodges.

The Runesmiter on the other hand looks fairly decent, but I find the helmet to be a marmite look. On the one hand, I like the model with its pose and details, but on the other hand, I think it looks odd for some reason I can’t put my finger on.

Overall, I like these two from the painting outcome, and hopefully I might add more hero models to the collection (cus having more Auric Runesmiters would surely make for some interesting ambushing attacks 😏).

Vulkite Berzerkers Finally, the final unit for the first wave is none other than the Vulkite Berzerkers. A vital unit for the army as a battleline unit, these guys are quite handy at rending when equipped with pickaxes (and their saving attempts being the highlight for this unit). Whilst ten is a good starting point (+1 to save roll) but I think twenty Vulkite (+2 save roll) would be a strong unit as my battleline, painting an extra ten models however would be daunting…….

You see, painting this unit in a batch was quite boring, it was a grind to get these lot done (but as I’ve mentioned earlier, painting my two Hero models did come in handy!). However, I did manage to get these guys painted eventually, although it took more time than expected to finish them.

Despite the set backs, this unit is by far my favourite battleline unit to paint for AoS, each model looks glorious with homages to the Slayers and AoS’s modern twist. These guys would also be fun to use for Skirmish, I can imagine them causing some damage to Nagash’s minions!


That’s it for my first wave of Fyreslayers for Lodge Grymthenian, I’ve had fun painting these guys all February. Whilst it will take me a few more years to fully understand AoS, I’m slowly getting more interested in the lore and background (But my thoughts on AoS will have to wait for another time).

What about a second wave you may ask? Well, that’s something I’ll commit to when I’ve finished my project on some units of the Daughters of Khaine. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen the Dark Elves (well, their decedent factions) have been revealed, so I’m eager to learn about Morathi and her cult.

But rest assured, I will be returning to Lodge Grymthenian some time later this year! Thank you to everyone who has followed this series, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Lodge Grymthenian (part 4)

Lodge Grymthenian (part 4)

I’m nearly done with the first wave of Fyreslayers for Lodge Grymthenian, having many spent weeks painting models from my Start collecting Fyreslayers kit. Today, I have two Hero models that were just recently finished, the Auric Runeson and the Auric Runesmiter.

In between painting my Vulkite Berzerkers, I’ve been painting these two to keep my motivation going as I get unmotivated easily by painting battleline units. Especially when the Vulkite have a lot of detail to cover, in a batch load it can be a grind for me.

I think this has helped me get more progress done to finish the Vulkite off, as hero models are more fun to paint, so its good to plan in between painting tasks.

I haven’t really got much to say for today, my course work has been my major focus for this week. However, I’ll be doing an overview on my first wave of Fyreslayers in part 5, on how the process went and my pros and cons on the project so far.

As for my last post mentioning about my announcement (well announcements actually), I have few to announce below.

  • As of today, I will be sadly scrapping my plans on the campaign ‘The Leech Kings Crown’. This is due to several reasons which I can’t go into detail, however I will say that it was a decision of my own choice in the end. I want to focus more on my own projects that I can spend more time on, rather than a failed plan. It’s sad for me as I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to writhing the background story, locations, art and narrative for the campaign. However, I think it’s best that I move on.
  • With the coming release of the Daughters of Khaine, I will be making plans to launch a mini post series on a few models from the faction. As a long time Dark Elves fan, I’m very eager to finally get some answers about Morathi after the End Times, and what happens in between the Age of Myth and the Age of Sigmar.
  • Blog changes coming soon! I’ll be giving my blog appearance a clean up with new banners, front page and other stuff. However, the blog name will stay the same!
  • Finally, I’ll be having look at the new Malign Portents book, and posting a dedicated post on my thoughts on this latest tale in the mortal realms!

Before I go, here’s a photo (no teaser this time) of my final Fyreslayers unit for the first wave!


Thank you for reading this post! If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Lodge Grymthenian (part 3)

Lodge Grymthenian (part 3)

Hello, and welcome back to my Lodge Grymthenian post series! Today’s post is both a final outcome for my Magmadroth with a Auric Runefather as well as a an apology post for Monday’s lacklustre post. Anyways, let’s continue!

Now that my rider, the Auric Runefather, is painted I can now glue him into the stone mount. Unlike the Runemaster, the Runefather looks older with grey beard to show that he has endured through centuries of war and mercenary work.

His beast, the Magmadroth, also appears to be ancient with it’s scales hardened to a dull in colour. Compared to the younger and more brightly coloured beasts of it’s kin, this Magmadroth is ancient beyond mortal understanding. Could Grimnir’s Ur-Gold be sustaining the beasts life span with his shattered godly powers?

For those of you who might be curious on how I’ve achieved the glowing lava-like effect for the model, I have a painting process below that you can try out for yourself!

  1. Basecoat the area with Khorne Red
  2. Drybrush Evil Sunz Scarlet, but leave a clear Khorne Red at the centre.
  3. Next, Drybrush Ryaz Rust above the Evil Sunz Scarlet Drybrush.
  4. Then Drybrush Drybrush Flash Gitz Yellow above Ryza Rust.
  5. Finally, edge highlight the Flash Gitz Yellow with Titanium White.

These two pictures will help give you an idea on how it should result in.

Overall, what are my thoughts on the model now that it’s finally completed? I think it was a fun kit to paint (but absolutely tedious to assemble the plastic parts), it was a fresh change to paint and experiment with new techniques on textures.

Painting this model did bring up a few thoughts about AoS from both a positive and negative prospective. On the positive, I’ve been amazed at the level of fantastic sculpts that GW have been producing for a few years now. Having a bigger canvas with less restrictions has benefitted the sculptures for the better in my opinion. The new races that were introduced into AoS with new models, in my view, is one of GW strengths for the franchise (or IP).

However, on the negative side, what’s the long term future for the AoS factions? It’s not like GW can do the same edition updating like the World-That-Was, especially when there are way more factions compared to WHFB. It’s a silly thought, but it’s an interesting question to ask yourself.

That’s all for my Auric Runefather, I’ve not filled this post with too much content as I don’t want to bore anyone. So I’ll leave this post off with a picture on what my next tat will be!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Lodge Grymthenian (part 2)

Lodge Grymthenian (part 2)

Today’s post will be very short for two reasons: 1) I’m very tired, I’ve got tons of tasks to do tomorrow, so tonight is my only free slot to post this. 2) since at the time of taking photographs yesterday, I was considering posting this post tomorrow or Wednesday. However, I’ve had other obligations to do. However, I was able to use my spare time today to finish painting this model tonight too!

So in short, this post is more of a photo showcase of my Magmadroth [WIP] (without a rider). But fear not! I’ll be sharing my thoughts and processes on the completed model on Wednesday. Enjoy!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Lodge Grymthenian (part 1)

Lodge Grymthenian (part 1)

And so it begins, the first post focusing on my Fyreslayer Lodge of Grymthenian has finally been unleashed! To start the series, I have painted my first Hero model for the faction, the Auric Runemaster.

Unlike most Duardin, Runemasters are very skilled at sensing Ur-gold that are hidden in plain sight. Once he senses the foe who may be in possession of Ur-Gold, the Runemaster will stop at nothing to claim this valuable essence of Grimnir, even rousing nearby Fyreslayers to charge at the Bearer.

That’s burn rubber! (TF the movie reference)

The model took me about two days worth of free time to glue and paint. Whilst it’s not too difficult to paint, there are loads of details to pick out on the model (such as Ur-gold runes). I think (insert creator of sculptures name) did a fantastic job creating stunning model, it’s a fresh change of design for the Duardin race.

In fact, this faction and a few other new factions introduced into AoS are one of the stronger positive aspects of AoS. Having a massive canvas of creative freedom has resulted with some of GW best models to date. The Fyreslayers have aspects of the Dwarf Slayers from the World-That-Was, and their AoS incarnation mixed into one, something that’s not too alien for old veterans and something new for new hobbyists.

I’ve not completed my plans on the characters name, nor the factions backstory yet. I’m still working how to fit them in to my web on narrative, however, since they will be part of my combined Order Force (The Grey-mane Truce), I’ll be certainly be intertwining their past with the fall of the Grey-mane Dynasty.

That’s all for now, I’ll be getting back to painting my collection like a Runemaster poking Ur-gold on Fyreslayer Warriors. I’ve just about completed painting my Magmadroth (not including the rider), although a few areas need touch ups before total completion.

But since I have no patience from my gushing of my current painting, here’s a teaser of my Magmadroth that will be getting its spotlight tomorrow.

slight spoiler of the colour photo, but you haven’t seen it’s fully painted glory yet!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!