Lodge Grymthenian (part 1)

And so it begins, the first post focusing on my Fyreslayer Lodge of Grymthenian has finally been unleashed! To start the series, I have painted my first Hero model for the faction, the Auric Runemaster.

Unlike most Duardin, Runemasters are very skilled at sensing Ur-gold that are hidden in plain sight. Once he senses the foe who may be in possession of Ur-Gold, the Runemaster will stop at nothing to claim this valuable essence of Grimnir, even rousing nearby Fyreslayers to charge at the Bearer.

That’s burn rubber! (TF the movie reference)

The model took me about two days worth of free time to glue and paint. Whilst it’s not too difficult to paint, there are loads of details to pick out on the model (such as Ur-gold runes). I think (insert creator of sculptures name) did a fantastic job creating stunning model, it’s a fresh change of design for the Duardin race.

In fact, this faction and a few other new factions introduced into AoS are one of the stronger positive aspects of AoS. Having a massive canvas of creative freedom has resulted with some of GW best models to date. The Fyreslayers have aspects of the Dwarf Slayers from the World-That-Was, and their AoS incarnation mixed into one, something that’s not too alien for old veterans and something new for new hobbyists.

I’ve not completed my plans on the characters name, nor the factions backstory yet. I’m still working how to fit them in to my web on narrative, however, since they will be part of my combined Order Force (The Grey-mane Truce), I’ll be certainly be intertwining their past with the fall of the Grey-mane Dynasty.

That’s all for now, I’ll be getting back to painting my collection like a Runemaster poking Ur-gold on Fyreslayer Warriors. I’ve just about completed painting my Magmadroth (not including the rider), although a few areas need touch ups before total completion.

But since I have no patience from my gushing of my current painting, here’s a teaser of my Magmadroth that will be getting its spotlight tomorrow.

slight spoiler of the colour photo, but you haven’t seen it’s fully painted glory yet!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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