Lodge Grymthenian (part 4)

I’m nearly done with the first wave of Fyreslayers for Lodge Grymthenian, having many spent weeks painting models from my Start collecting Fyreslayers kit. Today, I have two Hero models that were just recently finished, the Auric Runeson and the Auric Runesmiter.

In between painting my Vulkite Berzerkers, I’ve been painting these two to keep my motivation going as I get unmotivated easily by painting battleline units. Especially when the Vulkite have a lot of detail to cover, in a batch load it can be a grind for me.

I think this has helped me get more progress done to finish the Vulkite off, as hero models are more fun to paint, so its good to plan in between painting tasks.

I haven’t really got much to say for today, my course work has been my major focus for this week. However, I’ll be doing an overview on my first wave of Fyreslayers in part 5, on how the process went and my pros and cons on the project so far.

As for my last post mentioning about my announcement (well announcements actually), I have few to announce below.

  • As of today, I will be sadly scrapping my plans on the campaign ‘The Leech Kings Crown’. This is due to several reasons which I can’t go into detail, however I will say that it was a decision of my own choice in the end. I want to focus more on my own projects that I can spend more time on, rather than a failed plan. It’s sad for me as I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to writhing the background story, locations, art and narrative for the campaign. However, I think it’s best that I move on.
  • With the coming release of the Daughters of Khaine, I will be making plans to launch a mini post series on a few models from the faction. As a long time Dark Elves fan, I’m very eager to finally get some answers about Morathi after the End Times, and what happens in between the Age of Myth and the Age of Sigmar.
  • Blog changes coming soon! I’ll be giving my blog appearance a clean up with new banners, front page and other stuff. However, the blog name will stay the same!
  • Finally, I’ll be having look at the new Malign Portents book, and posting a dedicated post on my thoughts on this latest tale in the mortal realms!

Before I go, here’s a photo (no teaser this time) of my final Fyreslayers unit for the first wave!


Thank you for reading this post! If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


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