Anvils of the Sacrosanct Chamber project showcase [WIP]

Today I’ll be showing another showcase of models from an army project, this time being my WIP Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber.

Based on the book, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds, this project is a small host of Sacrosanct warriors who helped defend Glymmsforge against Maldrek’s procession. Leading the Sacrosanct Chamber is Balthas Arum, a Lord-Arcanum who can wield the magic winds draw its power for defensive and offensive abilities.

I’ve still got some work to do as there are some areas left to fill. Such as my unit of Evocators needing three more models, and a second unit of Evocators is needed for my army. Lastly, there’s the Lord-Arcanum on Gryphcharger to represent Balthas.

As of this time I’m nearly done with this project. I might add a few units along the way, but my primary goal for units as mentioned above are necessary for me to finish my army project.


Three Knight-Incantors
Kitbashed Lord-Ordinator (left) and Lord-Exorcist (right)
Castigators and Celestar Ballista
Two units of Sequitors
Two Evocators and a Gryphound

That’s all I have for today. I’ll be back soon with another Inspired Soul Wars Post, and another army showcase post featuring my Knights of Mousillon Stormhost.

Until next time,


Bad Moons Tribe project showcase

Now that I have all the Greenskins at my disposal to wreck havoc on the Imperium (especially the Imperial Fists), I can show a definitive blog post showcase of all things Greenskin.

The Bad Moons Tribe project is a patrol detachment army that covers all the slots, a small but brutal party of war hungry rich Orks. My challenge for this project was to paint yellow armour, as yellow was difficult for me at the time. I also wanted to collect a Xenos army, as I didn’t have army at the time that was Xenos.

The project has remained the same for the past two years, although a few alterations have been made like my original Warboss now acting as a Big Mek. But the goal was still unchanged.


Big Mek and Big Mek in Mega-armour
Big Mek on Warbike
Warboss in Mega-armour
Weirdnob Shaman
Fast Attack units
Heavy Support units
Elite units
Troop units
Troop units

If the ‘new’ Ghazgul model looks amazing and worth the price tag, I’ll add him to my collection as a treat and paint him yellow. Yellow Orks are da best so suck on that you grumpy Goffs!

I’m not interested in adding anything else to the project as I feel happy with what I’ve got. I have a few Ork models spare but not worth adding as it’s small model count.

That’s all I have to show for this project showcase post, a small but fun army of rich entitled Greenskins gambling on their teeth, well, on the teeth they can accumulate from the horde. Now, how’s about a diorama photo post of Orks vs Crimson Fists?

Until next time,


Bad Moons Tribe project: The End (maybe…..)

My latest unit to be added to the Bad Moons Tribe patrol detachment is finally completed, Freebooters wielding big Dakka for adrenaline rush of big explosions!

Kitbashed Nobz from the Build+Paint series, I’ve made them into Freebooters as I needed one more Heavy Support unit for my patrol detachment. I’ve added some hand weapons to make them look like pirates, however their weapons are just replicas for authentic purposes, their real offensive power comes from their kustom heavy dakka.

Sadly, this is my last unit for the project as I’ve done everything to fill in the patrol detachment, a goal I set for myself back in 2018. Now that I’ve reached that goal, I can finally retire from the Orks project knowing that I’ve painted all the models I wanted.

This project has a special place in my hobby journey as it was the last project I was working on when my dog was still around. I did it as a tribute to him after he passed away during the early work on the project.

Now in 2020, I’ve achieved the goal. I feel happy with what I’ve achieved and the journey I’ve been through to build a smashing smug Bad Moons army.

But wait! It’s not over yet…… well yes the project is over now officially. But I do have four more Ork models in storage that I need to paint, including two Ork heavy gunners, a spare Ork Boy and a Warboss from Black Reach. Whilst I’ve already got a Warboss, I have a spare one that was including in the Build+Paint box set.

Orks will be still around on the blog for some time.

So ends my Xenos project.


Knights Excelsior Skirmish Warband: More hunters

Today I have the next four hunters ready to join the hunting pack warband to track down some foul beasts and dangerous foes.

Having all of the painted miniatures together in one unit looks pretty cool, I’m happy with the results. After I’ve got a few more miniatures painted I’ll do a project final post on this warband of all the models I’ve painted.

My next goal is to paint some Freeguild Great-swords to add this warband project, some close combat mortals who will be just as crazed as their Stormcast allies.

Until next time,


Aelven Ruins

I’ve built some ruins using some bitz and miniatures spare, I thought it would be a great idea to make a ruin scenery that could work alongside my arcane ruin scenery.

This would be great for games of AoS and Warhammer Fantasy Battles, as a statue remains of Aelven residence that once ruled the land. It just adds an extra level of immersion for gaming.

Until next time,


Inspired Soul Wars: third and final Knight-Incantor

Took me some time to paint but I’ve finally done it. This was an exclusive miniature from the Mortal Realms collection for issue 5, a female Knight-Incantor whose design is quite unique like other variants of the Knight-Inacntor range.

As part of #Fembruary challenge, I’ve painted this as my first of two female miniatures. The second miniature will be a Nighthaunt miniature that’s part of Warhammer Underwolds kit (forgot the name of the kit). I think she’ll be a nice contrast to this miniature for the challenge.

If your thinking of joining the Fembruary 2020 challenge, you can visit the blog post for the challenge and what its all about.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back in a couple of days to show my second and last female miniature for Fembruary 2020. In the meantime I have another post coming out soon showing my current progress on my Anvils of the Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber project.

Until next time,


Inspired Soul Wars: Nighthaunt Collection so far

Today I’ll be showing my current progress with my ongoing project on my Nighthaunt collection. It’s been a few years in the making that’s only recently had a boost in units, but it’s grown since I started the project back in 2018.

The project has so far reached a playable force of 1,500pt (1,620 if I used a Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal steed), all units are above the minimum requirement apart from my Grimghast Reapers. It’s only a four model unit that’s way below it’s minimum unit size, I’m hoping to add more models to get it to a stable unit.

My theme and inspiration for the project was inspired by the novel, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds. I’ve based my project on two themes depending on what models I use to play games of AoS.

  • Pharus Thaum’s Procession, Nighthaunt themed on the Soul Wars novel led by a Knight of Shrouds and hero models representing Thaum’s tools.
  • My own Processiom force led by a Knight if Shrouds on Ethereal steed (homebrew lore WIP)

Because I’m playing ghosts that don’t have specific uniform or visual allegiance unlike most factions, I can easily choose my units theme for narrative games and match point games.

Now onto my units to my procession army.

Grimghast Reapers are fairly decent for a 4+ save that can’t be altered, so they can be useful at taking down block units without rend being an issue. A block of 12 models is a good sized unit that’ll last for a few turns, summoning them using a Death Wizard will be handy for getting them closer to charging into combat.

Chainrasp Hordes are pretty weak as units of 10, for £25 that’s a pretty bad joke. But Mortal Realms collection series was a really good deal as you get 10 Chainrasp Hordes miniatures for £3. So I’ve boosted my current unit of 10 to 20 and added another unit of 20 as a solid battleline unit. Whilst they’re weak as a unit, they do have usefulness as a block of 2 attack per model and a re-roll of 1 for wound rolls. Stuck at 5+ to save and 6 bravery, don’t expect miracles, just let them slow down your foes as a distraction unit.

I haven’t had much success with this unit as it’s barely at minimum strength, one of the issues I have with the Tempest of Souls set. But, these guys are classed as a battleline unit If it joins a Nighthaunt allegiance. So if your not keen on using Chainrasp Hordes till fill up all the minimum battleline slots, these guys will be a nice mix to the main backbone of the horde.

I’ve not had much success when I played a unit of four Myrmourn Banshees, they didn’t last long on the battlefield against the forces of the Sacrosanct Chamber. As a unit of Anti-magic specialists that can gain extra attacks for dispelling (for every four Myrmourn Banshees) a successful spell cast and dispelling an Endless spell. Whilst they only have a a single attack per model, they do have a nice rend of -2 and D3 damage. So stacking up the dispelling pool of extra attacks could prove to be a killer combo, if done right.

The Spirit Host are pretty tough with 3 wounds and six attacks for each model. They can score some nasty mortal wounds if one of the unmodified hit rolls is a 6 (attack sequence ends for the hit rolls of 6). I’m wondering wether to boost this unit to six models or just include two more units, I think it’s only three Spirit Hosts and a Lord Executioner to unlock a battalion warscroll using those models.

Finally, there’s the hero’s of the Nighthaunt Procession from a Tomb Banshee, Spirit Torment, Cairn Wraith, Guardian of Souls, Lord Executioner and a Knight of Shrouds. I’m still collecting more hero models as I go along, but not many left to add.

Currently I have enough for a 1,500pt list with the choice of either a knight of Shrouds or a Knight of Shrouds on a Ethereal Steed.


That’s all I have for today. It’s been a very busy and rewarding time as my work on my Nighthaunt project has reached a milestone. I plan to take this project to it’s natural conclusion at either 2,000pt of 2,500pt by adding more units as I go along. Either way, I’m very pleased to have painted all my models without the neglected model habit sinking in.

Until next time,