What I did:

  • 3 hours of researching, reading and writing.
  • Careful handwriting and grammar check.
  • Try not to mix up ‘Clar Karond’ with Korand Kar’.
  • Find anything relating to Clar Karond.
  • Try not to use any wiki sites at all, need proper sources.
  • Finding all the family tree members of the Helbane dynasty, as well as hero’s of Clar Karond.

You could say I’ve been busy today!



Inspired Soul Wars Collection short: Lord Ordinator Hagramities and Lord Relictor Dathus

My first OC that I’ve been kitbashing of a Lord Ordinator, which will be joining my Sacrosanct Chamber as chief engine-seer. What’s interesting about this character is his previous life before he was reforged, I won’t spoil it here for now, but I’ll hint that he was a captured slave in his past life in the World-That-Was.

Secondly, I have made a kitbashed model of a named character from the novel, Soul Wars, called Dathus. A Lord Relictor who’s responsibility was placed upon him to ensure his warriors guarded the under crypts at all costs. Like a Chaplin of sorts, he guided his fellow warriors on the best solutions to ensure their duty was done.

I’ll be sure to post these two models again once I’ve painted them, and hopefully they’ll be done by the time series one of Inspired Soul Wars Collection is done.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Skeleton warriors

Finally, I’ve managed to get a whole unit of Skeleton warriors done! Well ten more models painted, the other ten were done years ago. I’m happy to have gotten this neglected unit proper attention, now part of my growing undead collection.

This unit is based on one of the many vast legions of Deathrattle that served the Wight King, during the strike attack at Glymmsforge. Fighting alongside the Deadwalkers and Nighthaunt, the hordes of fleshless dead served their master by marching into battle with tireless resolve to breach the defences.

As part of my allied detachment for the Nighthaunt army, I’ve been trying to get as much Deathrattle done as possible (whilst I still have my enthusiastic energy going). It’s paid off so far, getting this lot painted is just another step closer to getting all of my neglected Death models painted.

In fact, I only need to paint a unit of Grave Guard for my Deathrattle force! It’ll be a lot more challenging as only two of eight were painted, and it’ll be hard for me to replicate the colour scheme. But fingers crossed I might get it done right!


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Retributors

Just recently painted these two for my Stormcast Eternals collection, as part of the Warrior Chamber for the Anvils of Heldenhammer. I might include one more Retributor so that the unit size is at a decent number of models to play (even though it’s still under strength).

With this unit done, I only have the final task of getting the Shadespire Stormcast Eternals set to cover both my existing Liberator unit, and a Lord Celestant that I’ll be kitbashing. Then that’s it for the Stormcast Eternals for this series!

My Other collection in the series is nearly done, my Death alliance has only two more units left to paint. Currently the Skeleton warriors are nearly done, I just need to get their bases textured to finish them off.

I’m wondering what I should do to celebrate the series 1 finale post, I need more time to plan on that one….


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Druchii chapter IV: The saga ends

I went hunting for more ancient items today at my local carboot sale, which is probably a blessing since it’s really hard to find Warhammer army books and codex’s (maybe found now and again rarely anywhere else). Luckily, I found the guy who I got my Black Templars Codex and 4th ed Dark Elves book, he had a few books left but not many like last time.

I decided to get this army book to finish off my complete collection of Dark Elves army books.This edition was the Dark Elves second appearance in Warhammer fantasy battles, this time in 6th edition of the franchise.

This book would be the first of two editions written by Gav Thorpe, a man who knows more about the Elves/Aelves than most mortals of mankind. Also written alongside Space James McQuirk and Tuomas Pirinen, that’s more writers than its previous edition, which was written by Jervis Johnson.

The 4th edition of the Druchii was a starting point to set up the background of the faction, which Jervis Johnson crafted what would become one of Warhammer Fantasy’s most evil and soulless army in the world. However, by 6th edition, the four writers expanded the faction with new lore and extra bits from both a Druchii perspective and human/slave experience.

As well as new lore and rules, some parts were removed/ added from units, lore, characters and so on. Below is a few examples of the changes that happen in 6th edition.

  • Monsters including Giant Scorpions, Gigantic Spiders, Griffon, Hippogriff, Wyvern, swarms we’re now not included in the option section for army lists.
  • Malekith would have a new model which he rode on his fearsome black dragon, which meant he lost his chariot option in 6th edition.
  • Morathi can now be mounted on her Dark Pegasus.
  • Dark Elves City Guard we’re not an option anymore in 6th and following editions.
  • Lore on characters were shorten, including The Beastlord Rakarth of Karond Kar, who had more information in 4th edition, as well as his dragons death in the battle of Finuval Plain.
  • Crone Hellebron The Hag Queen would not be an option to play in 6th edition, although she does make a return in 7th edition.
  • Mallus Darkblade would make his first appearance in an army book as a playable character taking both Lord and hero option slots (and a badass artwork showing him and his Cold one mount!)

Comparing 4th edition to 6th edition, the visual tone and content had shifted from the ‘evil fantasy elves’ from 4th ed, to become a far more darker tone. Even the front cover is stark contrast to its previous edition, depicting a cold harsh lands of Naggaroth with the immorally twisted Witch king front and centre.

But this transition wouldn’t be the last, as the Dark Elves have changed drastically for two more editions. 7th ed would carry on the darker tones with Gav Thorpe at the writing helm, with a more chronologically organised history of the Druchii. He would also introduce back Crone Hellebron the Hag Queen into the game as well as a new hero, Lokihir Fellheart, a Corsair captain of the Tower of the blessed Dread who sets sail with his Black Ark fleet to plunder for treasure.

7th edition would also delve into the political side of the Dark Elves, how they a new Dreadlord is voted (or backstabbed his master) into power, how the Helbane family had become a powerful dynasty thanks to Anethra Helbane and how Malekith’s court runs (a lot of foolish Elven lords die of course).

Then in its final edition for the old world, 8th edition would end with its established roots firmly in place. This time written by Matt Ward, unlike its previous editions, He went down the mythological route of fleshing our the Druchii gods. Whilst they were mentioned in previous editions, Matt would show who the pantheon gods were, and how vital they were in Druchii culture.

In fact, he would wove together his other two Elven books (High Elves and Wood Elves) into a connected source of all Elven factions. In my honest opinion, this was actually one of Matt Wards best works in terms of lore writing. He took what the established lore was in previous editions and created the final chapter that would be the end of Dark Elves as we know them.

With these four books in hand, I have found all that I needed to have a comprehensive guide to the Druchii (excluding rule books, supplements and extras from White Dwarf).

So why am I going on about the Dark Elves army book editions exactly? Like my previous post on 4th edition, I’m fascinated about the evolution of the Dark Elves lore and background. Whilst every army book is nearly the same with lore, there are however parts that don’t get carried forward. These books have their own story to tell, and the models that feature in each book.

To me it’s like gathering source material on history/literature , learning what there is to know from the story and what was added and taken away. They may not be worth anything like old comic books and memorabilia, but they do have value to me personally.

With that, I think that will be all for this post today. I’ve enjoyed writhing this post and what this edition was like, it’s worth reading if you ever find a copy on sale.

If I’ve missed anything or you have your own memories about Warhammer, share your thoughts below in the comment section!


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Spirit Host (Nighthaunt final, for now…..)

Today marks the end of my Nighthaunt collection as I’ve finished painting my unit of Spirit Host. These three ethereal monsters have been neglected for so long since AoS came out, having transferred them onto new bases and ruining the paint work. I had this unit since they were released back during the End Times, which considering AoS was nearly a year later, these guys didn’t last long on square bases!

Now however, I’ve managed to get them back to tip top shape by re-painting them with brighter colours, but kept the bases thematically the same as the rest. The difference with these guys is that they don’t have the dry brushed effect like my previous models in the series. Instead using white acrylic Basecoat and shading/ drybrushing again for that ghostly essence effect.

Adding this to my collection will be enough to just about play a 1,000pt game of AoS, although I do have 60pt left for an endless spell. I might make my own endless spell model and base it on one of the three Nighthaunt exclusive ones.

What’s the plan going forward now that the Nighthaunt are done? Well, I plan to paint more undead models from the Deathrattle to boost this army further to 1,500pt. Maybe if I want to, I might add 500pt of Nighthaunt extras. I have yet to include the last Nighthaunt character, the Guardian of Souls, Dohl, to my collection.

So onto the next task of getting the skeleton ladz painted, something I’m not overly enthusiastic about. But to think if I can get these neglected models done would give me more storage space (and less neglected models in the unused model box!).

Until next time!


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(War)hammer horror 2018

I’m one of the rare few people that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, not because I hate it or for any religious reasons (well, kinda, I’m a fanatic of Lorgar and the Word Bearers), but it just never got my attention. Sure I did dress up for Halloween when I was young, but that went when I got to my early teens.

I guess it’s because I found the whole thing as not being scary or interesting, just trick or treating and dressing up. So for many years I’ve not had the festive feeling like many do. In fact, I never went to Halloween parties because I didn’t fit in with the rest. ASD has been my constant challenge that I’ve had to adapt with since I came into this world.

This year, well, I’ve finally got he feeling to try and join in on the fun in my own way. Instead of dressing up and knocking on doors or partying, I’d do my own festive fun. Every year on the 31st of October I’ll be celebrating (War)Hammer Horror day, showing horror related stuff like painting horror themed models, books and stuff I’ve found.

The family photo of ghosts, murderers, traitors and witch’s!

This year saw the release of the Nighthaunt faction for AoS, and what better time to celebrate (War)hammer horror than to start painting ghosts of the damned!

I’ve already got most of my models painted as part of my Inspired Soul Wars Collection series, but I haven’t gathered them together before in photo.

So here’s my gathering of my Nighthaunt faction, based on the gathering lead by Pharus Thaum in the Soul Wars novel.

Looking at it now, it’s one of the most beautifully horrifying painted collections I’ve done to date, both alluring by the colours and horror of seeing these ghosts massed as one. As this will be my last army based project alongside my Sacrosanct Chamber army, I’m happy to have painted this army to finish off my army painting days.

But it’s not only the Nighthaunt that come out at night to terrify the villagers, as other foul monsters by Nagash’s will stalk the forests and underworld of civilisations.

From Soulblight Vampires to insanely crooked Necromancers, I’ve added a few neglected Death alliance models to my collection. As allies, they can do the magic stuff that my Nighthaunt can’t.

The Word Bearers

After reading the Primarch series on Lorgar, I was inspired once again by BL and the works of literature for the Word Bearers. Unlike most legions, I always found the Word Bearers to be the top of the list when it comes to fascinating stories.

After nearly six years of neglect, I’m finally going to read the Word Bearers Omnibus by Anthony Reynolds. I’m enjoying it so far, still nearly passed chapter one. Why neglected you may be asking? Well, that’s a horror story in itself actually.

You see from the crack marks on the book, this book along with me had both survived a freak bus accident.

During my teens, I was a passenger on a minibus going back from school (thank god those days are done). One minute I was daydreaming, then the next the bus suddenly swerved and rolled-over off the road into a farm field. I couldn’t tell at the time since the whole event was blurred due to the speed of the bus. But once it stopped I only realised then that the bus had overturned. Luckily I survived with no major injuries, but I was mentally scarred by the event with anxiety issues for several months.

I still remember to this day when I looked in my bag (which was thrown wayback in the crushed bus) that my book survived with scars of its own. You could say the undivided pantheons saved me, well, probably not, but it makes me wonder sometimes.

It was a few weeks later after the event that I found out that the driver had by drinking and driving way over the limit.

Back to the book, I could never read it past chapter one every time I tried reading it. I don’t get any mental flashbacks from picking it up, but there’s this feeling I get every time where I can’t continue past chapter one. I like reading books, heck I usually put a book down I don’t like by chapter 2 or 3, but never chapter 1.

Very spooky (okay it’s not scary, but strange for me anyways).

So that’s it for (War)hammer horror 2018. Not a lot to type, but it’s a start. I’m hoping to make 2019 more festive by the time I have plans for content, possibly more Nighthaunt or other deathly creatures of the undead.

Happy Halloween everyone!