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Well, after some time off WordPress after several months working on TIoB blog posts, I’m now back with an update on what’s going on with the blog.

If your wondering why there’s not been much hobby content of late it’s due to the fact that I’ve now focused on putting my work on Instagram, I tend to post fairly regularly so if your interested to see my stuff you can check out my page @Bjornstormcast. WordPress as I see it has changed a lot over the years, and to me that means I needed to change and expand my hobby content onto different platforms. I’ve already followed a few on Instagram who I originally met on WordPress.

So what will happen to the blog?

For the blog I’m thinking of doing some research and presentation based posts on old and obscure GW content, scouring my old WD magazines and those long lost stories that had may or may not have shaped our hobby today. The Island of Blood research was such an interesting and insightful joureny back in time that I want to start looking at other subjects:

What was the J files?

How did Forge Worlds ambitious Horus Heresy line start out?

What was the last Tomb Kings release?

The truth behind Finecast?

Old Battle reports with bad dice rolls? (too many I’d imagine…)

There’s so much content to discover that many will overlook as just advertisement and PR stuffing’s, but to me, the overlooked content tends to present some of the most interesting insight into the hobby (apart from that illustration of that goblin on the phone, there’s nothing to see whatsoever).

Where to start off? My first research based blog posts will be the release of Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th ed, its been over ten years since that final edition was released (That long! yes, its been over a decade and I don’t feel any younger). Who wrote the rules? what was the design theory behind the presentation of the book? Did Matt Ward really kill Warhammer 8th edition; or was it something else…? Luckily for me this research wont need as many research material unlike the TIoB, so expect to see this in a few months time!

The second research post will be a lore post on Mousillon, or better known in the land of Bretonnia as The City of the Damned. This locations has become an obsession of mine to scour information, captivated by the lore established in the army book Bretonnia 3rd ed. From a traitorous disgraceful Duke who plotted in the False Grail with the help of his devious accomplice, to be retconned as a plague ridden city forever scarred by the Red Pox, I’ve checked through various sources to begin this exciting blog post project.

Painting challenges

In-between each of these research blog posts I will be hosting painting challenges on the blog. These challenges will be themed on a particular subject that’s either related to a research post or something cool I can think of. Quite a few of my readers and followers enjoyed my last painting challenge during the Summer, it was great to so people joining in which I thought wouldn’t happen.

The current hobby challenge is themed on Character, basically pick any model you want and create a character with a maximum of 100 word paragraph background, and the inspiration behind your work. The end date is November 14th so there’s still time to get stuck in and get creative!

Book reading challenge

Finally, I have some sad news on the book reading challenge. Due to a lack of motivation and not having the opportunity to read whilst traveling, my goal looks far from being complete. my reading time would usually be done on bus trips, in my spare time and would be something on my mind to do. However, the current pandemic situation this year has completely changed my way of life, and for some time I couldn’t engage in reading for much length of time.

This isn’t to say I haven’t tried, last month I finished reading Titanic’s by Dan Abnett. There should be an update on the book reading challenge post soon which will list how many books I’ve read so far. Whilst I’m not officially canceling the challenge as there’s still some time before the deadline is reached, I do however doubt my current record and paceing will reach the new goal.

Will there be a 2021 challenge? Not likely. I want to try something new when reading books, my research and lore posts can easily incorporate books I’ve read as part of a project.

It’s a sad thing to admit defeat, but I did get to finish some long overdue reading on books I’ve not completed in ages (that are shelved in a dusty corner).


I think that’ll cover everything for today.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Hobby update

  1. Just clicked follow on the insta. Love the VC models. Your break here is about the same as mine. I do find I come and go on WordPress. Looking forward to bits from the old WDs. I love perusing them periodically especially those from 3-5 ed.

    Liked by 1 person

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