Gaunts Ghosts series reflection

Gaunts Ghost is a long running book series written by Dan Dan Abnett. It’s the longest running series (alongside the Felix and Gotrek series) stretching as far back as the founding of Black Library publishing. The story follows the Tanith First and Only, a guard company who were the only survivors from the destruction ofContinue reading “Gaunts Ghosts series reflection”

Book Reading Challenge 2020 final

This year my book reading challenge was originally going to be a goal I wanted to achieve, after last years goal being 20 books read. As with everything this year it didn’t go quite as planned… Through the early months of 2020 I was on a roll as I read book after book, finishing oldContinue reading “Book Reading Challenge 2020 final”

Mousillon: City of the Damned

Throughout the history of the Warhammer fantasy setting Mousillon is probably one of the least talked about place in the community. I myself had never paid attention to the place until I got my hands on the 3rd ed Bretonnia army book. within its aged old pages of 90’s colour and knightly nobility (in artContinue reading “Mousillon: City of the Damned”

Book reading challenge 2020

My challenge has begun to read at least 20+ books until the end of this year, and the extra challenge of reading all of my Warhammer Army books. This post will be updated when I’ve finished reading books, which I’ll add a small roundup on my thoughts on how it went. Warhammer Army Books: WarhammerContinue reading “Book reading challenge 2020”

12 days of Winter|[scrapped 2018 post] AoS Novellas

This was originally going to be part of last years 12 days of Winter blog post specials, but due to time constraints I couldn’t finish this post on time. Unfortunately the books shown here aren’t available anymore on print, only as Ebooks. But it’s still worth reading if your keen to know what these booksContinue reading “12 days of Winter|[scrapped 2018 post] AoS Novellas”

Books, books and more Warhammer books

Today’s post is another treasure hunting find that may or may not be worth much, but the history and content of these books are worth a lot to people like me! After months of nothing, my usual car boot hunting of items gone dry and my luck running I thought that would be it forContinue reading “Books, books and more Warhammer books”

Yearly book reading challenge update and the Prince Corum book series

Back in April I’ve posted an update on my yearly book reading challenge, after reading a total of twelve books last year, I wanted to best that record by reading more books. Below is a recap list of what I read this year. The Rats, by James Herbert Lair, by James Herbert Domain, by JamesContinue reading “Yearly book reading challenge update and the Prince Corum book series”

BL celebration stuff

A few weeks ago, I went to my local GW store whilst I was shopping around town (and remembered that it was BL celebration day), and got myself a limited print of Storm of Iron along with free gifts. I got my Mortarion badge, postcard and the free novella book with my purchase. The novellaContinue reading “BL celebration stuff”

12 days of winter: day four, My top ten recommended Black Library books

Apologies for getting Day 4 of my seasonal blog post late, it took me some time to edit this post right before deadline schedule! After four months of reading The Founding Omnibus for the Gaunts Ghost series, I felt like I’d achieved not only that I had read three books in a short space ofContinue reading “12 days of winter: day four, My top ten recommended Black Library books”

Black Ark fun fest

This week I’ve been reading one of BL’s novella series one books, Heart of Winter by Nick Horth. It’s a short story of revenge as a female Corsair captain, Arika Zenthe, seeks to kill her farther by any means (basically anything bloody). I won’t spoil the story here, but I’d recommend giving it a readContinue reading “Black Ark fun fest”