The Skaven from 7th ed, 8th ed and End Times

Welcome back to another special post celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Island of Blood, the last boxset edition to Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Today I thought I’d share some interesting facts featured in White Dwarf from Skaven 7th ed to End Times. Enjoy! WD361, January 2010 Two articles on the Skaven included ‘The 13 TrialsContinue reading “The Skaven from 7th ed, 8th ed and End Times”

Bjorn finds more classic Warhammer books!

Today was a pretty good day, I’ve found more second hand stuff that caught my eye, including three GW stuff and a Judge Dredd annual 1981. But today I’m focusing on the GW stuff, as I’ll be doing a big 2,000AD collection post when I have time to dig out all of my recent findingsContinue reading “Bjorn finds more classic Warhammer books!”

Primaris Crimson Fist: Part II, research

Like many hobby projects that you start either small or big, there had to be planning involved for the projects direction. So how did my project start, and how I planned it out? Well it started out very differently than what it is today. You see originally I had no intention of building a CrimsonContinue reading “Primaris Crimson Fist: Part II, research”

Hunting for the Warhammer stuff

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days of finding stuff for ages, as last Sunday’s big car boot sale had tons of Warhammer items stretching far back to 40k 3rd edition! Now this car boot sale wasn’t a Warhammer themed event or fest, but I’d like to think it was Judging by what I’veContinue reading “Hunting for the Warhammer stuff”

Treasure, yarrrrrr!

Today at a local car boot sale (one of the biggest ones in my county), I was searching for some bargains and stuff that might be worth buying. Like my previous findings where I found all sorts of treasures relating to Games Workshop, like stacks of early 2,000’s White Dwarf issues and Inferno issues IContinue reading “Treasure, yarrrrrr!”

Nine years later!

A big milestone for me this month, as it marks nine years since I’ve first brought my copy of White Dwarf (which was how I got into the hobby). Nine years, it’s been that long, I feel old lol. My first issue of White Dwarf still intact and full of nostalgia! If it wasn’t forContinue reading “Nine years later!”

12 days of winter [day 9]: how many White Dwarf magazines?

Hi guys! I’m back with a new post today (and struggling to find something worth posting to fill the deadline), with a stack of White Dwarf magazines! So this pile contains all of the magazines I’ve collected going far back as 2009, with my first issue of White Dwarf featuring the 7th ed Lizardmen beingContinue reading “12 days of winter [day 9]: how many White Dwarf magazines?”