Book Reading Challenge 2020 final

This year my book reading challenge was originally going to be a goal I wanted to achieve, after last years goal being 20 books read. As with everything this year it didn’t go quite as planned…

Through the early months of 2020 I was on a roll as I read book after book, finishing old and new books. On top of that I had a side challenge to read all of my Codex’s and army books in my collection. Sadly, as the virus reared its ugly head and completely changed the norm; I lost my spark for reading books for some time. Just a few months ago I announced that my book reading challenge would probably be doomed to fail this year.

Now that the deadline is but a day away, did I manage to reach the goal?

Sadly no. However, I did one final push to motivate myself to read as much as I could. 🙂

Army books-

  • Bretonnia 4th ed
  • The End Times: Thanqoul rule book
  • Malign Portents
  • AoS Battletome: Clan Pestilence
  • Skaven 7th ed
  • Dark Elves 8th ed

Books list-

  • Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds
  • The Island of Blood, by Darius Hinks
  • Realm Gate Wars, Ghal Maraz: War in the Hidden Vale ( one Novella of two stories), by Josh Reynolds
  • Yorkshire Ghosts, published book
  • Into the Flux, by Michel Moorcock
  • Creed, by James Herbert
  • The Horus Heresy Primarch series: Magnus the Red, by Graham McNeil
  • Horus Heresy: Betrayer, by Arron Dembski Bowden
  • Hamilcar Bear Eater: Champion of the Gods, by David Guymer
  • Konrad, by David Ferring
  • Wolves of Fenris anthology, by Chris Wraight
  • Stalingrad, by Antony Beevor
  • Gaunt’s Ghost: The Lost omnibus (including four books and a short story), by Dan Abnett
  • Titanicus, by Dan Abnett

There was Horus Heresy: Tallarn by John French that I got finished, but because I skipped pages out of boredom with certain character arcs, I wont count this as a finished book for the challenge.

Although I have failed this years challenge by just a few books, I can at least pat myself on the back and say I got through 17 books this year! More importantly I was able to read the third Gaunt’s Ghost omnibus before the end of this year. I was afraid that my yearly read of Gaunts ghost arcs would be delayed, but thankfully I was able to get a copy of the third omnibus earlier this month.

So will there be a 2021 book reading challenge next year?

There wont be a challenge next year, but I’m still committed to reading books here and there. The challenge was great for two years (first wasn’t technically a challenge, more of a tally of books I’ve read that started the yearly goals), but my lifestyle has changed through this year as I’m more keen to go outdoors walking. Next year will be a busy time for me depending on the pandemic impacting my education going forwards and what my options are when the time comes to move out of education. For sure I very much doubt Art will be a career choice.

Anyways I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! I’ll be back in the New year to share my goals for 2021 and what my next hobby challenge will be in the New Year!

Until next time,


One thought on “Book Reading Challenge 2020 final

  1. You did well on the book list. My reading has really fallen by the wayside this year. The main factor is that i’ve worked from home for most of it and it was the commute that gave me the time to do it (I’m sure the new baby and having my staff on furlough didn’t help). I’m definitely looking to pick it up this year again as have built up a backlog of books to get through!

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