The Rats and The City

Today I’ve found an old comic book from a comic store, but this isn’t your usual superhero story or even a Judge Dredd story (but I was very close to getting a Judge Dredd comic today!). Rather than buying my usual favourite comic books by 2,000ad, my eye was attracted by another comic that wasContinue reading “The Rats and The City”

12 days of Winter: day ten, change of plans

Originally I was going to dedicate day ten as a gathering of my Sacrosanct Chamber and Nighthaunt models into a photo final. However, plans were changed after I found this softcover comic…. A first edition print by Titanbooks in 1983, Judge Death collects all of the ‘Return of Judge Death’ storyline created by John WagnerContinue reading “12 days of Winter: day ten, change of plans”

12 days of Winter: day eight, Megazine collection

A short post today about recent finding of old sister 2,000ad comics, the Judge Dredd Megazine volume 2! In total I have 19 issues from #1 to #20, only missing issue #5 in the bundle. I found this collection at my local car boot sale, all for £5! As a 2,000AD fan, I couldn’t missContinue reading “12 days of Winter: day eight, Megazine collection”

Topic of the week: Confession of a comic collector 

We all have something that we want to collect, from trading cards, to stamps, stickers, books and so on. For me, trading cards are one thing (I’ll get on to that in a future post) , but collecting comics is another but stronger obsession of mine. But not just any comic, no, I’m talking aboutContinue reading “Topic of the week: Confession of a comic collector “