Black Templars 8th edition collection, part 11

Black Templars 8th edition collection, part 11

At long last I have more Black Templar models painted! I thought it was about time I got back to painting more my 40k collection, and finish off more Black Templars.

This time I’ve added more models to the collection including a Land Speeder, 3x Reivers, 5x Sisters of Silence and an Emperors champion, which were primed in black matt spray paint. There were others units added too including another 10x Crusader squad and 3x Bike Squad, however, I didn’t have enough spray paint left to cover these (as well as new bases for the Crusader squad). So they were left for later on down the line.

Originally I was only going to paint five more Crusaders for my 10x squad, and 5x Sisters of Silence to cap off this collection. However, I felt that it would be a miss if I didn’t include my unused space marine models, that by this point were going to be going nowhere and stay in the box of damnation (I’ll elaborate on this box for another time).

so without further or do, I’ll let the photos do the talking!

All this was done in one week, the Sisters of Silence took longer to paint as I needed patience to paint their exquisite armour. I’m happy now that this collection has finally been worked on again after many months of being shelved.

My favourite model to paint would have be the Emperors Champion, a repainted kit bash model that looks really badass. I liked the test drybrushing for the lighting effect on the sword (a Dark Angels one curiously enough?), using dark blue up to white acrylic paint. The model has this mysterious look with the eye lenses being completely black to add mystery and fear to the character.

All that’s left now is a Attack bike, 3x Bike squad (attached to my current squad to make 6x), 5x more Crusaders and possibly one more Crusader squad if I’m interested to add another squad. I’m not planning anymore additional models to the collection as I’m happy with the current collection I have (but I might add some Neophytes to my Crusader squad).


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!



There’s still time to vote your chosen Space marine chapter!

There’s still time to vote your chosen Space marine chapter!

There’s still time to vote for which Space marine chapter you would me to paint for my unused Space marine models! (No prizes for the winning vote)

More information and rules:

May the best Astartes win!


You decide!

You decide!

Hello, and welcome to a very special post about a project that I will be revealing today!

Since I’ve recently finished my first wave of Fyreslayers (taking a break now from collecting the faction), my Black Templars being delayed due to some decal problems and now having a gap between now until I get some Daughters of Khaine kits. I’ve decided to do an in between project to keep myself distracted from the long wait, using backlog and unused models to finish off.

But unlike my past projects, this project will be quite different as I’ll be giving you guys, yes you my readers the opportunity to vote on what I should do!

How this will work goes like this, I have a collection of unused space marine models from a failed project going back years ago. I want to bring the [chapter] back to a consistent quality and finally restore these models. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get the community involved by letting you vote on what chapter I should paint for the collection.

The Space marine collection consists of the following:

  • 5x Scouts with sniper rifles
  • 3x Reivers (will be x5)
  • 3x Intercessors (will be x5)
  • 1x Landspeeder
  • 10x Tactical squad
  • 1x Captain with power sword and bolt pistol
  • 1x unused classic marine
  • 3x Space marine bike squad
  • 1x Attack bike

(No photo of the collection as thry looks terrible currently, but I’ll add a photo if anyone would like to see them. But trust me, they look pretty bad….)

There are however some limitations on what you can vote on from the rules below:

  • It can’t be a traitor legion/ chapter, has to be a loyalist based chapter in current timeline of 40k (Alpha Legion can be a compromise)
  • No unofficial chapters (especially meme ones), this is a project that will be a lore friendly force.
  • Speaking of lore friendly, it can’t be a chapter that’s been wiped out, nor classed as Excommunicated by the inquisition (like the Soul Drinkers chapter for example).
  • It can’t be Black Templars, I’m already doing those nice chaps for Rogal Dorn.
  • Finally, Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Space Wolves related chapters and successor chapters will not be accepted. This is because the faction will be using the Adeptus Astartes Space Marines book.

To vote, simply comment below with the chapter name (First founding or Successor founding) and who their loyalist Primarch is. The deadline is the end of this month, and any votes after that will not be counted. I will reveal the most voted chapter in a few days time after the deadline.

Thank you for reading this post, and I’ll be looking forward to see what you guys have voted on!


New Years resolutions- 2018

Like last year, I do my own New Years resolution for my hobby work, wether it’s getting an army done on a deadline, or focusing on being more involved with communication with the community.

Before I do my 2018 resolutions, lets take a look at last years list and see if I’ve completed any (or none at all!)

Resolutions from 2017

  1. Finishing off my Flesh-Eater Courts army, including more Crypt Ghouls (human/Duardin/elves/Skaven) Crypt Flayers, kit bashing Varghulf, more Ogres and Morghast Archai. (Not completed, still have a few units to paint as well as not having a playable force for Match play. However, since I’ve changed plans for this faction, it was now used for Skirmish games until further change are planned)
  2. Build my Grand Alliance of order, consisting of; Stormcast Eternals (using Hammer and Anvil battalion) and Fyreslayers (either Lords of the lodge or Subterranean Fyrestorm battalions). (Not completed, since the Fyreslayers were expensive, so the Faction was changed to be primarily a Stormcast Eternals. All units are painted apart from four more Hero models)
  3. Completing my Grand Alliance of Chaos, with my Nurgle force needing a few units of Blightkings, Chaos warriors and Daemons of Nurgle stater set. (Whilst I was able to get a unit of Blight Kings, I wasn’t enthusiastic to work on this project due to a lack of lore inspiration. However, Maggotkin of Nurgle will hopefully reignite my interests this project)
  4. Communicating with the hobby community more, by commenting other bloggers posts that I like, and joining in discussion groups to contribute to the hobby. (I’ve been commenting from time to time on posts or on mine on different subjects, I’ve learnt quite a lot from communicating with other bloggers (who are more wiser and knowledgeable). Contributing wise, I think I’ll need to work on that. I’ll see if I can join in on painting challenges or a group project for either AoS and 40k)
  5. Discovering new styles and mediums in art projects, developing new designs that’s not in my comfort zone. (Thankfully I’ve learnt something new and pushed myself to do weird and interesting stuff. My Lord Tennyson canvas painting was a step in the right direction for my artist journey, moving away from manga art as my Chosen art focus.
  6. Telling the rest of the path to glory campagin story of the battles between Clan Skelnix, and the Whitebark Clan. (Nah, not going to happen. The rest of the campaign was fun, but I lost the rest of the matches (although I’ll never forget the first mission where I’ve actually won my first AoS game and table top game for 8 years since I’ve started the hobby!!). Sadly my enthusiasm was low on writing the story, but I’ll try doing a different approach for doing story/ battle report blog posts this year!)
  7. If the dark elves have a new release, I’ll be rebasing and painting my entire collection if I find the new lore for the faction to be satisfying. (I’m still bloody waiting GW, where the Aleves? It’s been two years since AoS started! On the positive side, I’ve been rebasing my Druchii and mange to paint quite a few models. This was done as I got bored of waiting for the Druchii to get their faction released, so I’m using them instead for Warhammer Fantasy Battles using AoS rules)
  8. Painting Skaven model inbetween hobby projects. (My first year for not painting much Skaven models, but I did get to paint a unit of 20x Clanrats. Many more Clanrats are still yet to be painted….)

Now that my 2017 Resolutions have been updated, I can now finally move on to 2018 list. This year, I’ve decided to make a list that will push me a bit further than last year.

Resolutions for 2018

  1. At least build a Death Guard army towards 1,000pt using the Patrol Detachment.
  2. Complete my Harbinger Legions (Chaos Space Marine Faction) as a corrupted Demi-company army. Including a kit of Warp Talons and painting two units of Chaos Space marines.
  3. Paint more Skaven.
  4. Complete my Stormcast Eternals army by painting all four remains Hero models. Also, finish painting all remains Khorne Bloodbound models.
  5. Join community challenges (primarily painting challenges), as well as communicating with the community and bloggers.
  6. Finish secret project [classified].
  7. Focus on painting more backlog models to paint for more storage space.
  8. Incorporate more hobby discussion posts on AoS and 40k.

With that, I would like to end this post by saying thank you for reading, commenting and liking my blog posts in 2017.

With luck, I may do better this year for fulfilling my resolutions. 😅


12 days of winter [day 11]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection special: The Iron Scarabs- Ultima Founding

12 days of winter [day 11]: Dark Millennium Faction Collection special: The Iron Scarabs- Ultima Founding

Today’s post is a in-depth focus on the Imperiums greatest warriors, the Space marines. With the amount of new information as well as new models of the Primaris Space marines released this year, I’ve decided to do a small patrol detachment entirely on the new generation of Space marines.

After many days of researching and choosing wether to creat an existing chapter or a new chapter, I’ve narrowed down what my chapter will be. So without further or do, I present my own Ultima founding chapter, the Iron Scarabs!

The Iron Scarabs

  • Chapter founding- Ultima founding, M42.
  • Primogenitor- Ferrus Manus
  • Successor to- Iron Hands
  • War cry- “strength of the soul, purge the weak”
  • Home world- Anubious


The Iron Scarabs are a chapter that, like their ancestor legion, follow the discipline of logic and precision of the machine. Keeping some traditions of the Iron Hands, including heavy use augmentations and sacrificing the weak for strategic advantage by cold logic.

However, the Iron Scarab are a stark contrast from the Iron Hands in terms of chapter structure, traditions and even psychology. Some of which have caused distrust between the Iron Hands and the Iron Scarabs relations.

Raised on a world called Anubious, a name that relates back to the forgotten history of Terra of an ancient god called Anubis. A name fitting for a death world of nothing but fierce red sandstorms, and uninhabitable land of suffering by it’s inhabitants of Gigantic Fire Lizards and Gore-Serpents.

The chapter has its own fortress, The Numerical-front, built from the remains of an orbital drop crater of an ancient Space Hulk. Like Medusa, the people of Anubious are resilient and uncaring for the weak, leaving them to die or for sacrifices by the Ritualist’s.

Chapter command structure

Chapter Master and Council of the Scarab– Leading the Iron Scarabs chapter is their first Chapter Master, Khophilos. His title known to his battle brothers in their culture as Iron Pharo, a title and rank given to Khophilos after being voted by the council of the Scarab.

The council is made up of all company captains, Librarians, Chaplins and Techpriests, who decide on the best logical course for their chosen crusade, as well as electing new captains to lead a leaderless company. Like the Iron Council, the council of the scarab are not led by a single leaders command, but rather share a shared power who vote and decide on what course of action must be taken. The Chapter Master however, has a role as leader of the chapter to lead the chapter on crusades, but must adhere to the councils decisions.

Ritualist’s (Librarians)– The chapter is structured to employ Librarians called Ritualist’s, due to the chapters traditions of having Ritualist serve as guide to the Captain, sacrificing people in order to have visions from the afterlife of the battle to come.

They combine their psykic powers with augmented technology to enhance their powers. This can both be a useful asset, but also a major repercussion to the psykers allies if it backfires.

Priest Lords (Captains)– Captains are named as Priest Lords, who lead their respective company’s to war. They bear the weight of responsibility not only for the company’s success for war, it’s survival to carry on to reclaim worlds in the name of the Omnissiah, but as well as keeping order from the chapters ‘flaws’.

Priests (Lieutenants)– Lieutenants are similarly named as Priests, befitting both sub leaders who will command a shared amount of battle brother to war. The priests are also vital to keep the Priest Lord on a straight path of logic and efficiency, or else succumb to failure which will not be tolerated.

Watchers (Chaplains)– The Chaplains of the company are ominously named as the Watchers, wardens of the chapter who make sure not a single sign of Heresy nor doubt cloud the minds of his battle brothers. For Primaris, they have been proven to be untouched by Chaos and failure in mind. But such ignorance will not stop the Watchers from ensuring that their chapter never falls from the grace of the Emperor.

Scarab priests (Techmarines)– The Techmarines are gifted with the title of Iron Lords, a title that is given to these marines due to their cultural heritage linage. For they were skilled blacksmiths when they were once mortals on the red sands of Anubious. Like Librarians, the Iron Lords are more common in a each company, as little as three Techmarines in each company.


The Chapter heraldry represents the Iron Scarab, which has ties to the chapters cultural belief in strength and wisdom.

Many marines will engrave marking of scriptures on their armour in their native language. Most commonly, some engravings translate to ‘ Soul of Iron’.

Most of the Iron Scarabs traditions link back to the roots of the Iron Hands, with heavy augmentations to the body to become more machine than man. They also use the great warrior names of Medusa legend for each company, although these are represented on company banners by ancients, rather than company titles.

Hailing from the world of Anubis, the Iron Scarabs believe in the foresight and signs of the afterlife, guided by their ancestors. This is a contradiction to the chapter, for logic dictates that the afterlife doesn’t exist, and such voices are the stuff of the warp.

However, it can’t be denied that the voices don’t lie……..


having followed a more logical and efficient mind set rather than following ‘morality’ and ‘heart’. However, the chapter has a tendency to sometimes let their emotions boil to aggression, very similar to the faults of Clan Raukaan. This has caused some strains between both chapters, as the Iron Hands believe that their predecessor chapter will succumb to the same fate as their late Primarch, Ferrus Manus.

The Iron Scarabs argue that Ferrus was a fool, as unlike them, he couldn’t fully temper and train his aggression which led to his demise. As clearly shown, the Iron Scarabs have insulted the Iron Hands, which has torn relations to a distrustful state. Only Clan Raukaan has made some connections of truce with the Ultima founding chapter, for both have a similar stance on aggression.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Merry Christmas!


12 days of winter [day 1]: For Sotha!

12 days of winter [day 1]: For Sotha!

Starting off my Calendar count down is a short but interesting look at a Black Library publication that I’ve been reading, Space Marine Battles: Scythes of the Emperor by L J Goulding. As part of the collection of short stories (including a novella) I’ll be sharing my thoughts on a short story called The Aegidan Oath.

Just to be clear, I won’t be spoiling the short story, as I think you’ll find it more interesting and absorbing if you read it yourself. However, there might be a small spoiler relating to Pharos and the 13th Legion after HH.

My thoughts on The Aegidan Oath

This short story is surprisingly filled with some interesting information and opinions on the Ultramarines, and how Robute Guilliman is described by both his greatest achievement, and his greatest failure. For those of you who know about the Imperium Secondus will know that it is in fact one of the Primarchs greatest failure, which his legion have tried to cover up post Heresy. This revelation was surprising to me, as I didn’t know much about the Ultramarines chapter apart from some basic information.

This story offers an insight into the Ultramarines and how they aren’t as perfect as current events would show them to be. The Imperium Secundus and the secret phantom 11th company, which, if found out by the High Lords of Terra, could not only Jeopardise the Legion branded as heretics , but also the Codex Astartes itself! I like how L J Goulding has fleshed out Guilliman for both his glory and faults, which makes him more relatable and more compelling as a character.

How is this story tied to the Scythes of the Emperor? Well first off, the story is set on Pharos, on the world of Sotha, which is very much part of the 3rd Successor chapters culture. This story takes place many centuries after the Horus Heresy, as well as the death of Guilliman (well, in stasis to be exact). It tells a tale about two Ultramarines who have come to deliver news to a certain “legend” on Pharos, news of which will lead to two major choices.

The story, whilst leaves many questions than answers, at least it gives you some prospective on events of then, and how the Scythes of the Emperor were established.

My overall thoughts on the short story

The story overall is a fantastic read for a short story, it shows you a historical event on how the Scythes were established, as well as adding more mythos to the cannon. Whilst I lacked much knowledge on Pharos during HH, I did however, enjoy the story which thankfully had some context on post HH on Pharos.

I’d recommend this as a good short read for traveling, or if you want to know more about the origins of the Scythes of the Emperor.


Thank you for reading this post. This was my first attempt at typing my thoughts down on reading a short story, so I might be a little bit amateur on description and format of the post. However, it was difficult not to spoil the story.

If you have any questions or anything about this post that you want to ask me (no spoilers), post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 9

Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 9

Welcome back to part 9 in the continuing series on my Black Templars collection. Today, the latest units to join my collection are the Intercessors and Primaris lieutenant.  

My unit of Intercessors are slightly different from the usual MkX Space marines, with kit bashing of MkIII helmets used for this unit. I like the look of this unit more now that they’re wearing MkIII helmets, it gives them the appearance of power armoured knight crusaders.

The unit itself is from the easy to build set Primaris marines, I took the advantage of buying these sets to create a full unit and a dashing lieutenant to lead them. Probably more cheaper than buying them from individual box kits!

Leading the squad is a grizzled but dashing swordsman, bearing the rank of Sword Brethren. My inspiration for this model was from my kit bashing testing, using different parts to create my own unique lieutenant. The decision and inspiration for ranking this model as a Sword Brethren was inspired by Maxime’s Black Templar force, from the current White Dwarf issue in the tale of four warlords article.

If your interested in what I’ve used to kit bash my lieutenant, the spare bitz I’ve used for this model are listed below:

  • Sword from MkIII Space marine kit.
  • Bolted from the Chaos Space marines kit.
  • Purity seals from Space marine vehicle kits.
  • Bronze emblem from the Dark Angels upgrade kit (old upgrade sprue).
  • Bare head from the Space Wolves tactical squad kit.

Surprisingly, the hands for the model are just right size for kit bashing with Primaris marines models, so you kit bash a lot of options for your own Primaris unit or character models. 

Before I finish today’s post, I want to announce that I’ve finally finished the Land Raider! I can’t remember what the deadline was for this model ( I’ve been pretty busy lately in all fairness), but I can finally say that this model is completed! 


I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!