How I would change The City (by James Herbert)

The City by James Herbert is a mixed bag for many readers, who have read all of the Rats books this graphic novel offers nothing new, but for new readers it’s quite interesting if vague. For me, this is where I started reading James Herbert’s work on The Rats, and after reading the trilogy andContinue reading “How I would change The City (by James Herbert)”

Iron Warrior project, the story so far

Project Iron Warriors started out as a side project that can be worked at any time, without deadlines or rush to paint models. It’s my way of painting a collection I’ve always wanted to display, using as much effort and attention to bring out the best of my abilities. That’s not to say I don’tContinue reading “Iron Warrior project, the story so far”

Price hike (a rant)

On Saturday GW have released the preorders for CSM and the second book in the Vigilus series. Some of the models look pretty awesome, the marine squad look way better than the outdated sculpts from decades ago. Abbadon, what can I say? Just too amazing to describe for the sculpt. However, I’m starting to noticeContinue reading “Price hike (a rant)”

Going back to my Iron Warriors project

Recently my blog has reached its third birthday, so in celebration of this milestone I’ve decided to get myself some Death Guard models for my Iron Warriors side project. Also today I’ve decided to include more models from my neglected box to this project, reusing Old Chaos Space marine models for a new purpose toContinue reading “Going back to my Iron Warriors project”

Primaris Crimson Fists: part VI, Scouts

Now that my Skaven collection is on a break, I can now go back to my Primaris project. I have a unit of repainted scouts which I’ve done awhile back before the Skaven decided to crash the party. I’m pretty much at the verge of finishing this project, now that I have a good varietyContinue reading “Primaris Crimson Fists: part VI, Scouts”

Skaven Terminator clad Wizard

With some spare bitz and an neglected Warmachine model that’s been left in a box, I decided to create my own Arch Warlock for my Clan Skryre army. I wanted to create an imposing iron clad killing machine that looked steampunk, but also has the appearance of Skaven identity. Also, I made a unit ofContinue reading “Skaven Terminator clad Wizard”

Justice, a tribute artwork to the late Carlos Esquerra

Inspired by Carlos Esquerra and John Wagner’s creation of Judge Dredd, part of 2000AD comic publication. I do not own the character or anything that’s part of its respective creators. The other day I’ve found a touch screen ballpoint pen, which I needed for a long time. As you can see above it’s really helpedContinue reading “Justice, a tribute artwork to the late Carlos Esquerra”

BL celebration stuff

A few weeks ago, I went to my local GW store whilst I was shopping around town (and remembered that it was BL celebration day), and got myself a limited print of Storm of Iron along with free gifts. I got my Mortarion badge, postcard and the free novella book with my purchase. The novellaContinue reading “BL celebration stuff”

It’s Skaven again….

More Skaven today! It’s a never ending progress of getting Skaven models painted since February. I’m nearly reaching the end of this project with only few more units to paint, and the goal of getting Clan Skryre and Clan Pestilence at 1,000pt (including painting all of my Clan Verminus models). As well as kitbashed modelsContinue reading “It’s Skaven again….”

The moving Gatling trolley

Work on my Skaven is gradually getting me closer to the end as I’ve nearly painted all of my models that own so far. What started out as a reboot in 2015/2016 for repainting (and finally painting neglected models) my collection, has become a long but successful project. For years now, I’ve been chipping awayContinue reading “The moving Gatling trolley”