It’s Skaven again….

More Skaven today! It’s a never ending progress of getting Skaven models painted since February. I’m nearly reaching the end of this project with only few more units to paint, and the goal of getting Clan Skryre and Clan Pestilence at 1,000pt (including painting all of my Clan Verminus models). As well as kitbashed models recently done to fill in place of the Finecast version/ models I want to make alternate versions of.

I have one kitbashed Master Moulder who will be leading my Clan Moulder army, a very hideous and mutated lord who has become more monster than rat.

My second and final kitbashed model is the Plague catapult with a mixture of Skryre design. I had loads of spare bitz and a rectangle base left unused, so what better way than to use these unused parts and make myself a war machine!

Next up I’ll be showing my last two kitbashed Clan Skryre units of Ratling gun and Warplock Jezzails. These will be useful for my Skaventide lists as attachments for my Clanrats, bringing some much needed firepower.

Until next time!


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