Skaven Terminator clad Wizard

With some spare bitz and an neglected Warmachine model that’s been left in a box, I decided to create my own Arch Warlock for my Clan Skryre army. I wanted to create an imposing iron clad killing machine that looked steampunk, but also has the appearance of Skaven identity.

Also, I made a unit of three Warplock Jezzails.

For the past few weeks I’ve been painting a lot of Skaven models, more than I would usually paint when I’m motivated to paint this army. It’s pretty much a relief now that I’ve only got four more units to paint, rather than ten or twenty units in the backlog.

I’ll be taking a break from painting my Skaven now that I’ve just about done nearly everything. Once I’ve taken a good long break I can come back fresh and motivated to finish off the last few units.

I think my Crimson Fists needs some attention now after weeks of silence.

Until next time!


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