Price hike (a rant)

On Saturday GW have released the preorders for CSM and the second book in the Vigilus series. Some of the models look pretty awesome, the marine squad look way better than the outdated sculpts from decades ago. Abbadon, what can I say? Just too amazing to describe for the sculpt.

However, I’m starting to notice how GW have price hiked their models to a ludicrous price. While yes I know that GW models are professionals sculpted to the best of the industry and it’s not a cheap business producing tabletop miniatures.

But £35 for a Chaos Space marine squad?!?

That’s just overpriced compared to their previous iterations being £20-£25. I’ve noticed this change for basic unit kits since Stormcast Eternals came out a few years ago, although I can kinda justify Liberators being £37 as their quite tough as a 5x unit even.

But over the years smore and more kits have got the same pricing from Fyreslayers, Nighthaunt, Deathguard, Daughters of Khaine, Idoneth Deepkin and Primaris Space Marines. It’s actually quite expensive now just to get a basic Troop/ Battleline unit from a new or update armies.

Sure there’s Start Collecting! box sets that are a money saver (even though GW decided to add extra VAT to all sets and paints!) and they are a great way to get started. But for new armies you’d have to wait a year or more until that army gets a box set. Take the Idoneth Deepkin for example, it took them a year to get their Start Collecting kit as well as the Maggotkin of Nurgle.

Wether you love or hate GW, I won’t tell you wether you should or should not still buy their new products. It’s your freedom to choose what you want.

I personally can’t justify this price hike as it makes my gut churn seeing that price. I can understand partly why it’s priced this way due to uncertain times in the U.K. at the minute, and growing demand for GW miniatures.

What do you think? Should GW price their models less, or keep it as it is? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “Price hike (a rant)

  1. I hope that you’re not dropping the hobby! While I agree that some of the models are pretty outrageously priced (minor characters especially), and price hikes always sting, I do think that there is more to it than just the number of models in a box. The sculpts and the molding quality are so much better than what they were 10-15 years ago (back when I first dabbled in the hobby), and the kits nowadays come with so much extra bits and customisation options (which might be great or irrelevant to you), that I think the higher costs are somewhat justified.
    I also buy my models from UK-based 3rd party vendors (15-20% off + £ prices, which are cheaper than €), or second hand unboxed sprues from eBay, which keeps the costs down. One exception to this are the WH Underworlds boxes, they are so nicely priced that I haven’t found them cheaper than the full MSRP, so I’m getting those from the FLGS.

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  2. I agree that the quality of the models is superb, and the amount of bits left for customisation is very helpful for personalising our armies.

    I do think that they could shave even a little off the asking price to be honest though. I think even getting a basic army together is getting more expensive, despite this whole “it’s an expensive hobby, deal with it” argument that some folk peddle. I try to shop around for a bit of a saving in the end.

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