Hobby projects 2020

This year it’s all about finishing remaining projects I’m still working on, as well as small projects that I’m building up over time. Last year was a big leap in terms of getting a lot of projects progressing towards the end goal, like my Black Templars project and Skaven project.

I’ve reached the point where I’m a decade over into the hobby and I’ve built and painted many factions over the years from WHFB to AoS. This year is the straight road towards the end, silly I know, but after a decade of a long, crazy, fun and creative journey, I want to take a break from the hobby.

A bit of a twist, but this has been a choice I wanted to make for over a year now. But I’ve been adamant on ensuring that I complete my projects. Who knows how long it’ll take me to get the remaining projects done?

I’ll be covering each project in its current progress and what o plan to do with it going forwards.

Warhammer 40k

Black Templars-

This project took some time to get get to the point where I’ve painted everything I current have, my Crusader Squad was going into the backlog for a long while due to the Primaris reveal years back. The Primaris had made my work on the Crusader Squad sluggish as I was unsure as to where the Firstborn future will be. Will it be Primaris only going into the future? Will my current BT collection be useless and consigned to Legends?

Despite my worries, I’d managed to finish my last five Crusader models as well as including a unit of five Intersessors (a painting experiment I wanted to try out for Primaris BT if I consider adding more). My project for the BT has reached its end once I’ve get some scouts to add into my CS.

I refused to purchase the Psychic Awakening book, Faith and Fury due to the fact that I’d be paying a Codex with only a few pages on the BT. The story I heard was bad too.

Crimson Fists-

A project I started last year that’s stopped expanding after a few months into 2019. I think it’s down to the reputation of the Crimson Fists always being few in number in the face of overwhelming odds. It feels right to keep this project small with only a few units to play.

I would like to expand more options for my army with more units and vehicles, but I just don’t feel like it would be the wrong thing to do. But I think it’s worth adding a Redemptor Dreadnought to finish off this project for good. A good send off in my opinion.

Night Lords-

Just paint removing old models and repainting them as Night Lords, not much to say so far but I do have a nice small army ready for gaming.

Exiled Iron Warriors-

Almost done, I just need a few character models to finish the project off.


We’ll, the Greenskins are nearly done, there’s just the matter of painting a unit of kitbashed Flash Gitz and a spare Warboss. But will the Psychic Awakening provide anything to my Bad Moons?

Astral Bears Chapter-

By the latter half of 2019 was a change of direction after the new Codex Space Marines was released along with the White Scars supplement. Years ago I did a White Scars successor chapter project (way before I started blogging), which ended a few years later with badly painted models.

But in 2019 I mentioned that my Crimson Fists and Exiled Iron Warriors would be my last 40k army projects. However I had to be a hypocrite and start my Successor White Scars chapter, entirely on Primaris space marines.

After much research and planning I used a small reference in the supplement as my successor chapter, The Astral Bears. The goal was to build a Demi company sized army using the Primaris Marines.

The project gained a lot of traction with all of my command and specialist characters built and painted. Units in my army consist of a unit of Aggressors, a unit of Intersessors and a unit of Infiltrators.

Going forwards I have a Primaris Captain as 4th company Khan to replace my Khan on a bike, although the Khan on a bike will be used in some games but not as my official 4th company Captain. I’ve also got plans to build a unit of five Intersessor elites from 1st Company, who will act as my Khan’s elites.

I plan to end the project with the option of either getting the Know no Fear boxset, or individual units of my choosing. Hopefully I’ll have a Demi company sized force by the end of this year.

Warhammer AoS

Stormcast Eternals-

My Lords of the Pisces project was completed awhile ago now as I was able to build a Warrior chamber using 1/3 of warscroll battalions for my army. However I’m planning on rewriting the lore behind my Chamber as with the current progress with AoS, I thought it was time I needed to make a better backstory and give the Chamber a new name.

The Lords of the Pisces was a good name at the time, but doesn’t suit AoS considering the constellations are not like ours. So I’m going back to the retcon my factions lore and hopefully create something more appealing and fun to use in my project.

Anvils of the Heldenhammer-

In 2018 this project was based on the book, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds. Led by Lord Arcanum Belthas, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer were a major part in the story as they took on the Undead that ushered in the Soul Wars.

I took a break from this project for some time now, and I’ve been meaning to get a few things done before I finish it off. I’ve already kitbashed my Lord-Ordinator and Knight-Incantor ready for painting. On top of that I have two Sequitor models to add to my two units, which will make them a full minimal unit to play.

My only problem is my Evocators as I’ve only got two from the Tempest of Souls set. Technically I need five to be able to play this unit, so I’m playing an understrength unit. With the Mortal Realms collection out now, I’m hoping to collect some issue to cover my Evocator unit and boost my army with other units.


I’m pretty much nearly done with this project as I only need to get an Icebrow Hunter, and a scratch built mini pirate ship for my Gnoblars.


For some time this collection has been gathering dust in a box after over a year since I last did anything. But with the weekly release of the Mortal Realms Collection, I’ve got some Chainrasp Horde to build up my battleline units. So far I have one unit of 20 Chainrasp Hordes and one painted unit of 10 models. I plan to add another ten models to the unit which will give me two solid units for gaming (they don’t last long, I lost my unit of ten ghosts pretty fast).

I’d expect many of my existing units and new units to be added over the coming weeks, now that I’m dedicated to only one Death faction.


I had intended to add one more unit to the project to fulfil my two battling unit req, but I’ve not been enthusiastic about it. I think I’ll leave this project as an ally pool for my Stormcast Eternals. Maybe one day I might feel like adding more stuff to this project.

Mini projects

Rats from the Eastern war-

This project will be a very strange one to introduce, but I think it’ll be fun doing something small scaled and not constrained by faction and setting. Just imagine Apocalypse Now mixed with Skaven. In a matter of days I’ll be showing my first trooper, he likes his red lunch box.

Fan Fiction writing

After a few months of writing fan fiction stories based on the Fly on the Wall Podcast Post Apocalyptic Saga, I’ve decided to give it a break and focus on my hobby project work. I like writing the fan fiction work, but there’s a point where I feel like it’s taking over and trying to be my own thing rather than a fan fiction. I don’t hear much from readers about my fan fiction, so I can assume it’s just not worth putting much effort into.

But hey, at least I tried. I’m happy I was able to reference the late James Herbert into the story. I’ve had tons of fun doing this, it’s been my first engagement in an online community of sorts where I’ve contributed something. The Prologue story even got read by Waz on the podcast which was fantastic to listen too.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

All army factions need rebasing and painted into a coherent army, Bretonnia project has additional units to be painted.


So that’s what to expect on the blog coming soon. There may be some posts that cover off topics feature like my treasure hunting (looking for dusty old Warhammer items). I’ve also got my book reading challenge as well, which I’ve made a start on.

That’s all from me for today, until next time,



Treasure hunting is probably my greatest gift, and my greatest burden. Sometimes I find long lost books that are hard to track (well, not too hard if you look at places like eBay. For a steep price though). Other times I’m in the rain at a bargain sale with nothing to take back. But the hot dogs make up my day!

This year was a dry year with only a few findings, my usual carboot source hasn’t been at the sales for a long time now. Another stall I saw in the summer last year who had a wealth of old White Dwarfs and classic supplement books weren’t there this year. Only place I could find my classic Warhammer items were from a charity bookshop. So far it’s stocked a few of classic stuff like the original Rouge Trader book (I didn’t get that as it costed £40!!!), codex’s, novels and even some classic graphic novels.

The later half of this year had been more successful thanks to my regular visit to my local shop. I brought some really good stuff.

But nothing compared to what I found a week before Christmas.

Aye, the Bretonnia army book. This was my second encounter with this book face to face as I saw the same book way back when I got a copy of the Dwarf army book.

I’ve got a Bretonnia army built on historical miniatures that I’ve substituted for units within the army. This book will be very handy for playing my Bretonnia faction without relying on an online PDF, although there are a few units that I can’t have access to that are in the second Bretonnia army book. But if I’m lucky I might find a physical copy of that edition for Bretonnia.

Currently I’ve worked out a list that’s around 1,500pt, which is a fairly decent sized army to play with. It’s roughly consists of:

  • Bretonnia Lord on Warhorse
  • Hero
  • Hero
  • 20x Men at Arms
  • 20x Men at Arms
  • 9x Knights of the Realm
  • 10x Bowmen
  • 10x Bowmen
  • 1x Gryphon (substitute rules for Owlbear model)

It’s a small list, but it’s just enough for a good game of knightly fun. I’ve only got to paint two units of Bowmem for this project, and then that’s it for the project until I can find more historical miniatures that fit the scale of my army models.

I’m hoping to play some classic Warhammer next year with my dad using 1,000pt, this will be our first rank and file game (not my first, but my first in a long time). Dark Elves vs Bretonnia, I can almost see a knightly clash of Cold Ones against the steeds of Knightly deeds.

Oh and I found this too a few months ago…..

My Crimson Fists and Black Templars are deemed unworthy by this book supposedly. This books only worth keeping for historical purposes. At least the author did a better job for the Dark Elves 8th edition army book.

That’s it for 2019 treasure hunting! It’s been a good year despite the dry months of empty handed searches. I’m really looking forward to finding more stuff in 2020!

Until next time,


12 days of Winter|The Astral Bears chapter, a fan made lore series part 2: Foundation of a new successor chapter

“How can Khoros be rebuilt? It’s cities are destroyed, civilian population decimated, its factory and man power production will take years to recover and even then it may not be at efficient tithe stability. How can my chapter see any future in Khoros now that it’s nothing but ashes?” Said Captain Izen Swordbane of the Dark Hunters as he paces up and down the briefing room. He along with other Captains of the successor chapters were debating the fate of Khoros to Arch Maigos Belesarius Cawl. “What say you, Arch Maigos”, Belesarius looked at the Captain, a marine who had deep hatred for the Adeptus Mechanicus from past bloody history, and he especially hated the Arch Maigos for creating the Primaris who bear his legions insignia. Belesarius spoke in a dry augmetic voice through his vox grill “It can be rebuilt and renewed if my calculations are right, the surviving natives will grow with the right resources and training to be equipped for military, political governance, factory output and tithe recruitment in an estimated twenty years or more. With a full chapter stationed on this world to protect it”.

“Who’s chapter will protect this world? My chapters has suffered greatly from the Cicatrix Maledictum, let alone other successor chapters of the Khan too. Even our ancestor chapter of the White Scars have suffered much from the Red Corsairs raids” Izen stopped paceing, his composure was calm but only just. He presses his knuckles on the desk and looked at the Arch Maigos straight in the eye. “Or would you dishonour me by replacing my fallen brothers with those abominations you call the Primaris? I’ll not accept them as mine nor will they bear our insignia that represents our sacred chapter. Give them to somebody else”.

– Council of the War Hawks

After the Crusade fleet had driven off the Night Lords Serotine warband from the planet, it was agreed that this world would be salvaged of what remained from the war. In its place would be a new Ultima chapter that would Guard this world and to serve the immortal Emperor.

Recovering from his injuries, Gobi had joined many meetings in the council of the War Hawks, a week long meeting between the successors of the Great Khan and the newly enlisted Primaris Marines. Izen, Captain of the Dark Hunters refused to bring In the Primaris into his chapter. It was then that Gobi offered to lead this new chapter of Primaris Marines as their Chapter Master.

Izen, disbelief and rage took hold as he questioned his brothers sanity and sheer betrayal to leave his oath to the chapter. Gobi argues that the Dark Hunters have become too backwards in their logic and that the chapter must take on the Primaris lest humanity will suffer greatly at the hands of the Archenemy.

Whatever happened after this confrontation is kept secret by all who were within the council. But one thing was for certain, Gobi was no longer a Dark Hunter, exiled from his chapter and sworn to take a new oath as he knelt before Belisarius Cawl.

He named his chapter the Astral Bears. For Khoros was full of these wild and ferocious hunters out in the plains, one such species thrived above all of their kind that was once thought to have been extinct on Terra millennia ago. The Gobi bears.

So it was that the chapter established itself on Khoros and it’s neighbouring planets, setting up greater defences on Khoros and it’s orbital defences thanks to the Arch Maigos. Over the next few decades the planet soon became a full functional Imperial world again, with varied warp attacks that caused some set backs to progression.

Gobi, now a Firstborn Chapter Master of the Astral Bears commenced the start of the chapters crusade efforts to bring back lost world to the Imperium. Such crusades earned them great reputation for they excelled at achieving their duty for the Emperor, although losses were high due to the chapters risky tactics.

such crusades included the following:

  • The Decade war
  • The Fall of Setarius
  • Execution of traitor Hive City Governor Tristern the Benevolence
  • The Red Star Crusade

These crusades had earned the chapter much praise by the Astra Militarm, the Eclisiarcy, Space marine chapters which most of them were from successor White Scars chapters and certain members of the Inquisition. All but a few were not so pleased with the chapter, and one in particular had deep rooted mistrust with the Astral Bears, The Dark Hunters.

All had gone well for the chapter, it had a world to build its chapter, a Fortress monastery built to safeguard its history, artefacts and geneseed stock. The chapters reputation had made them a notable Ultima Founding White Scars Chapter, giving them the respect and support they needed to be feared and respected.

But this would not last as the Cicatrix Maledictum would unleash an unexpected wave of warp attacks on the planet. A vast fleet of Nurgle corrupted Iron Warriors and Night Lords combined invasion fleet was heading towards Khoros.

This is where a World will fall, and a legend will rise.

12 days of Winter|The Astral Bears, a fan made lore series part 1, Origin

The Astral Bears are a relatively new Space marine chapter who were established during the early days of the Indomitus Crusade. Known for adopting similar tactics and aspects of their primogenitor Legion, the White Scars, who use hit and run tactics to weaken and exhaust the enemy with fast and precise groups of Skirmish engagements. However, the Astral Bears are known to be more aggressive and arrogant in their methods of engagement by charging into battle to bludgeon the foe with brute force, or by sheer rounds of fire power.

This tactic isn’t completely doomed to failure as the chapter have won many battles for their ferocious combat skirmishes. But it has led to the chapter suffering above average of losses.

Like many Ultima founding successor chapters, the Astral Bears are primarily built on Primaris Marines, creations made by the controversial Arch Magos Belesarius Cawl. The chapter is a Codex compliant force that follow the dictates of Guilliman’s Codex Astartes, although there are some changes that the chapter have made to infuse their culture into their chapters organisation, as well as meeting the requirements of the Codex guideline.

  • Command groups of each company have their own unique tribal marking to signify their role in the chapter, others in the company have tribal markings of the company they serve.
  • Names of the marines are similar to the ones the White Scars use, a cultural heritage that the Astral Bears carry on with pride.
  • Lieutenants have different tribal markings to not confuse their fellow marines and to identify who said individual is.
  • The chapters armoury uses unique cultural style of the White Scars and the home world of Khoros.
  • Primaris squads tend to be smaller than most chapter battleline squads, this is to spread squads out for wider tactics of hit and run engagements.
  • Librarians are called Stormseers, like the White Scars chapter.

The Great Rift

The chapter was founded during the time of the Indomitus Crusade and it’s mission to bring worlds, resources, isolated chapters and those still loyal to the Imperium back to the Emperors light. During this time, the successor chapter of the White Scars, the Dark Hunters, found the world of Khoros, a world that belonged to the chapter many centuries ago as a tithe resource for new recruits. Ruled by the Imperial order of Hive cities in a land of vast deserts and forests, this world had everything for the chapter to recruit warriors of the land and Hives.

The Astral Bears homeworld of Khoros [M.42].

But during the splitting of the Great Rift, Khoros suffered greatly during one of the Imperiums darkest days, as the entities of the warp spilled out across the galaxy to wreck carnage on a scale not seen since the Horus Heresy. The world of Khoros was defended by a company of Dark Hunters [company unknown by Imperial records] who originally came to collect fresh tithes for the chapter.

Brave were those of the sons and daughters of Khoros in the Hive cities as they gave their blood and souls to punish the invaders. But they were foolish to think that they could win and live to fight another day, for the Night Lords are born to hunt and kill without remorse. Led by Captain Elskri, Master of the Serotine Company, the Night Lords attacked Khoros to take the opportunity to collect new recruits, and bloody slaughter hunts they enjoy partaking in.

The Dark Hunters suffered greatly during the war as the Night Lords picked them off a bit at a time, a slow but effective method of dwindling the chapters strength. Because the chapter had come to collect new tithes to fill its company that was already below combat effectiveness, the Night Lords had an easy picking fighting off the Dark Hunters.

First the Hive city of Zhoto fell after four months of constant fighting in the shadow of eternal night caused by sickly dark unnatural clouds. Then two more fell a few months afterwards until nearly all of the Hive cities in the world died out, leaving the natives of the world on their own.

It was until the Crusade fleet finally arrived in system along with a company of Dark Hunters, did the Night Lords stop their invasion and flee from then fleet incoming to Khoros. What was left of the population of the Hive cities was carnival of a slaughter house, all around were skinless corpses of the defenders and the civilians.

As for the Dark Hunters who were stationed at Khoros, their remains were found in Zhoto, when a squad of Dark Hunters searched inside the underhive of the city. What they saw had shocked and disgusted them by the sight of a abomination shrine of flesh and bone. The long dead skinless faces still screaming in eternal pain as one mass of dead corpses, shapes into a throne of a corpse ruler.

All is not lost

All would be lost if not for two discoveries by the chapter and other successor chapters of the White Scars including the now forgiven Mantis Warriors, the Sun Hawks, the Dark Lunars and the Red Sons. They’ve found one of the last surviving Dark Hunter stationed on Khoros, trapped from fallen masonry and severely broken by the war both physically and mentally.

His name was Gobi, a marine who saw all the horror and devastation during the war, he was defending civilians fleeing from the fighting when suddenly part of a tower collapsed on him whilst he saved the last few survivors before they could be crushed. His memory after that went dark until he was finally found in a state of pain and failure. As for those he protected, it would be better to be left in mystery for the truth is grim and unpleasant to record.

As Gobi was checked over by the Apothecary who assessed his physical condition, his mind kept repeating his last memories of the battle before he was caved in. Like a nightmare repeating itself over and over as the horror he witnessed wouldn’t leave his mind, the screams of suffering and agony buzzed in his ear as if it were happening now.

After months of the invasion took its toll on the defenders of Khoros, the Dark Hunters were dwindling in numbers, squads of marines were losing men weeks or even days. With no reinforcements coming to bolster loses, they were on their own to defend Khoros.

Gobi was the last of his squad after months of hard fighting in the streets, conserving ammo and hiding in the shadows from groups of Night Lords until the way was clear. After the last Skirmish, his sergeant and squad brother were killed taking down a champion of Chaos.

As he traveled alone in the dark with the shadows as his cloak, he sees life signs of human survivors running away from something, a shadow with blazing red eyes darting after them.

A mother, child and father were seeking safety as they were stalked by a shadowy beast from the darkness. It’s eyes glowed with red passion for the hunt, claws glowing in blue arcs of lighting, as well as its darkest of blue armour cracking with lighting dancing around it’s surface.

Bolt pistol in hand and a prayer whispered under his breath, Gobi gazed into the darkness of the alleyway as the beast stared back. He knew this thing as a Night Lord, one of the traitor legions that turned their back from the Emperors light many millennia ago. Both he and the beast are sons of the night for they use the darkness to their advantage, although their ideologies are vastly different in the way they use darkness.

For Gobi it’s to conceal his form to surprise his foes in skirmish engagements, to catch the enemy unaware and take them out before returning to the darkness in a hit and run tactic.

For the Night Lords, the darkness is the weapon of fear as they blend into the shadows, moulding them as predators who stalk and hunt their prey. Tactics are simple, scare your enemies enough that they can’t fight back, then torture them slowly as they freeze their gaze at the monsters of the night.

The beast charged for the alleyway as the civilians ran down to seek safety, Gobi knew that they won’t make it alive unless he stopped the beasts hunt. He lets out a bolt round from his bolt pistol which traveled like a comet heading towards the beast. However, he misses his target as the beast dodged the bolt round. Rather than running down the ally the beast uses its jump pack to elevate above to reach safe perch on-top of a ruined city apartment, so it wouldn’t be confined by tight spaces.

It laughs at Gobi with vile amusement as he raises his bolt pistol at the beasts perch, it took Gobi a few seconds to realise why it was amused. Behind him, two more beasts creep out of the darkness with twin lightning claws, they laugh with vile amusement too at the cornering of the lone marine.

One tactical marine against three veterans of the long war is a fools end to engage combat in, but what choice does Gobi have when all of his brothers are dead? There’s no rescue party, no reinforcements, only faith and will can Gobi survive this battle.

He prays to the Emperor to give him strength and the will to smite his foes, then he charges towards the first Night Lord as he raises his bolt pistol head height. He fires but the shot only scratched the Night Lords armour, in turn the Nostraman charges towards Gobi with his dual lighting claws. He tried to shred Gobi but the Dark Hunter dodges the attack side ways, he takes out his chainsword and strikes the Night Lord from the left side. He nearly had the kill but the veteran Nostraman blocked the attack with his claws. Gobi could hear garbled wheezes from the traitors helm grill, as if laughing at Gobi’s amateur attempt.

Before Gobi could make his next move, the second Night Lord enters combat as he strikes his claws into Gobi’s back. Gobi tried to dodge the blow but got caught in the right arm by the lighting claw. A solid chunk of admantium fell to the ground, Gobi realised a second later that his chainsword fell to the floor along with his hand.

He carried on fighting with strength and conviction to fight until his last breath, “For the Khan!” He shouted as he lets loose another bolt round which hits the first Night Lord through the left eye lens. The traitor stumbles as he grips his helm but stumbles again as Gobi shoots again at the traitors face. The traitor falls to the ground with smoke spilling out of his helm, the body was still and spilling blood around the corpse.

The second Night Lord was unfazed by his brothers death as though he cared only for the kill. He slashed his claws towards Gobi and nearly sheers off Gobi’s other arm by a pin thread, he checks his pistol, no ammo left. He doesn’t have any ammo left on him.

“God Emperor, my gene father Jaghati Khan and my dead brothers who now serve the Emperors eternal service, I Gobi, son of the hunt and master of the dark will smite this traitor!!!

Seeing the futile position he was in, Gobi runs towards his foe but as soon as he accepts deaths embrace he suddenly gets pushed down by a force more heavier then he. Masonry fell on him caused by the unnoticed Night Lord who chased the family down the ally, he laughs with a strong accent of a dead long forgotten world.

“Now now little Dark Hunter, there’s no use in trying to pray to the Corpse Emperor. He’s nothing but a dead carcass like the ones we’ve skinned and decorated on your walls” a dry laugh escapes through the vox grill of the beasts helmet. He continues, “My father Curze hated me and my brothers because of who we are and what we have become. He wanted Order from the masses by any means, even subjugation to death, torture and suffering. What you see here is my fathers legacy that we carry on as our custom in war. I could kill you now, slowly and patiently like the rest……”.

The beast points up to the top of the city tops where dozens of corpses hang on nooses, all skinned like a butchery with screaming faces frozen in time.

“But…….I’d rather leave you here so you can witness the work we have created. What you see here will always be a part of you, your legacy, your failure, your future” the monsters laughs as he sees the futile look in Gobi’s eyes. “Before I leave, I think I might alter that face of yours……….”

Before his vision blurs the Dark Hunter could only vaguely hear the sound of claws being unleashed as the beast steps towards the family of pale frightened faces. They scream as the beast desecrated their mortal bodies with blades of lighting.


Gobi in his state of severe physical damage could only think about that last battle, he could only just barely turn his head to see the place where he saw the family screaming in his memory. No bodies were left behind just the smear of blood to mark their death.

A Space marine is built not only to sever the Imperium of mankind, to smite the Mutant, the Xenos and the Heretic. To march as an army of super soldiers with the physical power to cause destruction to the enemy wherever they are.

But Gobi failed the greatest test that an Astartes must take, to defend the people of the Imperium and to save mankind from harm. He failed in his duty, a broken warrior who’s glory and victory are nothing but ashes.

The second discovery was back at Zhoto where a Mantis Warrior found an infant child hidden in a secret storage space, its mother blocking the entrance with her cold corpse slumped to the ground. Why the mother was mostly intact and the child left unharmed was a mystery, for the Night Lords would never leave anyone alive even with such innocence as an infant.

These two individuals would be the soul and foundation of the beginning of a new Space marine chapter. Khoros would be rebuilt, repurposed and armed to fight back against the foes of Mankind.

The time for the sons of the Great Bear has just begun.

Black Templars 8th edition Collection, part 12

At long last the Crusader Squad is painted! It must have been about three or four years now since I first started this project…………

The only thing I haven’t done yet is the transfer decals for the squad, however, a few other models I’ve painted haven’t got the BT transfer yet. Because the transfer sheet is pretty old now, the transfer symbols disintegrate by the smallest of movement. So either I’ll be careful with my limited transfers I have left or I’ll wait for GW to release a BT upgrade pack with transfers.

what’s next for my Black Templars project? Well………..

That’s a difficult question as currently the BT are gone from the main army book and not included in the Imperial Fists supplement. I want to know If the BT will be fully Primarised in the future or mixed with old marines. I know that’s a stupid line of thinking for me to say, but I’m not wasting money buying the old space marine line if their going to be taken off by lore and model production and be replaced by Primaris Marines. I’m hoping an answer will come soon from GW.

In the meantime I’m just happy I’ve finally got everything for this project painted after so many years of slow progress. My dad played the BT against my Nurgle Iron Warrior army in a game of 40k a couple of weeks ago, I lost sadly, but it was fun to play a game again.

until next time,


The Astral Bears 4th demi Company Collection

This year was set to be my final year of army building after years of investing into projects, some taking years to complete. I thought I had been satisfied with my work after painting my last Imperial army, the Crimson Fists. But, things have changed after the release of the new Space marine Codex and new supplements.

Does this make me a hypocrite for changing my goal of not building anymore armies? Yes and no. Because I’m reusing painted Primaris models to build this project. But on the other hand, yes I broke my own rules because something shiny caught my eye.

I probably shouldn’t be saying things like ‘final army projects’ when it should be obvious that GW knows how to make people like me get stuff. I wanted to move on from army projects and focus on smaller projects, trying to focus more on getting my neglected models painted and placed in existing projects.

This wasn’t a complete failure as I did for awhile focus on existing projects, adding units to various projects like the Iron Warriors project, AoS projects and Night Lords Legion project. I’ve saved a lot of money on being more creative with what I’ve got and getting neglected models painted.

This new project sort of follows on from using neglected models and using them in a new unified faction colour scheme. Using all of my Primaris models (not including the Crimson Fists) I’m making a budget project that is fully Primaris Marines.

As a White Scar fanboy, well the temptation to build a Successor chapter was too good not to miss out on. I’ve always had a keen interest in the V Legion ever since I’ve read their HH book, Scars by Chris Wright. One of the best books for Heresy era lore on the Legion, and what defines them from the rest of the Astarte legions.

Fun fact, my first Space marine project was my own Successor chapter called the Sons of Shiban, which I built a modest collection of fast bikes and aircraft support. You can still see that project in photo in one of my older posts, my first Black Templars post showed what I had collected before being reused for the BT project.

The White Scars supplement was a long and slightly late release since I’d abandoned my successor project years ago. But now I can at least build a new and better army project, reusing all of my Primaris models (not including my Crimson Fists).

After researching the Legion and it’s successor chapters I’ve decide to go with the Astral Bears chapter, a relatively unknown chapter with no official colour scheme or background apart from having won many battles already. This is the perfect chance to create something that’s canonical in the lore but a blank canvas to paint my version of that chapter.

A lot of thinking and testing went behind my initial tests on creating my version of the Astral Bears chapter, figuring out wether I should paint them brown or metallic red. Colours represent the mood or theme that a faction paint their armour in, and I wanted to evoke the pride and cultural connection to the White Scars.

My tests resulted in this outcome.

Using Metalic red enamel spray paint with washed down Contrast Black Templar, the colour scheme is a metalic crimson that shines but not too glossy. It represents the blood spilt by the sacrifices of those before the Primaris stock, the old veterans who protected the Imperium to their last breath. The bear is a ferocious creature who would cause bloodshed to its foes, but protect its kin till the end.

The thunderbolt represents the ‘Astral’ in the chapters name, a bolt of lightning that would strike whenever the Gobi bears of legend come out to hunt. Because there aren’t any bear transfers nor can I do freehand designs consistently, I opted to give them the thunderbolt transfer from the SE.

Lore for my collection is WIP at the moment as they’re an Ultima founding chapter, there’s a lot to think about on the Indomitus Crusade, where the chapter came from, who leads it (that one’s already sorted) and what is the chapters goals in the current timeline.

For now though I have a selection of models that I’ve built and painted that represent the chapters command group.

Chapter Master Chighin ‘Gobi’ Khan

1st Lieutenant Batua Kandakh and 2nd Lieutenant Osmogai Kandakh

Stormseer Kulghu Otorogh

Apothecary Ganzogh J’ungah

4th Company Ancient Ghansukh Ujumm

4th Company Kuglai Khan

Chaplin Khajog Head-taker

That’s all for today, I’ll be back with more updates on this project soon.

Until next time,


Two successor chapters of Dorn, now the third and final chapter for the trinity collection

In the early days of the blog I started my Black Templars project as my main Space marine army for the Imperium faction, a chance to paint my favourite successor chapter of Dorn’s gene stock. A challenging project that took time, patience and effort to paint a decent sized force.

Then earlier this year, I started my Primaris Crimson Fists project, another famous successor chapter of the son’s of Dorn. A small but thematic army that was inspired by Mike Lee’s Crimson Fist novel, Legacy of Dorn. This project is nearly done, with only just a few more units to add to finish off this project.

Today, I’ve decided that I wanted to combine my past two projects into one large army collection, because by chance they are the gene sons of Dorn who can be combined as one big army. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, as it’s like one big Space marine collection that’s very much linked by their gene farther.

Although they can be played separately as their respective chapter, there can be an option for creating one big gathering of space marines who’d join forces to fight against a common enemy (my Iron Warrior Death Guard project for example, which is by far larger than both successor chapter collections).

But I think there’s room for one more chapter to be include in this massive gathering (Apocalypse sized force maybe?), a chapter that is by lore a dead chapter.

But who’s to say they can’t be brought back as a Primaris Space marine chapter in the 42nd millennium.

It’s time to bring in the Soul Drinkers. Primaris Phobos Captain

Today I present my first miniature for the Soul Drinkers project, a Primaris Phobos Captain that I’ve kitbashed using a Reiver and other bitz to create my own Captain. I wanted to take advantage of my spare Reivers and save money on making my own HQ models.

I didn’t like the official Phobos Captain as it looked too clean and crammed with too many parts. My version takes elements from the official model and scales it back to make its function as a stealth marine. No capes, wearing a helmet, has small gothic style parts and of course, the servo skull.

On the base is a Necron Overlord, a resin model I’ve hated and regretted buying during the days of Finecast. It was very easy to break and sanding down to fit onto the base, which looks better than when it was a neglected model.

Of course the Necron is a reference to one of the books, which I haven’t read that one yet as I’m still reading the first Omnibus, but I think people who have read the Soul Drinkers series will get the reference.

Because I’m nearly done with the Iron Warriors DG project very soon, I’m just starting this project and another project (all will be revealed soon) that will be my primary focus.

For the narrative on why the Soul Drinkers are back is as of yet being worked on, I need some time to read the Soul Drinkers series to get a full grasp on the chapters philosophy and combat preference. I know the bear basics on the chapters fall and ending from watching some lore videos, but I hardly know the journey nor events that took place in the six part series. Years ago I did read the first book in the first Omnibus, but I got so sidetracked by Rl stuff and that I lost track of the story and characters.

Hopefully now I can get back into the book and really take in the story and lore of the Soul Drinkers. So far I find the first book to be a bit silly, however, it’s an interesting theme on the Imperium and it’s faults from its many organisations. I’m so looking forward to the Crimson Fists story!

I’ll be returning to this project later on when I’ve got my plans in order on what I want to add to the project.

Until next time,


Summer of Hobbying 2019: Primaris Crimson Fists

Welcome back to another Summer of Hobbying 2019, where this years challenge is to recap on my projects I’ve done so far. In today’s post I’ll be showing my Primaris Crimson Fists collection, a small but impressive collection of blueberry awesomeness!

Let’s pulverise the Greenskin menace!

Early this year, The Primaris Crimson Fists project was one of my last two Warhammer 40k army projects, an Imperial faction that I wanted to collect after my Black Templars. Because I’m getting older and running out of space to collect every faction under the sun. I wanted to make a Primaris army as my main Imperial faction to play.

Same as with the other two factions, Xenos for my Bad Moons Tribe and Death Guard Iron Warriors. Anything else is small scale collection, added allies or mini projects.

I do have a second Imperial faction, that being the Black Templars. However I think the mini marines have had their day, so the BT collection has stopped for the time being. I’ve collected enough models to end that project, apart from the scouts, and painting my last five marines.

Anyways what’s going on with the Crimson Fists? Well it’s still led by Captain Galleas (inspired by the same character from Mike Lee’s novel, Legacy of Dorn), who leads the 3rd or 4th company (being a bit flip flopy here as I don’t know what Mike will officially do with Galleas yet in current lore).

The project has been on pause for awhile now since I’ve painted everything in the collection. I’ve been preoccupied by other projects for some time now, but I’m hoping to return to this project when GW release the new Primaris range soon. That is however if I’m interested in any of the new models, the designs will either be cool or too out of place for me.

In the meantime I’m hoping to finish this project off with a Redemptor Dreadnought, a nice big killing machine! If the new Primaris release doesn’t impress me and I do get the Dreadnought, I have no interest to continue adding anymore units to this project. I’m always in the mindset that the Crimson Fist in a game should be few, outnumbered and read to fight or die in the name of the Emperor.

Thats all for today. I hope you have enjoyed this post on my favourite second founding chapter.

Up next, The Death Guard are here, in Iron Warriors colour scheme?

Until next time,


Primaris marines

Recently I found an issue of Warhammer Conquest at a local newsagent, three in fact too! One being some paints, another a scenery sprue (the easy build one) and a set of sergeants and a captain in Gravis armour. I knew which one I wanted!

So I’m working on some small diorama projects that won’t be part of any existing Space marine collection, as I don’t think the models will be useful for my Crimson Fists and Black Templars. Having these miniatures as side projects will be more fun trying out new chapter colour schemes.

Primaris Captain in Gravis armour, Spears of the Emperor chapter

Primaris Lieutenant in Gravis armour, Dark Angels Chapter.

I’ve got two more models to build, one being a Primaris Intercessors sergeant for the Carcharodons chapter and an undecided Primaris model to build.

Until next time,