Rebasing my Orks

With Orktober in full swing now that Speedfreaks is on pre-order, I realised two things this week. 1) I still need to paint my Gretchins, I’ve been too distracted by my AoS project for weeks now. 2) I’ve also realised that some of the Ork kits will be changed to 32mm bases.

Problem is, months ago I was using the old bases which I’ve textured and painted. Now I’ve got to rip all of my Orks off their old bases and put them on 32mm. Great!

However, on the bright side, I can already see the benefits for having my Orks on 32mm bases! After the transfer work was done, I have some points below on my afterthoughts.

  • No more foot over the base, obviously.
  • The Orks look more impressive and dare I say bigger now that they fit nicely on their new bases.
  • Ork HQ look way better with the changes, especially the Painboy, as before his old base made him look less imposing compared to a Primaris Space marine.
  • Bad Moons on 32mm bases beat the other zogging git klans, I’m looking at you especially, Red Sunz!

Here’s how they look now!

Following units re-based: Ork Boyz, Weirdboy, Mek, Nobz, Stormboyz, Painboy, Runtherder and Kommandoz.

Now that I’ve got that side track task done, I can go back to focusing on the Gretchins. Then I can finally add a new Ork Vehicle before finishing the whole project off by getting my hands on the Codex.

It’s gonna be sad to finish this project off, although it’ll end on a natural conclusion as a Patrol detachment, it’s sad that this fun project will end soon. There’s a personal reason why I’ll be sad to finish it, but I’ve mention it before, which I won’t go on about here.

Anyways, I’m freaking excited about Orktober so far! Are you enjoying Orktober so far? What are your plans for Ork stuff this month?


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Orktober: Big Mek on Warbike (Bad Moons are Da best!)

To celebrate Orktober, I’ll be posting my offerings to Gork and Mork (or is it Mork and Gork?) with two units of Orky goodness. The first being today’s post on my Big Mek on Warbike, kustombuilt from spare bitz on an old Warbike kit.

Whilst the Dark Elves have been my focus for this month, I intend to at least make some effort to contribute to the month of Orks. I only have a unit or two of Gretchins to paint for my Ork collection before I go on to adding any new units.

Expect to see more from me by next week or by the end of the month, that’s if I can find the little green blighters in time.


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[WIP] Semi-scrap-built Gorkanaut part 1

Front (belly of Gork?) section of the Gorkanaut currently being worked on, loosely following the same look as the original GW kit.

Well, this was a thing. I’ve now started my own project on building a Gorkanaut from scratch(ish), using plastic card for the model form, resin studs and GW plastic bitz for decoration. I couldn’t afford to get the official kit because I’ve got other plans for October (Orktober!) and onwards. The only way I was ever going to get my shooty heavy support was by using my creativity to build my own!

So far, I’ve built the main body which is about 65% to 75% completed, there’s just the back of the body to glue and the hood above the head. I’ll then try and find a reasonable circle base to glue the Gorkanaut on (with arms and legs included as well).

I know it looks pretty derpy and silly at the moment, however, once the whole model is constructed and basecoated, fingers crossed it might look more convincing as an Ork built machine. This is my first attempt at constructing something using plastic card with no instructions, so I’ll be very rusty on this attempt.

Anyways, here’s my current progress in photos, enjoy!


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Ork Commandos, scratch building plans and a short ramble about Forge World and GW

Ork Commandos, scratch building plans and a short ramble about Forge World and GW

Just a short post today as I’m feeling under the weather at the minute as I’ve caught a nasty cold, strangely. Anyways, today’s post I have four kitbashed Ork Boys who I’ve made into Commandos, using spare bitz to make them look more sneaky and more better equipped as veterans of jungle warfare.

These Ork Boyz were included in the Build+Paint Space Ork Trukk kit, which I was going to added to a second unit of Orks as a unit of 15. However, instead I went and kitbashed then as an elite unit, saves me money compared to buying the resin kits from GW.

My next step is to finish painting my Big Mek on Warbike by tomorrow or the day after, as that model is nearly completed. Then I’ll be doing the final phase of the project by painting an extra x10 Gretchins to my existing unit of x20, followed by a second unit of x30 Gretchins.

After that, I’m gong to wait for the new Codex to be released, as well as seeing if any of the new kits will be worth getting (if the price is justified). Crossing my fingers GW WONT scrap rules for the Big Mek on Bike, but it’s going to happen anyway.

I might start making my own Battlewagon or Ork Stompa from scratch once my Gretchins are done, although that will take some time to plan out as well as materials needed to build these machines. I’ve been reading old WD issues lately which has inspired me to try and do more scratch built models to save more money.

I’m really not interested in buying the official models as they’re too expensive (considering the Stompa used to cost £60 back during its release in 2009). Lately I’ve been very sceptical about GW’s pricing on kits, especially now that most new AoS factions battling units are £30 a box. I’ll elaborate more on my thoughts for another time.

Also I’m not impressed with GW’s *oversea pricing Changes on FW products, after watching MFTOC and Leeky Cheese’s videos on the subject, I feel that GW (Warhammer Community) has yet again been terrible with it’s communication to the consumers. Unless things change for the better for overseas hobbyists, I doubt the community will be forgiving to GW and FW anytime soon.

(*this doesn’t affect me as I live in the U.K., however, I’m not happy with these price increases as I now the hobby has grown to be a world wide community).

Anyways, that’s it for me for today. I’ll be back soon with a new post once I’m feeling better. Until next time!


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Another Big Mek, but this time on a Warbike

A new Mek has arrived on his warbike to join my Bad Moons Collection, and he’s got a pretty cool kustom bike to show off too! (Fancy git!)

I bloody love this model! I used a Build+paint Space Ork on Warbike and a Ork Nob, converted into a Big Mek with kustom decorations and improvements to the old kit. Either that or the tiny Ork riding the bike is a no brainier!

I wanted my Big Mek to have a look of motion on the bike, so I positioned him at an angle as if he was aiming at his enemy. Adding the flying bullet casings and a Dark Elf Warriors flag on the back helps to create still motion.

I hope GW will keep the rules for this variant of the Big Mek in the Ork Codex, however, since there aren’t any official models, they’ll likely scrap it’s rules. I’ll be sad if that is the case. But maybe GW will release one along with the new Cult of Speed range in October!

Anyways, I’m gonna head back to working on this chap for the next couple of days.


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Big Mek in Mega armour (Bad Moons top Mek boy)

This model was converted using a spare old model from Warmachine and plethora of spare bitz, mostly from the Orks range. Since I would’ve had to spend a lot of money just to get the official Big Mek from GW, I decided to try and kit bash anything I could find that would look ‘big’.

Whilst I won’t be able to play this big chap at any GW stores, I can at least be proud that I used my imagination to create my own Mek.

My ever growing horse of Orks is gaining a lot of attention now with forty Gretchins, four Ork Commandos and a Big Mek on a Warbike to paint, I’ve still got plenty to do with 40k stuff.

Lately I’ve been feeling off-put from typing blog posts this month, not because I don’t like blogging anymore, but I just feel uninspired to do much. I think it’s down to two things 1) the whole AoS series I’m currently working on that’s making me less enthusiastic, from doing the same thing over and over, especially the SE models. 2) I need to take more breaks off painting, as I’m burning myself out with the amount of stuff I’m doing atm. I’ve got quite a few models ready for photography, but I don’t want to use up all of my photography backlog.

I don’t dislike SE, I think their amazing currently with the Sacrosanct Chamber released, however, the models get boring to paint for long period of time as they look nearly identical. The Nifhthaunt on the other hand were so much more appealing to paint, since every unit looks slightly different in design and form.

So I’m taking a break from painting AoS stuff whilst I get back into painting more Orks. With the announcement that Orktober will be a thing, I’m trying to paint as many Orks as I can to be ready for the Codex release.

So expect to see some more greenskins from me for the next couple of *weeks! 🙂

*- Also I’ll be featuring other stuff including a stand-alone Bloodbowl post, some Nighthaunt models and more!


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