There’s more orks…….the really fast dakka ones…….

Having achieved the impossible by making my own Gorkanought, I thought I’d do one more Ork related model before I wrap up the project (for now). Today is a really fast looted car that has been lovingly bolted and upgraded to Ork engineering standards.

I’m not sure what I’m substituting just yet, but judging by its load-out of ranges weaponry, it’s pretty much a Guardmans worst fear.

Using a Tamiya model kit of the Simca 5, I’ve built the model as instructed but with added bitz and Orks. Mad Max Fury Road was one of the biggest inspirations for building this kitbash.
Take your Grot to work day. This ones having the time of his life, just see his extremely joyful body language as he’s waving his arms about. Unbeknownst to him, he’s going to be decimated by an oncoming Baneblade!

I’ll be back with an update on the painted outcome of this model.

Until next time,


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