Bad Moons Tribe project showcase

Now that I have all the Greenskins at my disposal to wreck havoc on the Imperium (especially the Imperial Fists), I can show a definitive blog post showcase of all things Greenskin.

The Bad Moons Tribe project is a patrol detachment army that covers all the slots, a small but brutal party of war hungry rich Orks. My challenge for this project was to paint yellow armour, as yellow was difficult for me at the time. I also wanted to collect a Xenos army, as I didn’t have army at the time that was Xenos.

The project has remained the same for the past two years, although a few alterations have been made like my original Warboss now acting as a Big Mek. But the goal was still unchanged.


Big Mek and Big Mek in Mega-armour
Big Mek on Warbike
Warboss in Mega-armour
Weirdnob Shaman
Fast Attack units
Heavy Support units
Elite units
Troop units
Troop units

If the ‘new’ Ghazgul model looks amazing and worth the price tag, I’ll add him to my collection as a treat and paint him yellow. Yellow Orks are da best so suck on that you grumpy Goffs!

I’m not interested in adding anything else to the project as I feel happy with what I’ve got. I have a few Ork models spare but not worth adding as it’s small model count.

That’s all I have to show for this project showcase post, a small but fun army of rich entitled Greenskins gambling on their teeth, well, on the teeth they can accumulate from the horde. Now, how’s about a diorama photo post of Orks vs Crimson Fists?

Until next time,


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