Bad Moons Tribe pizza delivery car (flamer included)

Loot it, deliver it, Mek it, fix it, alter it, weld it, fixing the stabilising heat gastronomic compulsion electro power it and paint it yellow. Now let’s get crazy!!!! Took me nearly a whole afternoon painting this kitbashed creation, it was a really fun model to paint with so much room for details and tribalContinue reading “Bad Moons Tribe pizza delivery car (flamer included)”

There’s more orks…….the really fast dakka ones…….

Having achieved the impossible by making my own Gorkanought, I thought I’d do one more Ork related model before I wrap up the project (for now). Today is a really fast looted car that has been lovingly bolted and upgraded to Ork engineering standards. I’m not sure what I’m substituting just yet, but judging byContinue reading “There’s more orks…….the really fast dakka ones…….”

The Gorkanought is ready!

I’ve shown this thing off a few times already, so most of you will have already been familiar with what I’ve been doing with this project. But, I can now finally show off my completed Gorkanought in all its Bad Moons glory. Enjoy! From spare plastic card and bitz, to constructing this hunk of junkContinue reading “The Gorkanought is ready!”