War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campaign- The Whitebark Clan

Today I present the second of the two faction that will be part of the campaign, starting with the Whitebark Clan, who are known to many as a strong and ever resilient group of Sylvaneth. Enjoy! The beginnings of the Whitebark Clan The Whitebark Clan are seedlings of the Ironbark Clan, inheriting all traits ofContinue reading “War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campaign- The Whitebark Clan”

Stormcast, marines and the Word Bearers!

Just a quick little post of pictures that I thought might be cool to show ­čÖé.  So for starters, here is my first Stormcast Eternal Liberator that I got from the starter magazine.   Hailing from the Hallowed Knights brotherhood, this model will be part of my future plans for my last faction for theContinue reading “Stormcast, marines and the Word Bearers!”

War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campagin- Clan Skelnix 

Today I present the first part of the two faction backstorys, who will be part of the campagin in the realm of Ghyran. This time, we delve deep into the paranoid, egotistical and cowardly nature of a particular Skaven Clan know as Clan Skelnix. Enjoy! The origins of Clan Skelnix To know the origins ofContinue reading “War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campagin- Clan Skelnix┬á“

War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campaign- setting up the campagin

Today is a start of a new blog series that will follow me and my friend, Chris, on our  AoS battles, using the Path to Glory rules. The campaign is set in the forests of Ghyran, during the time when Alarielle has nearly lost her once bountiful land to the foul infestation of Nurgles corruption.Continue reading “War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campaign- setting up the campagin”

Crypt Ghast courtier and work in progress graveyard

This weekend I’ve been busy painting my ongoing process painting a graveyard for AoS scenery, and painting my first Crypt Ghast courtier for my Flesh-eater courts. Whilst the scenery is not entirely finished as a whole, I’ve decided to post what I’ve done so far from the kit. Currently I need to start painting aContinue reading “Crypt Ghast courtier and work in progress graveyard”

The Exiled Seekers (part 1)

A bit of a change around for my Aelfs in terms of what they’ll be in theme and backstory wise. This will be a new blog series that’ll replace ‘The Dovaskar Legacey’ as that gotten nowhere for me :(. But after a long think about what I should do instead, I’ve decided to mainly focusContinue reading “The Exiled Seekers (part 1)”

One journey ends, another begins

This month marks my seventh year in collecting and playing miniature wargaming, which seems not that long ago since I first started playing at GW. For seven years I’ve been building and playing games from warhammer 7th-8th edition/ AoS to warhammer 40k, which I’ve been invested into without boredom. This also marks a surprisingly interestingContinue reading “One journey ends, another begins”

Gorthoblox, Greater Daemon of Nurgle

After so many days of tireless dedication and motivation to push my painting skills to the limit, I’ve finally completed my big centre piece model! As many of you might of noticed, the model itself is from the Maggoth Lord kit but altered to have no rider. This is because I wanted the model toContinue reading “Gorthoblox, Greater Daemon of Nurgle”