War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campaign- The Whitebark Clan

Today I present the second of the two faction that will be part of the campaign, starting with the Whitebark Clan, who are known to many as a strong and ever resilient group of Sylvaneth. Enjoy!

The beginnings of the Whitebark Clan

The Whitebark Clan are seedlings of the Ironbark Clan, inheriting all traits of tenacity and resilience. Named Whitebark for their steely white bark and constantly being pure of mind, no matter the situation. Created at the beginning of the Age of Chaos, their purpose was to help defend their forbearer’s Glade within the realm of Chamon against the coming onslaught of chaos. During this time, they fought the forces of Tzeentch, holding them at bay thanks to their steely bodies and wills of iron. Although they were not alone, they became staunch allies with the Duardin, as their forbearer’s were and still are to this day.

As the never ending Chaos onslaught continued and the realms were falling, Sylvaneth from all the realms were retreating to Ghyran to help defend their homeland against the forces of Nurgle. Due to the sheer desperation of the homeland falling, the Archduke of the Ironbark Clan ordered the Whitebark Clan to retreat to Ghyran to help defend their homeland. The numerous battles against the forces of Nurgle reaped high tolls on both sides as they were resilient to the unatural diseases of Nurgle, though this would not be enough. The forces of Nurgle had claimed and corrupted much of Ghyran forcing the Whitebarks along with the rest of the Sylvaneth to retreat to the hidden enclaves of Athelwyrd, now waiting on the grieving Alarielle for the next move.

With the entire realm except Athelwyrd now under Nurgle’s control, Alarielle became more bitter by the day. Blinded by her anguish, she did nought but brood admits the echoes of glories past. Though little did she know that an old friend had sent help hoping to renew an alliance against Chaos, Sigmar and his Stormcast Eternals. Though they had inadvertently led the forces of Nurgle straight to Athelwyrd, causing distrust towards the Stormcast intentions. The Sylvaneth and Stormcasts fought hard to protect Alarielle, but all was lost! Though crushing doubt and misery Alarielle transformed into a soulpod, forcing the Sylvaneth and Stormcasts to retreat to protect her. The Whitebarks could not stand that such vile fate had taken Ghyran and their mother, thus the Whitebarks left the care of Alarielle to the lady of the vines while they vowed to delay the forces of Nurgle wherever they could. Although this was seen as a suicidal task, they would not stand alone. They had loyal allies who would hold the line with them in these dark times, they Duardin…

Forces of the Whitebark Clan (During the war of Ghyran campaign)

  • Treeman Anceint; Duke Cuirithir– First seedling and appointed Lord of the Whitebark Clan by Archduke of the Ironbark Clan. Known as the ‘Gnarled warrior’ Duke Cuirithir ignores blows that may cleave that of a weaker being thanks to his relentless will. This is also aided by his ‘Briarsheath’ which almost makes his body as unfathomable as his mind, making blows hard to hit. He is also adept at spell caster, known for his power of ‘Regrowth’. He leads his Clan with unwavering tenacity and loyalty against those that know none. From a cowardly and dishonourable Skaven to the Vile and barbaric Chaos forces, he will not falter!
  • Dryads- Dames of the Iron Tear– Battle maidens of the Clan, the Dames of the Iron Tear serve as the Duke’s personal guard and protectors of the land. From defending their Lord in battle to tending to the trees in the Glade, they serve with love and loyalty like no other.

The Whitebark Household

  • Treeman; Guardian Alduinian– Appointed Guardian of the Whitebark Clan and Household, Alduinian is the epitome of the Whitebarks traits and ideals, always in the front lines acting as the bastion against any foe. Although he has the next highest ranking Whitebark under Lord of the Clan, he leaves the commanding of the household in more than capable hands of Matriarch Whiltlerna. Seeing himself more as an advisor, but more importantly a wall against a sea of savagery. 
  • Treeman Revenants; knights of the Iron Scale– Protectors of an ancient time, the Knights of the Iron Scale are said to have been those of a proud and stubborn lineage. Haughty in nature they see themselves as the perfect Knights and undeniably the best. While others see this as arrogance, there is no doubt of their abilities. In the midst of battle they are a sight to behold, fighting as if it were child’s play. While these traits may precive them as selfish, there is no question that they would gladly give their lives to protect their allies.

That’s all for the Whitebark Clan factions backstory and key characters that shape the factions identity and ideals. I would very much like to thank my friend, Chris for contributing notes that were all used on the post, with his factions backstory and all of the characters lore within the faction.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

Stormcast, marines and the Word Bearers!

Stormcast, marines and the Word Bearers!

Just a quick little post of pictures that I thought might be cool to show 🙂. 

So for starters, here is my first Stormcast Eternal Liberator that I got from the starter magazine.  

Hailing from the Hallowed Knights brotherhood, this model will be part of my future plans for my last faction for the Order Alliegence. But as my regular readers will know, I’ve got too many projects to do currently. So for now, I’m keeping myself away from starting a small Stormcast Eternal collection. 

Next we have a librarian in Terminator armour, and a tactical Space marine of the Brazen Claws chapter.

Before Age of Sigmar came, I’ve been building up a small collection of Space marines that I’ve based on the successor chapter. Sadly the project and motivation was stopped when AoS came out, and brought me back into fantasy. But one day I hope to return to the 41st millennium and finish my collection.

Finally, we have the Word Bearers! Now these guys are my favourite models from my 40k collection, inspired by the HH novel, The first Heretic by Aaron Dembski Bowden. 

I liked how the First Heretic explored the roots of the Word Bearers, and how they were set on the path to dammnation. I’ve kept the crimson red as close to the colour tones as their artistic depiction, rather than confusing them as fallen Blood Angels. 

Speaking of Blood Angels, notice the faded symbol of the chapters icon on the Dreadknoughts coffin casket? I wanted to add some mystery as to wether this was once a loyal Angel that went traitor from his uncontrollable Black Rage, or a scavenged Dreadknought that’s been rebuilt as a Helbrute.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campagin- Clan Skelnix 

War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campagin- Clan Skelnix 

Today I present the first part of the two faction backstorys, who will be part of the campagin in the realm of Ghyran. This time, we delve deep into the paranoid, egotistical and cowardly nature of a particular Skaven Clan know as Clan Skelnix. Enjoy!

The origins of Clan Skelnix

To know the origins of Clan Skelnix, one must look not to the beginning, but rather from the end. The Skelnix Clan was led by a cunning and ancient Verminlord Corrupter known as Sektretch, a devoted demigod who follows the path of pestilens. He remembers the final days during World-that-was, for he and thirteen Verminlords of a forgotten Clan were at the chaotic fields of war, as Archaon was within reach of the End Times. Instead of helping his demigod kin when everything fell to darkness, he betrayed them by ambushing them against thirteen Veminlord Corrupters in a deep hollow canyon. What his Clan kin and allied ambushers didn’t know, was that he cunningly led them all into a bigger trap in form of a ritual circle. As Clan against Clan fought against each other, Sektretch enacted one of the thirteen words of the Horned Rat to spread a vile smog of poisonous red gas on the Verminlords, as they choked to death in agony. This was rumoured to be one of the Thirteen Great Plagues, but this is still disputed as a trick by the Verminlord Corrupter to scare enemy Clans who would trespass his land.  As the dust settles, Sektretch collected the bodies of his kin, and enacted a ritual to create a gateway to saftey away from the dying world. However, pleased by the cowardly and deceptive skills of the demigod, the Great Horned Rat disrupted the Verminlord’s escape, appeareing as a spectral smoke of darkness in form of a daemon horned rat, and grabbed Sektretch into the smoke of dark oblivion, never to be seen again. 

In truth however, Sektretch would still live on, preserved by his vile God, he was sent through the deep darkness for what seemed like an eternity, until he was thrown into one of the Mortal realms, the realm of Ghurr. When he arrived in the realm, he found a mixed Clan of sub Skaven factions who were battling a civil war for dominance. Sektretch having arrived at an optitunity to start his grand plans, appeared to his new servents as a towering demigod, and ordered them to stand down. The Skaven saw this demigod with fear in their eyes, bowing feverishly before the Corrupter incarnation of the Horned Rat. As the Clan now followed the leadership of the Verminlord Corrupter, they burrowed deep into the ground to create a under hive, building a city of accursed cathedrals to devote to the Horned Rat by ringing the bells thirteen times to their God, and making breeding grounds for the Clan to grow in size. The Clan had been keeping to themselves in their hive for many years during the Age of Myth, building their time for the day to strike at the land dwellers. Then, the Age of Chaos came to the mortal realms…..

During this time of great disparity, Clan Skelnix came out of the shadows in a sea of teeming horde of rats. Civilisations that were once on Ghur’s eastern isle lands of Gar-Drake were wiped out with no mercy. Soon, the isle became new under-hives for the Clan to grow and colonise for expansion. Soon the Clan became infamous throughout the main land of Gar-Drake, for their supplies of food and trade ships were bombarded by Skaven fleets, meeting a grisly fate by the hands of Warlord Scarus, the right Claw. Years later, the main land would suffer from their lack of supply’s, making them an easy picking for Clan Skelnix to swarm and devour. However, just as the Age of Sigmar was about to start, Sektretch was informed by the Great Horned Rat to go to Ghyran to join Clan Pestilens to war. The Verminlord had no means of getting to Ghyran unless he had enough sacrifices to create a big enough wormhole to get the Skaven horde there. So he made an unstable small wormhole to send his second in command of the Verminous fleet, Warlord Scarus, the right Claw. Leading a small warband into the realm to establish a base of operations, for which they can build a gateway for Sektretch and the Skaven horde to travel through. If they are successful, the Clan can make their push to join Clan Pestilens to claim the realm of life to the Great Horned Rat.

The forces of Clan Skelnix (During the War of Ghyran)

  • Warlord Scarus, the right Claw- A deceitful schemer within the Verminous branch of Clan Skelnix, Scarus had made a name for himself as a fleet master of the Clan. Having been chosen as the right Claw, which means that he is on the top rank to order the verminous branch as he pleases. He uses his close combat skills to deal striking blows to the foe, and to scurry away afterwards from returning blows. This has proved to work as he still lives another day, making him a deadly advisary should one dare challenge him in a duel.
  •  Arch-Warlock; Letrix– Maddend by his complex mind for building his strange machine gear, Letrix is known to be a wild lunatic when he uses his contraptions in battle. Raised to learn the craft of Skryre engineering, he quickly became adept in crafting his skills as a warlock engineer. After the demise of Arch- Warlock Sarstrix, Letrix took on the mantle of Arch-Warlock donning himself in the Clans power armoured steam suit. Whenever he finds an enemy worth his time, he’ll use his favoured spell, ‘Warpstorm’ to annihilate them with a malice glare of madness. 
  • Gutter Runners; The Thirteenth shadows– These mysterious assassins are known to show no mercy in any form when contracted to take down key targets, even if it’s their own kin. Formed to take out enemy wizards and generals that are causing too much unwanted trouble, the Gutter Runners hide in the shadows until their target is within range to take down. A vital component in the warband’s success to win their battles, the Thirteenth Shadows provid a means to deal real damage to the enemy within the shadows.
  • Stormvermin; The Skrretch Guards– The guards are formed as the back bone of Scarus’s warband, providing much needed close combat skills,  and troop power to push the Screaming Bell into battle. They have been know to cause swift damage to the enemy by their skills in using their Halberd, depleting their foes in numbers before they can even return their attacks.
  • Giant Rats– The Giant Rats are used purely as a distraction units, to keep the enemy slow in the advance in battle. They are weak, but they still provided a much needed use when Scarus needs time to change formation and tactics.
  • Grey Seer; Scretch– A wise advisor to Scarus when he needs his advisors guidance, Scretch is an essential part of Scarus’s warband (even if he manipulates the warlords choices to better his ego). Born as a grey fur Ratling, he was raised to learn the secrets of the Grey seer’s dark magic. He became a great seer during his time with the Masterclan branch, scheming his way to the top as the rest fall below him. He was gifted the horrendous Screaming Bell after he recovered an ancient bell of the Horned Rat in a Duardin cave that’s been guarded by the Fyreslayers. He now rides on a Screaming Bell that tolls constantly, a behemoth that towers even the might of Scarus. Could this be a sign of who’s really in charge?

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campaign- setting up the campagin

Today is a start of a new blog series that will follow me and my friend, Chris, on our  AoS battles, using the Path to Glory rules. The campaign is set in the forests of Ghyran, during the time when Alarielle has nearly lost her once bountiful land to the foul infestation of Nurgles corruption. The armies that’ll be featured are my allied Skaven force, Clan Skelnix, and my friends Sylvaneth army, The Whitebark Clan. Below is a brief story of how the campagin started for both factions.

During the war of Ghyran, Grandfarther Nurgle had nearly reshaped the realm of life into a massive garden of disease and decay. The Sylvaneth tried all their might to repell the Daemon hordes of Nurgle, but weak they are to stop the inevitable. 

However, few still stand to defend their forests from decay, one such group are The Whitebark Clan. The clan is a seedling of the Ironbark clan, who are known to have tenacity and resilience in times of strife. They stand to defend their homes with iron courage, and fierce rage against any invaders. Led by Treeman Ancient Duke Cuirithir, a wise and tough Treeman who has fought beside his tree folk and Duardin Allies for many years.

But, as they scouted the woodland glades for any signs of enemy forces, they encountered a teeming warband of Skaven. These Skaven are from the Clan Skelnix, a cunning and cowardly clan who have no empathy for anyone or anything else, but for their own egos. They have come to Ghyran by a small wormhole lead by Scarus the right claw, to make a new breeding home, and create a bigger wormhole to reinforce their scout warband.

The Whitebark Clan are ready to defend their outpost and make a full on surprise attack on Clan Skelnix, but are they too late to stop Scarus the right claw from building a wormhole gate?

We started off by choosing our champions for our warbands, and rolled a D6 for followers chart. Below is a list of the warbands champions and followers in their respective faction:
The Whitebark Clan (Sylvaneth)

  • 1x Treeman Ancient: Duke Cuirithir (Champion)
  • 5x Dryads (Followers)
  • 5x Dryads (Followers)
  • 5x Tree Revenants: knights of the Iron Scale (Followers)
  • 1x Treeman: Guardian Alduinian (Hero)

Clan Skelnix (Allied Skaven)

  • 1x Warlord: Scarus, the right claw of Clan Skelnix (Champion)
  • 10x Stormvermin: The Skrretch guard (Followers)
  • 3x Gutter runners: The 13th Shadow hunters (Followers)
  • 6x Giant rats (Followers)
  • 6x Giant rats (Followers)
  • 1x Arch-Warlock: Letrix the mad (Hero)
  • 1x Screaming bell: Scretch, the seer of the 13th (Warmachine)

Now that the warbands are ready, we planned the battles scenario based on battleplans to make each battle varied and unique, during each of the last games result. For each battle, I’ll be posting a narrative story post, based on the events of that game from our Path to Glory campagin.

The next posts in the series will be our Warbands backstorys, detailing our factions past and notable characters in the warband. 

[Note: I want to thank my friend, Chris for contributing his Warband, The Whitebark Clan, character names and backstory for the blog series].

Changes to my blog site!

This is a short post about what the changes are to my blog site, and what I’ll be posting on my blog. So if you’ve noticed on my blog page, I’ve made a static page which addresses what my blog post is about, with a list of subject sections that will be featured on my blog.

Below is a list of subjects that I’ll be focusing on for my blog site:

  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar model collecting journey.
  • Art projects.
  • Random pondering.
  • Book reviews.

If you have any questions, post a comment below, and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you! ☺️

Crypt Ghast courtier and work in progress graveyard

Crypt Ghast courtier and work in progress graveyard

This weekend I’ve been busy painting my ongoing process painting a graveyard for AoS scenery, and painting my first Crypt Ghast courtier for my Flesh-eater courts. Whilst the scenery is not entirely finished as a whole, I’ve decided to post what I’ve done so far from the kit.

Currently I need to start painting a few fences, and stone walls that surround the graveyard. For my ghouls, I’ve got a second Crypt Ghast Coutier and eight Crypt Ghouls to paint (the Crypt Ghouls will be reserved as extras for ability boosting Crypt Ghoul units)

Crypt Ghast Coutier


2nd Crypt Ghast Courtier and extra Crypt Ghouls

That’s all I have for this post, however I will be making a new post later on today which will adress some changes that I’ll be doing for my blog site. 

Until then, I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you! 🙂

The Exiled Seekers (part 1)

A bit of a change around for my Aelfs in terms of what they’ll be in theme and backstory wise. This will be a new blog series that’ll replace ‘The Dovaskar Legacey’ as that gotten nowhere for me :(. But after a long think about what I should do instead, I’ve decided to mainly focus on my Aelfs as their own entity. There won’t be any lore behind the models for the narrative, but instead I’ll hint some clues as to what will be next (just to see if anyone can guess it right). 

I had these on the waiting list for some time now, so I’ve finally decided to post this as my first re-introduction to my Aelf army. As you’ll notice, my Dreadlord (right) is on a newly decorated base (25mm) to fit in with the rest of the army. 

My sorcerer (middel) will mainly be leading my Darkling covern to war with her arcane skills (and sacrificing weak solider’s from the infantry to boost her powers). She’ll be the army’s more notable presence on the front line, staying within a unit of twenty dreadspears.

Finally on the left is a Tenebrael shard, made by using wytch leader from a dark Eldar kit. Originally this model was supposed to be leader of the shades unit, but sadly the shades aren’t really cannon in the new setting (however, they can still be playable, so it’s not all that bad 🙂 ).

Finally, here’s a clue at what’s to come on the next part of this series, I’ll make it an easy one as it’s the first one. Good luck!

It strike’s like the sharpest metal of pure malice, shredding foes from its path. Only two are needed to control it, using their knowledge to make the most out of its terrible power.

One journey ends, another begins

This month marks my seventh year in collecting and playing miniature wargaming, which seems not that long ago since I first started playing at GW. For seven years I’ve been building and playing games from warhammer 7th-8th edition/ AoS to warhammer 40k, which I’ve been invested into without boredom.

This also marks a surprisingly interesting year for me, as I’ve played my first game of AoS with a friend. We basically played pitched battles for our first few games, which was really fun and really engaging (but not so much fun when a Verminlord corrupter gets swarmed by ten ghouls on three wounds……). Whilst I did lose a few battles, I did however feel that AoS was a lot more easier and fun to play compared to playing 8th edition, in my opinion.

Currently me and my friend are playing path to glory, I’m using the Skaven alligence, whilst my opponent is using the sylvaneth. There was a lot more twists and turns in the campaign, especially when our second match had two wizard survivors, an Arch-warlock and an Ancient treelord fighting with spells at each other in an epic duel of arcane might!

To mark this seven year journey, I’ve decided that I want to finish my collection on my Skaven! Yes that’s right, I’m finishing off my Skaven alligence factions. You might be wondering why would I stop collecting a faction as a mark of my seventh year of being in the hobby? Well, I’m kind of satisfied with what I’ve got from my collection that I’ve built up for around six years now. Whilst there might be new Skaven models out in the near future which I’ll still be interested in adding to my collection, for now though I feel that I want to use my Skaven more for games as a complete army.

However, I’ve decided to start a fresh new army to collect for the Death alliance, the Flesh-eater courts! I’ve got my copy of the battle tome (which is absolutely amazing for the wealth of lore and art work that was in the battletome), plus I’ve brought my own note book to write all of my main characters names and their army’s lore (in a fancy GoT Baratheon cover).

So what’s next? Well I’ll still be posting my Skaven models that are in production line for painting, hopefully I’ll get my 80 clan rats done soon (or soon-ish?).
As a current ongoing blog series post, I’ll be writing a narrative story based on the games that me and my friend have played using Skaven and sylvaneth. I’ve been tasked with writing the post story narrative and art for the blog post after each 2-3 games that we play. Expect some more info in the near future!

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can, thank you. 🙂

Gorthoblox, Greater Daemon of Nurgle

Gorthoblox, Greater Daemon of Nurgle

After so many days of tireless dedication and motivation to push my painting skills to the limit, I’ve finally completed my big centre piece model! As many of you might of noticed, the model itself is from the Maggoth Lord kit but altered to have no rider. This is because I wanted the model to be my Greater Daemon of Nurgle, the size and design was fitting enough to be a grand centre piece for my combined Nurgle army.

Whilst there wasn’t any major changes to the models appearance, I did however alter the saddled seat to be a saddled sphere orb instead. I used a medium sized decorative bead and a spare plastic symbol from the maggoth kit, and superglued it on the saddle seat. In terms of what the orbs use will be, it’ll act as a selected magical item that I’ll choose for AoS games.

Below are some different angle pictures that I’ve done, to show some of the areas I’ve painted for the model.

For the colour scheme, the model was based on some video and picture guides on painting the maggoth Lord kit. I wanted to have the same concept of blending light to darker skin tones, which was something that I’ve never tried to do before.

The colour palette I used for painting the skin was inspired by some concept art of flys ( it’s weird I know, but Nurgle is know for his love of sending thousands of flys to spread his plagues, so it’s related to the paint project) and how some artists use both light and dark to make them look realistic in prospective. The palette consists of cold colours for the skin, and a few warm colours to use on areas that I wanted to define (for example, the spikes on the back and spots on the body). Basing my model on blending and drybrushing, I decided to use cream colours as the inner skin tone, and darker greys as the back skin tone.

As you can see below, the overal look of the model is fascinating to look at. By using reference pictures of different artists concepts as a guideline to practise on new techniques, can help to build a plan of what you want use to develop and evolve for your skills. 

Whilst I will say that the task was not as easy as I thought it might be, I did however try to push my skills to the limit to achive my goal at doing something that’s not in my usual painting routine.

Finally, I finished my second beast of Nurgle to add to my unit as a unit of two beasts. I used the same techniques as the first one, with a few tweaks and new techniques to the models appearance.

I hope this has inspired you to try out something new for painting your own models for your collection. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can, thank you 🙂.