Today I present the second of the two faction that will be part of the campaign, starting with the Whitebark Clan, who are known to many as a strong and ever resilient group of Sylvaneth. Enjoy!

The beginnings of the Whitebark Clan

The Whitebark Clan are seedlings of the Ironbark Clan, inheriting all traits of tenacity and resilience. Named Whitebark for their steely white bark and constantly being pure of mind, no matter the situation. Created at the beginning of the Age of Chaos, their purpose was to help defend their forbearer’s Glade within the realm of Chamon against the coming onslaught of chaos. During this time, they fought the forces of Tzeentch, holding them at bay thanks to their steely bodies and wills of iron. Although they were not alone, they became staunch allies with the Duardin, as their forbearer’s were and still are to this day.

As the never ending Chaos onslaught continued and the realms were falling, Sylvaneth from all the realms were retreating to Ghyran to help defend their homeland against the forces of Nurgle. Due to the sheer desperation of the homeland falling, the Archduke of the Ironbark Clan ordered the Whitebark Clan to retreat to Ghyran to help defend their homeland. The numerous battles against the forces of Nurgle reaped high tolls on both sides as they were resilient to the unatural diseases of Nurgle, though this would not be enough. The forces of Nurgle had claimed and corrupted much of Ghyran forcing the Whitebarks along with the rest of the Sylvaneth to retreat to the hidden enclaves of Athelwyrd, now waiting on the grieving Alarielle for the next move.

With the entire realm except Athelwyrd now under Nurgle’s control, Alarielle became more bitter by the day. Blinded by her anguish, she did nought but brood admits the echoes of glories past. Though little did she know that an old friend had sent help hoping to renew an alliance against Chaos, Sigmar and his Stormcast Eternals. Though they had inadvertently led the forces of Nurgle straight to Athelwyrd, causing distrust towards the Stormcast intentions. The Sylvaneth and Stormcasts fought hard to protect Alarielle, but all was lost! Though crushing doubt and misery Alarielle transformed into a soulpod, forcing the Sylvaneth and Stormcasts to retreat to protect her. The Whitebarks could not stand that such vile fate had taken Ghyran and their mother, thus the Whitebarks left the care of Alarielle to the lady of the vines while they vowed to delay the forces of Nurgle wherever they could. Although this was seen as a suicidal task, they would not stand alone. They had loyal allies who would hold the line with them in these dark times, they Duardin…

Forces of the Whitebark Clan (During the war of Ghyran campaign)

  • Treeman Anceint; Duke Cuirithir– First seedling and appointed Lord of the Whitebark Clan by Archduke of the Ironbark Clan. Known as the ‘Gnarled warrior’ Duke Cuirithir ignores blows that may cleave that of a weaker being thanks to his relentless will. This is also aided by his ‘Briarsheath’ which almost makes his body as unfathomable as his mind, making blows hard to hit. He is also adept at spell caster, known for his power of ‘Regrowth’. He leads his Clan with unwavering tenacity and loyalty against those that know none. From a cowardly and dishonourable Skaven to the Vile and barbaric Chaos forces, he will not falter!
  • Dryads- Dames of the Iron Tear– Battle maidens of the Clan, the Dames of the Iron Tear serve as the Duke’s personal guard and protectors of the land. From defending their Lord in battle to tending to the trees in the Glade, they serve with love and loyalty like no other.

The Whitebark Household

  • Treeman; Guardian Alduinian– Appointed Guardian of the Whitebark Clan and Household, Alduinian is the epitome of the Whitebarks traits and ideals, always in the front lines acting as the bastion against any foe. Although he has the next highest ranking Whitebark under Lord of the Clan, he leaves the commanding of the household in more than capable hands of Matriarch Whiltlerna. Seeing himself more as an advisor, but more importantly a wall against a sea of savagery. 
  • Treeman Revenants; knights of the Iron Scale– Protectors of an ancient time, the Knights of the Iron Scale are said to have been those of a proud and stubborn lineage. Haughty in nature they see themselves as the perfect Knights and undeniably the best. While others see this as arrogance, there is no doubt of their abilities. In the midst of battle they are a sight to behold, fighting as if it were child’s play. While these traits may precive them as selfish, there is no question that they would gladly give their lives to protect their allies.

That’s all for the Whitebark Clan factions backstory and key characters that shape the factions identity and ideals. I would very much like to thank my friend, Chris for contributing notes that were all used on the post, with his factions backstory and all of the characters lore within the faction.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!


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