The Exiled Seekers (part 1)

A bit of a change around for my Aelfs in terms of what they’ll be in theme and backstory wise. This will be a new blog series that’ll replace ‘The Dovaskar Legacey’ as that gotten nowhere for me :(. But after a long think about what I should do instead, I’ve decided to mainly focus on my Aelfs as their own entity. There won’t be any lore behind the models for the narrative, but instead I’ll hint some clues as to what will be next (just to see if anyone can guess it right). 

I had these on the waiting list for some time now, so I’ve finally decided to post this as my first re-introduction to my Aelf army. As you’ll notice, my Dreadlord (right) is on a newly decorated base (25mm) to fit in with the rest of the army. 

My sorcerer (middel) will mainly be leading my Darkling covern to war with her arcane skills (and sacrificing weak solider’s from the infantry to boost her powers). She’ll be the army’s more notable presence on the front line, staying within a unit of twenty dreadspears.

Finally on the left is a Tenebrael shard, made by using wytch leader from a dark Eldar kit. Originally this model was supposed to be leader of the shades unit, but sadly the shades aren’t really cannon in the new setting (however, they can still be playable, so it’s not all that bad 🙂 ).

Finally, here’s a clue at what’s to come on the next part of this series, I’ll make it an easy one as it’s the first one. Good luck!

It strike’s like the sharpest metal of pure malice, shredding foes from its path. Only two are needed to control it, using their knowledge to make the most out of its terrible power.


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