Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 7

Welcome all to my ongoing blog post series for my 8th edition army collection. Today, I’ll be showing some photos on my progression on my bike squad and Land Raider Crusader. So sit back, have a cup of tea or coffee and pray to the Emperor! I hope you enjoy this post! This post seriesContinue reading “Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 7”

First day painting at my local GW

(Before I talk about my thoughts on my first day painting at my local GW, I would like to update you guys on yesterday’s post. After re-editing existing posts that were affected (see previous post if you haven’t yet), I can now officially say that everything is back to the usual progress.)  Today I’ve attendedContinue reading “First day painting at my local GW”

Inquisitor warband, Silence of the Shroud (Ordo Hereticus) part 4

Welcome back to part four of the ‘Silence of the Shroud’ warband collection. Today we take a look at one of the warbands oldest member, a rusting relic of a forgotten age in Astarte history. A lone Thousand Son who bears the burden of atoning for his legions sins, Malhett must carry his legions sins to the grave.

Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard army

Today I thought I might try something different from the my usual content, and show you guys my upcoming project that I’ll be starting after I’ve done my Black Templars force. It’s early stages for planning this army, as there’s a lot of decision making for how I’m going to build this army. So far,Continue reading “Chaos Space Marines: Death Guard army”

Where’s last weekends content?

Hi guys, I just wanted to post a short post to explain why there wasn’t any content last weekend. Anyone living in the UK will know that the weather has been terribly hotter than usual, our grey sky’s were banished by the suns light.  Whilst many would be glad that the weather is finally warmContinue reading “Where’s last weekends content?”

[kitbashed] Landskimmer, prototype MKII

It’s finally time to see what that sneak peak photo looks like in full, trust me, you’ll be amazed at what this contraption looks like…… Drum roll…… The latest (old) technology in vehicle design, the Landskimmer provides not only a fast rocket propelled boosts (taken from a Stormhawk gunship) but it also incorparates two closeContinue reading “[kitbashed] Landskimmer, prototype MKII”

Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone Court [14/6/17]

The hungry and deluded Ghouls are back to feast on the unlucky mortals who cross their path. Leading the hunting party is none other than Elder Hag Hexter, Queen of the Liverbone Court.