AoS faction collection: Axes of Skarbrand, Blood warriors

In the realm of Aqshy, in the lands of a fallen dynasty, a bastion on the outskirts of the dynasty stands as a corrupted vigilante mockery of it’s past purity. At the top of the Gorespite bastion, a heavily armoured warrior in black trim and red plating is watching the landscape ahead of him asContinue reading “AoS faction collection: Axes of Skarbrand, Blood warriors”

Photography work- Alfred, Lord Tennyson statue 

As part of my development work for painting using oil and acrylic on canvas, I’ll be using photographs I took today to help me improve on my accuracy for painting secondary source. I’ve chosen to paint the Lord Tennyson statue because of its historical place in Lincoln, as the statue represents the famous poet andContinue reading “Photography work- Alfred, Lord Tennyson statue “

Grey-mane dynasty lore series: Silver Throne

Once a place of serenity on the highest mountain point in the dynasty, seeing the clear night skies of the gleaming constellations. Burning bright in the cold night sky, the stars are themselves alive like sparks.  This mountain is known to many historians and philosophers as Silver Throne. A mountain that shines silver in theContinue reading “Grey-mane dynasty lore series: Silver Throne”

On the hobby table: Objective markers

Hello, and welcome back to ‘On the hobby able’. Today, I’ll be showing you three markers I’ve made for my AoS Skirmish campaigns, ranging from a priceless treasure chest, to a decaying Crypt Horror that’s been buried (or clawing out) in the damp soil. These markers can also be used for different battle plans thatContinue reading “On the hobby table: Objective markers”

AoS faction collection: Lords of the Pisces, Retributors 

Having charged into the thick of battle, the Lords of the Pisces have started their bloody crusade to take back their inherited lands. Their enemies, taken aback by these demigod warriors of midnight dark blue, flee as they’re crushed by the boots of sigmarite.However, as the weaklings flee and die in their wretched forms, theContinue reading “AoS faction collection: Lords of the Pisces, Retributors “

The Grey-mane Dynasty Lore series guide post

Welcome to The Grey-mane Dynasty lore series, a fan made collection of stories in the setting of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The individual and multipart stories have links to the rise and fall of a once proud and united dynasty, and how it affects those who have survived in the aftermath.  Each story tells aContinue reading “The Grey-mane Dynasty Lore series guide post”

AoS faction collection: Lords of the Pisces, Liberators

Leading the front lines with shields of Sigmarite and Warhammers of wrath, the Liberators are both the defence and hammer of the Stormhost. For the Lords of the Pisces, the Liberators are deployed in masses to take the fury of Sigmar to their foes. During the process of scouting by the prosecutors, once they haveContinue reading “AoS faction collection: Lords of the Pisces, Liberators”

[unofficial] Tomb Kings Battletome on Mengel Miniatures

A few days ago whilst I was looking through some hobby blog sites, I’ve found something that I had to spread the word on. A website called Mengel Miniatures has an article about an unofficial and fan made Tomb Kings battletome! Tyler M and contributors have created a jaw dropping battletome, that many Tomb KingContinue reading “[unofficial] Tomb Kings Battletome on Mengel Miniatures”

On the hobby table: None-official Freeguild models

[Re-edit update (14/10/17)]  After looking more into the subject, I want to correct some errors I’ve made on this post. The post was intended to be based around using outside miniature company models as substitutes for AoS warscrolls. This was my own journey on making my own Freeguild army using 17th/18th century French army models.  MyContinue reading “On the hobby table: None-official Freeguild models”

Art experiment 

Today’s post is an experiment for my art work, showing my attempts on photography, drawing and digital art.  The process was done by using the photograph as a visual guide for drawing, trying to create an accurate drawing as possible from visual reference. Whilst the grid method would be more reliable for accuracy, instead IContinue reading “Art experiment “