One journey ends, another begins

This month marks my seventh year in collecting and playing miniature wargaming, which seems not that long ago since I first started playing at GW. For seven years I’ve been building and playing games from warhammer 7th-8th edition/ AoS to warhammer 40k, which I’ve been invested into without boredom.

This also marks a surprisingly interesting year for me, as I’ve played my first game of AoS with a friend. We basically played pitched battles for our first few games, which was really fun and really engaging (but not so much fun when a Verminlord corrupter gets swarmed by ten ghouls on three wounds……). Whilst I did lose a few battles, I did however feel that AoS was a lot more easier and fun to play compared to playing 8th edition, in my opinion.

Currently me and my friend are playing path to glory, I’m using the Skaven alligence, whilst my opponent is using the sylvaneth. There was a lot more twists and turns in the campaign, especially when our second match had two wizard survivors, an Arch-warlock and an Ancient treelord fighting with spells at each other in an epic duel of arcane might!

To mark this seven year journey, I’ve decided that I want to finish my collection on my Skaven! Yes that’s right, I’m finishing off my Skaven alligence factions. You might be wondering why would I stop collecting a faction as a mark of my seventh year of being in the hobby? Well, I’m kind of satisfied with what I’ve got from my collection that I’ve built up for around six years now. Whilst there might be new Skaven models out in the near future which I’ll still be interested in adding to my collection, for now though I feel that I want to use my Skaven more for games as a complete army.

However, I’ve decided to start a fresh new army to collect for the Death alliance, the Flesh-eater courts! I’ve got my copy of the battle tome (which is absolutely amazing for the wealth of lore and art work that was in the battletome), plus I’ve brought my own note book to write all of my main characters names and their army’s lore (in a fancy GoT Baratheon cover).

So what’s next? Well I’ll still be posting my Skaven models that are in production line for painting, hopefully I’ll get my 80 clan rats done soon (or soon-ish?).
As a current ongoing blog series post, I’ll be writing a narrative story based on the games that me and my friend have played using Skaven and sylvaneth. I’ve been tasked with writing the post story narrative and art for the blog post after each 2-3 games that we play. Expect some more info in the near future!

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can, thank you. πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “One journey ends, another begins

  1. First I have to commend your dedication to the rat folk! Although your new faction is under a different order, one of the better qualities of aos I feel is the ability to dip into multiple factions in the same order. Fickle people like myself can collect multiple factions and still field them officially :p

    I haven’t played aos yet but the rules appeal greatly due to the simplicity and freedoms it offers.

    I look forward to your narrative work. It adds so much to the hobby.

    Great work!


    1. Thank you for the complement. πŸ™‚

      I have a combined Nurgle faction that’s from the same order as Skaven, so I have some creative choices for a chaos alliance. Whilst the ghouls are from a separate order, I couldn’t resist to create an army full of madness xD

      I have planned on a lightly connective narrative backstory for all of my army’s during the Age of Chaos, just to build up some creative steam for future battles.

      I’d totally suggest to try out a few games when you have the chance to play AoS, I’ve only played about five games so far (I won only one from the five matches :p ) and so far I still want to play more! The best part about AoS is that you don’t really need a lot of models to play, so it’s less of a hassle to carry a massive case around lol.

      Thank you, I’m happy to help on contributing to the hobby πŸ™‚

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  2. From a narrative standpoint Gouls are not truely undead (correct me if I’m wrong) so some flesh eating cannibals in the ranks of a putrid host would fit well!

    Yes as well as the simple, flexible rules the model count really takes the pressure off completing an army as well as the logistics of transportation. I am all about elite small armies!! I may even get my order force complete and on the table!!


    1. Aye your correct, their not truly undead, even Nagash can’t control the Flesh-eater courts like the rest of the undead. I didn’t even consider adding ghouls with Nurgles, thanks!

      Originally I was thinking of basing my ghouls on a delusion that their King rides a flying great stag (who is in others eyes as a preyton), and having the ghoul King wearing a stag helm (from putrid blightkings kit).

      I have a skirmish case, so it’s pretty much enough to take a good sized army anywhere easily. Although I will admit, it’s hard to carry around the bigger models like the screaming bell because there’s no official carry case for those at GW.

      What’s your order force? πŸ™‚


      1. That’s a really cool idea. The preyton from forge world is awesome aswell , if that’s the route your going down?

        I’m doing a seraphon force with a bit of a 40k crossover as all this inter dimensional background really lends to the connection between aos and 40k. Their quest is to ressurect the old one Qah.

        Also I’m doing a stormcaste force drawn from the barbarians that didn’t fall to chaos.


      2. Sort of, I might do some kit bashing to create my own preyton, just so I can field a few at a lower cost.

        Sounds awesome, I like the narrative to your seraphon, I’ll be interested in seeing what they’ll be doing during their quest πŸ™‚ . Are they like the old ones, or sort of like a descendent of the old ones?

        Is the stormcast force based on barbarians and stormcast, or just barbarians on their own?


      3. (Sorry if im preaching to the quire) The Slann were one of the old ones first engineered races in both games. So my sepheron lead by the slann in the aos timeline cross dimensions to 40k to locate the shards of Qah (which happened when slaanesh murder killed the eldar pantheon and the last old one). The shards of Qah are a race called the Umbra as hypothesised in a 40k xenos book. Once the shards are united Qah can return to battle chaos!

        My barbarians are stormcast converted with no helmets, animal pelts, sethered heads influenced by ancient Celtic and Norse warriors. I may convert the blood bound I have into standard barbarians as well but one step at a time πŸ™‚

        Look forward to your preyton conversions. They are some mean beasties!


      4. I don’t know much about the old ones and the history sounding them in the 40k lore, so this is new to me. Qar seems similar to the Khain fate, as if I remember rightly he was shattered into pieces?

        What’s your opinion on the current state on slannesh in AoS and future events in 40k?

        I look forward to seeing your progression with your stormcast army collection. What will you call your stormcast brotherhood, and what colour scheme will you be using for your army?

        Thanks for the complement! πŸ™‚


  3. Khaine and Qah shared the same fate. In fact khaine and the Eldar pantheon were creations of the old ones for the Eldar to wield as weapons in the ‘war of the heavens’. (The Eldar, Ork and some other species being bred soldiers). As the Eldar fell from grace and mysticism spread the Eldars weapons of the warp became their warp gods, much as the more enlightened mankind regressed into what it is today. The old ones myth in fantasy and 40k gel nicely as in fantasy they created many of the species and terraformed the world then disappeared in their spaceships once chaos found a way in.

    Truth be told I haven’t read much of the fluff surrounding Slaanesh in aos. He/she was imprisoned right? I’ve heard people say it was to make the game more pc for the younger audience but I’m not sure.

    40k wise there has been some build up with the story which hints something may happen. whether to end 40k or not will probably be based on sales over anything else and bringing change might be killing the cash cow. Personally I’d be happy with 40k as it is but would not be adverse to an end times if we could pause there for a prolonged time. So say the Primarchs return, the Orks unite, the Tyranid main fleet arrives, the Necron awaken, the black crusade breaks through the Cadian gate, the star child returns………….then let carnage commence. What are your thoughts/preferences?

    My Stormcaste are ‘The Unberogen’ Named after Sigmars original tribe when he was a mere man.


    1. Ah I see, war of the heavens was the war between the necrons and the old ones? I’ve read about the old ones in fantasy on how they created a few races before leaving, which as you’ve said fits well into a possibility of a connected universe. I don’t suppose you’ve heard of warhammer 40k theories on YouTube? That has some really good lore vids as well as interesting theories too. πŸ™‚

      From what I’ve gathered, Tyrion captured slannesh and kept the chaos God imprison. This has effected he/she followers due the gods influence being weaken, however there are still followers of slannesh in the mortal realms, so their still around in the lore. Wether or not slannesh will evolve into something completely new or be replaced by something new is guess work for now.

      I think 40k will carry on without a complete change to its foundation of lore, but I’d be guessing that they’ll be a few changes like slannesh fate in the universe for example. I think 40k might not have the AoS treatment, as a lot of 40k players like the rules (maybe not too much over stacked rules though). I think GW could do a my battle app for 40k to make carrying space more flexible and easy to players.

      That’s actually quite a good name for the stormhost!

      Actually, I’m curious to know wether or not GW will re introduce old characters like Vlad von Carstien as a Mortarch or even Seterra back as future character models?


  4. Sorry for the above fluff wall of text… preaching to the quire as I said!

    Yes ‘war in the heavens’ was the old ones and their creations against the necrotyr and the ctan.

    Yes, I watch 40k theories, vaults of Terra and luetin9. Its good to have a source of lore as you slowly work through the hundreds of books :s

    Truth be told I don’t play 40k anymore. I peaked in 2nd when I was 7-12, dipped into 5th edition for about 2 games and that’s it. I have looked into playing again but time restraints and the rules are off putting. Still paint and read the books though.

    Wow capturing slaanesh is a feat! How did he do that? I haven’t read ‘the end times’ novels or any of the aos ones so my knowledge of fantasy is limited. Unfortunately this will probably not change as I’m working through the Horus Heresy.

    Regarding characters returning I’m not sure to be honest. My gut is not initially but Aos has the freedom to go in any direction and do anything!! Were Carstein and Settera real players in the universe or chaff to be culled?


    1. That’s fine, I’m pretty much used to content filled information, so no need to apologise. Strangely enough I’ve watched arch lore vid on the Ctan this afternoon, it’s interesting how the ‘war in the heavens’ played out for the c’tan and the necrotyr.

      I’ve got about at least ten HH books and four HH audio dramas, so I’ve got a mixed library of pre 40k history. I’m mostly interested in the space wolves, sons of Horus and the white scars for their part in the HH.

      You’ve been in the hobby a lot longer than I have, I don’t even know what the early editions were like tbh lol. What put you off 5th edition by the way? Ive heard that 40k is current been filled with too many rules if I’ve heard correctly, I’ve only played 7th edition on a few games, but I haven’t really been motivated with it for ages now. What book are you currently reading from BL, and do you have any recommendations on what BL books are a good read?

      If I remember rightly that slannesh was stuffed from eating too many souls from the end times and was captured by Tyrion, though you can get the free AoS primer pdf that’s got some lore on what’s been going on during the age of chaos to the stormcast first battle. It’s also useful as it informs new or current players on what the world of AoS is about.

      Well I’ll be honest I’ve picked Seterra as a bad choice, as he was perished during the end times, only to later be resurrected by chaos (not fully in their control). Vlad however I’m not sure what happens to him during the end times at the end, although he was resurrected by Nagash in the first book.


  5. I would say about the same time give or take, its just that I have never been consistent. I have been in and out of the hobby for years with my most consistent stint being 2nd edition 40k and fourth edition fantasy. I have a massive nostalgia hit from these editions so pinch of salt when I tell you those were the days πŸ˜‰ Seriously though I think the coolest thing about 2nd 40k was you got a codex with the boxed game with all the races in it and these included squats, Adeptus Mechanicus, Genestealer Cult, Beastmen etc. All the cool stuff that has been recently re-introduced………..except beastmen and squats!

    I played 5th one summer between terms so it was a case of messing around for a few games. I bought a Catachan force and converted some dwarves into squats! A friend and myself attempted 7th two years ago and it was just more time than we were willing to invest into learning. We played hero quest instead.

    I’m going to tackle “Horus Rising” next. My plan is to read the HH in order as I have just been reading random books up until now. Books I have really enjoyed are Heldenhammer, Death of integrity and Fear to tread. The writing is ok but not exactly amazing. These books more than anything had aspects of lore I really wanted to know or provoked a bit of emotion. Chapter master Caedis of the Blood drinkers is a bit of a dude.

    I’ll have to catch up with the AOS lore so I’ll check out that PDF thanks!

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    1. I heard that Wayne from the HeelanHammer podcast started out the hobby in the 2nd edition of 40k. From what I’ve heard, 2nd edition sounded like the best edition from a lot of veteran players. Beastmen were in 2nd edition? I had no idea they were in 40k! Are they like their fantasy iteration or more advanced and intelligent as a race?

      Sounds like a really cool kit bashing! Are they a big force, or a small elite force? They could probably bring back the squats like the Genestealer cult, but I think it’ll depend on how they’ll be introduced in theme and model sculpt as a playable race to new gamers.

      That’s the thing with the rules for 40k, when I tried 6th edition with a friend I found that the rules took too much to digest as well as 8th edition fantasy.

      HH isn’t really sold as a time line order release, it’s kind of mixed up a bit when I started lol. Is Death of Integrity a space marine battle novel by Guy Haley? I think I’ll look up on those books, thanks! Oh I’ve actually got the blood drinkers six books in two omnibuses, I’m still on book 1 lol.

      My first real interest in reading that got me into the 40k universe was Angel Exterminatus, that was a compelling story about two opposite primarchs who have interesting views and philosophy’s. But I’d recommend reading Vengeful spirit, it’s one of my favourite books by Graham McNeil.

      No problem! There’s also a starter magazine (includes a plastic liberator model too!) that has lore that leads up to the season of war. Whilst it’s not got too much context on everything, it dose however give small info on main battles. Also, it’s got various hobby guides on painting the starters set models and inspirational pictures that are pretty awesome. πŸ™‚


      1. In 2nd beastmen were part of chaos but previous to that they were part of the imperium as they were classed as stable ab-humans. Once the inquisition was set up they were frowned apon as creatures of chaos. Ironically they joined chaos. They were not intelligent but very loyal to the emperor. They thought of themselves as abominations that must die for the emperor in battle. I used to have a beastmen pack master with a chainsword and plasma pistol. He had a breast plate with an imperial aquilla. Wish I didn’t sell my rogue trader stuff 😦

        There is a chronological list of the HH books on the black library so that’s what I’ll be following. Yeah its a space marine battle series book. I won’t ruin the end but Caedis’s show down at the end is pretty great. I think I need to tackle that omnibi as well!

        Which two primarchs are featured in ‘angel exterminatis’ ? Got to say I am a fan of sanguinious and the blood angels, very obvious I know. I like their contrasted personalities on and off the field of battle.


      2. Ah that’s why I didn’t know them, it’s always the inquisitions fault lol. Oh so the beastmen had proper equipment for battle, that’s pretty cool!

        what’s your current order on the HH collection so far? Ah I think I know which one that is, is that the one about an abandoned space hulk?

        Sadly I already knew the ending thanks to white dwarf……. The two primarchs are Fulgrim and Perturabo. Which is your favourite founding chapter of the blood Angels?


      3. Nobody expects the inquisition!! First five in the list are Horus Rising, The Wolf of Ice and Fire, False Gods, Galaxy in flames and Flight of the Eisenstein.

        Yes the one with the space hulk! I love the elements of the story covering the black rage and the final rights of its victims. Its cool its facilitated to maintain the brothers honour. Favourite has to be the Drinkers and the Flesh tearers. Who did you play 40k?


      4. The inquisition are a thorn to the thumb at times, I remember listening to one of the Flesh tearers audio book where an inquisitor joins chapter master Gabriel Seth in finding a buried warlord Titan (I think it was the warlord class Titan).

        Horus rising is a good read, I like how Dan Builds up Loken and Horus’s relationship as a farther and son interaction before the heresy. I’m surprised that GW haven’t released the HH omnibus books in order of the time line. Ah yes, Deaths integrity was written by Guy Haley, he’s done some fantastic work on both 40k and AoS story.

        The flesh tearers pretty much define how I see how the blood Angels feel when they were ripped apart by gullimans codex design post heresy.

        I played as the chaos space marines, at first I played them as the Iron Warriors legion, now currently re-built and kit bashed into a Deathguard warband.


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