War of Ghyran: Path to Glory campaign- setting up the campagin

Today is a start of a new blog series that will follow me and my friend, Chris, on our  AoS battles, using the Path to Glory rules. The campaign is set in the forests of Ghyran, during the time when Alarielle has nearly lost her once bountiful land to the foul infestation of Nurgles corruption. The armies that’ll be featured are my allied Skaven force, Clan Skelnix, and my friends Sylvaneth army, The Whitebark Clan. Below is a brief story of how the campagin started for both factions.

During the war of Ghyran, Grandfarther Nurgle had nearly reshaped the realm of life into a massive garden of disease and decay. The Sylvaneth tried all their might to repell the Daemon hordes of Nurgle, but weak they are to stop the inevitable. 

However, few still stand to defend their forests from decay, one such group are The Whitebark Clan. The clan is a seedling of the Ironbark clan, who are known to have tenacity and resilience in times of strife. They stand to defend their homes with iron courage, and fierce rage against any invaders. Led by Treeman Ancient Duke Cuirithir, a wise and tough Treeman who has fought beside his tree folk and Duardin Allies for many years.

But, as they scouted the woodland glades for any signs of enemy forces, they encountered a teeming warband of Skaven. These Skaven are from the Clan Skelnix, a cunning and cowardly clan who have no empathy for anyone or anything else, but for their own egos. They have come to Ghyran by a small wormhole lead by Scarus the right claw, to make a new breeding home, and create a bigger wormhole to reinforce their scout warband.

The Whitebark Clan are ready to defend their outpost and make a full on surprise attack on Clan Skelnix, but are they too late to stop Scarus the right claw from building a wormhole gate?

We started off by choosing our champions for our warbands, and rolled a D6 for followers chart. Below is a list of the warbands champions and followers in their respective faction:
The Whitebark Clan (Sylvaneth)

  • 1x Treeman Ancient: Duke Cuirithir (Champion)
  • 5x Dryads (Followers)
  • 5x Dryads (Followers)
  • 5x Tree Revenants: knights of the Iron Scale (Followers)
  • 1x Treeman: Guardian Alduinian (Hero)

Clan Skelnix (Allied Skaven)

  • 1x Warlord: Scarus, the right claw of Clan Skelnix (Champion)
  • 10x Stormvermin: The Skrretch guard (Followers)
  • 3x Gutter runners: The 13th Shadow hunters (Followers)
  • 6x Giant rats (Followers)
  • 6x Giant rats (Followers)
  • 1x Arch-Warlock: Letrix the mad (Hero)
  • 1x Screaming bell: Scretch, the seer of the 13th (Warmachine)

Now that the warbands are ready, we planned the battles scenario based on battleplans to make each battle varied and unique, during each of the last games result. For each battle, I’ll be posting a narrative story post, based on the events of that game from our Path to Glory campagin.

The next posts in the series will be our Warbands backstorys, detailing our factions past and notable characters in the warband. 

[Note: I want to thank my friend, Chris for contributing his Warband, The Whitebark Clan, character names and backstory for the blog series].

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