The Judges are here!

What do you get when you combine Mega city one judges and Bloodbowl? You get team Meg-1! Long time readers may remember way back when I showed a few posts on my classic Bloodbowl team models, I think I called them something badgers? Anyways, that project went nowhere, as I didn’t like the colours schemeContinue reading “The Judges are here!”

Important announcement!

As the title will suggest, I have an important announcement relating to my blog site. So without further or do, I’ll reveal the announcement! I want to improve my blog site so that you, the reader, might be interested and inspired by content that I post every weekend. Already, I’ve been blogging over a yearContinue reading “Important announcement!”

My Blood Bowl team

I’m back, after weeks of having a break from the table top hobby, I’ve decided to return to start a new project. Now before I go on, I know I’ve said that I’m starting a Ghoul army, and that is still in the works, so it’s not being abandoned. They’ll be a new post tomorrowContinue reading “My Blood Bowl team”