Important announcement!

As the title will suggest, I have an important announcement relating to my blog site. So without further or do, I’ll reveal the announcement!

I want to improve my blog site so that you, the reader, might be interested and inspired by content that I post every weekend. Already, I’ve been blogging over a year now, and I’m slowly improving my skills at being a blogger (specifically table top wargaming and art related posts),

However, I want to improve my blog  posts even more for you to enjoy, so I’ve decided to announce that I’m going to make an open hobbyist week on the future of my blog site!

How will this work and what do I do?

The aim for this open week is to share your ideas on where I should to take this blog site on for future projects to schedule. With the help of your choice, constructive criticism and advice, I can create better content thanks to your input in the open week.

Do I have to be a follower to contribute my input as well as like the post. Also, do I have to be a experienced in the hobby to vote?

No, you don’t have to be a follower of my blog and press the ‘like’ option  in order to contribute, nor do you have to be an experienced hobbyist. I want to make this open to anyone who would like to share their ideas, or just to share some advice and constructive criticism. 

Are there any restrictions on contributions?

None, if it’s relatable to the subject, I’m fine with anything. However, If I see comments that are unrelated to the subject or are out of line, they’ll be blocked.

How do I contribute?

Simple, share your thoughts in the comment section, with your choice that starts with the subject in capital letters (for example: TERRAIN DESIGN:). 

When can I start my input?

You can share your advice right now, this open week will continue until Sunday the 6th of August.

How to share your advice, ideas and criticism

In order to share your advice, ideas and criticism, choose one of the following subject points below that your idea is related to, in capital letters.

  • Art
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warhammer fantasy
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  • Terrain design
  • Blood Bowl
  • Painting tips
  • Lore and background
  • Digital art tips

Once you’ve chosen your subject with advice, ideas or criticism, send it and I’ll reply to your comment as soon as I can. If I have time, we could possibly have a discussion to share hobby ideas, tips and skills.


Thank you for reading this post. I’m really looking forward to seeing your suggestions, your input will really help improve my blog. I’m grateful for the hobby community who blog amazing content every week, it’s thanks to you ladies and gentlemen, that I’m inspired to post my collections every weekend. For that I’m happy to support you guys for your hard work.

Have a fantastic week, and I’ll hopefully be back with more hobby content this weekend,


3 thoughts on “Important announcement!


    Honestly, I’m a pretty big fan of what you’ve been doing on this blog as-is, but I appreciate that you’re reaching out to the community for feedback.

    I picked the two items above because I take a lot of interest in the processes other hobbyists have and would love to see more in these areas from everybody. Painting (and really terrain building and art can be lumped into the same category for me) because I’m trying to learn more and mature my own techniques and I take cues from others out there on the internet.

    And lore and background because I love to nerd out on the hobby and the beautiful settings we play in, and love hearing others’ thoughts, especially on the fluff they’ve cooked up for their own projects (which is part of why I’m excited for your Harbinger project).

    Not sure if this was the kind of feedback you’re looking for, but hopefully it’s helpful! Cheers!

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    1. Thank you, I’m happy that you like my work :). I’m always interested to hear feedback from the community, it helps me to see other prospective on my work (wether positive or negative).

      I can certainly do more process work for future posts, I might planning on a colour guide to painting Plague marines for the Harbinger colour scheme. The colour scheme itself is very basic and easy to use, with only a few pots of paint.

      Lore and background might be an option, I’ve done some homebrew lore in past posts, however, not much viewers are interested in the posts. But I’ll still be doing lore attached to my projects.

      Your feedback was very helpful, it’s opened some ideas and improvements that I can look into for my blog.

      Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

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