The Dovarskar legacy

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be starting a new blog series tomorrow called The Dovaskar Legacy. This will be a showcase of my combined forces of both the fallen exiles of Aelf kin and the undead. This will be a prominent series like my Clan Pestilens army blogs. 

I’ve been really inspired to do something different with my blog posts, to make them a lot more engaging and interesting to look at. Hopefully this will inspire people to build up their own story’s for their Warhammer AOS army’s.
Unlike my Clan Pestilens blog series, ‘The Dovarskar Legacy’ will be a fluff based series, telling the tale of how a long forgotten Aelf empire was reborn by a mysterious necromancer, who calls himself Dovarskar. In each post, I’ll show a unit that’s being featured with a backstory, and mini lore parts to the army’s backstory too.

To finish this post off, I’ll leave you guys with a tale from a village of Greykeep in the realm of shyish, enjoy!

They say he was there when the World-that-was died during the End times. He was there when Aelfs were prosperous during the Age of Myth, side by side as he and the Aelfs built a dynasty called the Red Scarlets, in the realm of Ghur. 

But then, during the early days of the Age of Chaos, the Red Scarlets were decimated by Nurgles followers of Gashstyx. A once prosperous empire, now turned to ashes and corruption. A few survived and fled, whilst others like Dovaskar were killed on the Amber grasses of Ghur.

But death would not embrace Dovaskar, for Nagash took his soul to the realm of Shyish, and remade Dovaskar into something more horrendous and wicked. Since then, he has been training his necromancey skills, mastering its arts to achieve the ability to raise hundreds of undead servants.

No one knew who this poor soul was when he entered Shyish, or what he had become. But folk at Greykeep rumor that this mysterious soul had been enraged at his empires decimation, and vowed to hunt down and destroy the followers of Gashstyx for eternity.

After years of mastering the art of necromancey, the time has come for Dovaskar to raise his dead empire and find the remaining Aelfs of the Red Scarlets and form an alliance to take back their homeland.