Before New Grim: #3- The day the world stopped turning

Date: 8/10/Y2K-045

Subject: Recovery of video recordings of


Recently our recent scout team operation had found old recordings from damaged but still recoverable CCTV information, out in the ruins of Freeman area. Theses recordings and still Picts recorded the hours leading up towards, as the city was decimated by three atomic warheads by [classified]. I have stored these recordings into the historical archives of files, to ensure City Grims fate will not be forgotten.

I request that I may be given permission by General Brandon to meet Atom, to discuss and the next phase of reclamation of New Grim.


Marina J. Hester

City Grim, 30/12/99 at 18:00pm

City Grim, 30/12/Y2K at 12:00am. The day began after New Year celebration.

City Grim, 30/12/Y2K at 12:02am. The day City Grim was bombarded by atomic warheads.

Before New Grim: #2- No longer here but still here

01000001 01110100 01101111 01101101 Assembled, destroyed, re-assembled and back again. Neither here nor gone but nowhere. Consciously connected to a billion minds as it’s creators link it to the minds of many, feeding it with the thoughts, feelings and knowledge to live. But it’s neither alive nor dead for it has no heart and soul like mortal man, so too does it lack humanity.

The clock strikes twelve at midnight when the new year arrives ////(Y2K)////, and the world will be changed forever…….

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: More souls forged on the Anvils of apotheosis

Short one again, as I haven’t got much to say on the units as they aren’t notably fleshed out as characters (well apart from the Gryphound, but I’d be spoiling too much). However, they were part of Lord Arcanum Balthas’s Sacrosanct Chamber that helped the Order alliance defend the Free-city of Glymmsforge.

For those of you new to this blog post series, Inspired Soul Wars is a series dedicated to painting two full armies of both Nighthuant and the Sacrosanct Chamber. Both factions that I’m painting mine on are based on the characters and events in the novel, Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds.

Here’s my current models painted for the Anvils of Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber. Enjoy!


a near enough plastic model that could be great for a kitbashing as a Reaper Bolthrower (just saying).

The first two Liberators that will be part of a unit lead by Liberator Prime Elis, I’m currently waiting for the right time to get a female Stormcast after other tasks are done.only the faithful! (Sorry, wrong Stormhost…). This Gryphound (forgot its name!) was once a companion to Lord Castellant Pharus Thaum, until he was sadly slain and sent back to Azyr to be reforged.

So another chapter is done, and very few models left to paint and show for this long series. I apologise for the long overdrawn gaps for this series, it’s been difficult trying to paint the Stormcast models due to the colour scheme I’m using. But fear not, I’ve got more models to show very soon!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Primaris Hero’s, First founding Legions part 1

When Warhammer Conquest magazine first hit the shelves weeks ago, I had two ideas form in my mind, 1) bolster my Emperors Children project (which I’ll show my current progress soon!), and 2) start a new small project relating to the Primaris marines. I’m 50/50 on the Primaris as on the one hand I really like the scale and poses for the models, as they look more fluid in their form (no squating poses now!) and easier to paint for bigger scale. But on the other hand, they look very plain with the same armour and weapons, as well as their lore still being okay-ish as ‘good’ guys (although DA Primaris are shaping up really nicely like their legion).

So I wanted to try my hand at creating nine marines from all of the loyalist first founding legions, customising my Primaris with spare bitz to create unique and more appealing characters. Obviously II and XI were left out for obvious reasons….

Today, I wanted to show my first four fully painted Primaris marines from the Deathwatch Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels and Slamanders legions. Enjoy!

Ultramarines Deathwatch Lieutenant Arstus

Blood Angels Intercessor Luixus, 3rd squad

Salamanders Intercessor Su’tain, 5th squad

Imperial Fist Intercessor Sergeant Falix, Fifth company

Each Primaris marine has its own unique look to define its legion and personality. For example, Su’tain wears a rebreather and a modified flamer, tying him closer to his legions culture and weapon of choice. I didn’t want to kitbash the models too much, as the Primaris are still early in their experience of warfare.

I’m currently working on painting another four 1st founding legions, before doing a final post on the ninth and final legion chapter.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Dominator the movie, is it a good film?

As of typing this post and doing research on the film/ franchise, I found out that the original creator of Dominator and founder of Renegade Arts Entertainment, Tony Luke had sadly passed away in 2016 from a long battle from cancer. My sympathies goes out for the family, friends and the loss of a very talented creator.


If you haven’t heard of Doninator the movie, well your in luck! Created by Tony Luke, Dominator a story about a rouge Demon who deserted his master, Lord Desecrater, with the key that can unlock the gates of hell. Summoned by a girl rock band who used a satanic book as lyrics for their song, Dominator was sent to the mortal plane of earth where he must (begrudgingly) protect against paranormal and demonic horrors. Lord Desecrater, in his rage, has sent his greatest warriors to retrieve back the key in order to traverse from hell to take over earth.

Whilst for its time the film was a good attempt at bringing British talent to produce an anime film (or Brit-anime to be exact). This film is actually a big mark on British media history, as it was a self run Brit-anime company that produced a low budget film, the first British made anime to U.K. audiences. After the success of Archangel Thunderbird TV movie, Tony Luke would go on to make the first Dominator movie, based on his manga series back in the 80’s.

Looking back on the film, it hasn’t aged well, with terrible CGI mixed with some cheesy dialogue (but most of it was funny) doesn’t quite fit well to today’s standards. However, I thought the plot was a fairly decent story with a good mix of comedy and lore.

A notable voice talent for the film was Dani Filth (frontman of Cradle of Filth) who played as the protagonist anti hero, Dominator. His intro when he arrives on earth was seriously a good laugh!

The film also featured the voice talent of Doug Bradley who starred as Dr Payne, one of the most British Exorcist I’ve ever seen!

But is the movie qualifies as a bad movie?

Well, comparing it to other CGI films like Food Wars, it’s far better in standards for consistent story telling and interesting lore for it’s mythos. However, considering the deadlines that the team behind the film had to reach, it’s understandable why the CGI looked unfinished. Taking into account that this film was done on a low budget, in a front room rather than a studio, it was a new and unknown territory that Renga media (set up by the creator, Tony Luke) was treading on was a big step to make.

But In all fairness there are a few good stuff to see in the film, like the sweat heavy metal tracks and some funny comedic moments. The film did at least gave Britain a start with CGI animation industry, which has evolved over the years to amazing quality we see today.

This Brit-anime film in my opinion, is a very special piece of history because it shows us not only the early days of British animation (although Toy Story does beat this film by a long way). But it’s also interesting to watch, yeah, I still enjoy watching this film! The characters are interesting, the plot is interesting and at least it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It’s not easily available to purchase anywhere else (Amazon has a few copies for under £6) and not a widely known franchise outside of the original comic strips from Metal Hammer magazine. Which as of this year it will be Dominators 30th anniversary since his debut in the magazine back in 1988.

Tony Luke isn’t like most creators, there’s clearly been a lot of work being done on Dominator the Movie. With communication between voice actors, staff and the creator himself, to produce a good film for it’s time.

From looking at the extras on the dvd with interviews of Tony, Doug Bradly and Alan Grant show, there was an effort and motivational force behind the film. Although the film is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and I wouldn’t blame you for not liking it.

There were two more films of Dominator, on being a short crossover with another character from Metal Hammer magazine comic strip. Dominator’s last appearance would be the now abandoned reboot, Dominator X, which, based on it’s trailer, would have looked amazing if it had been completed.

Overall, if you like heavy metal with a mix of comedy and a decent film to watch on a Sunday, this film is just right for you. However, I wouldn’t say it’s a must see film with its outdated visuals and animation.

I think it’s fitting to end this post using the quote from the movie “If you think rock is dead, you will be”.


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