Before New Grim: #3- The day the world stopped turning

Date: 8/10/Y2K-045 Subject: Recovery of video recordings of To: BRM HQ Recently our recent scout team operation had found old recordings from damaged but still recoverable CCTV information, out in the ruins of Freeman area. Theses recordings and still Picts recorded the hours leading up towards, as the city was decimated by threeContinue reading “Before New Grim: #3- The day the world stopped turning”

Before New Grim: #2- No longer here but still here

01000001 01110100 01101111 01101101 Assembled, destroyed, re-assembled and back again. Neither here nor gone but nowhere. Consciously connected to a billion minds as it’s creators link it to the minds of many, feeding it with the thoughts, feelings and knowledge to live. But it’s neither alive nor dead for it has no heart and soulContinue reading “Before New Grim: #2- No longer here but still here”

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: More souls forged on the Anvils of apotheosis

Short one again, as I haven’t got much to say on the units as they aren’t notably fleshed out as characters (well apart from the Gryphound, but I’d be spoiling too much). However, they were part of Lord Arcanum Balthas’s Sacrosanct Chamber that helped the Order alliance defend the Free-city of Glymmsforge. For those ofContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars Collection: More souls forged on the Anvils of apotheosis”

Primaris Hero’s, First founding Legions part 1

When Warhammer Conquest magazine first hit the shelves weeks ago, I had two ideas form in my mind, 1) bolster my Emperors Children project (which I’ll show my current progress soon!), and 2) start a new small project relating to the Primaris marines. I’m 50/50 on the Primaris as on the one hand I reallyContinue reading “Primaris Hero’s, First founding Legions part 1”

Dominator the movie, is it a good film?

As of typing this post and doing research on the film/ franchise, I found out that the original creator of Dominator and founder of Renegade Arts Entertainment, Tony Luke had sadly passed away in 2016 from a long battle from cancer. My sympathies goes out for the family, friends and the loss of a veryContinue reading “Dominator the movie, is it a good film?”

I swear It wasn’t coincidental……also, pray to Malice the outcast God!

Yesterday I found another book from GW past (lucky me) this time being the anthology book, Heroes of the Space Marines. Published back in 2009, this book hosted a selection of short self contained stories about both loyal and renegade chapters. Notable authors include Aaron Dembski Bowden, Nick Kyme, Gav Thorpe, Graham McNeill and manyContinue reading “I swear It wasn’t coincidental……also, pray to Malice the outcast God!”

Hunting for the lost tomes

I’ve found another old item from 40k past, whilst I was looking around a second hand book shop. To my amassment, I found two classic codexs that were 2nd and 3rd edition respectively for each book, these being Chaos space marines and Imperial Guard. Sadly, I could only afford one if the books on thatContinue reading “Hunting for the lost tomes”

Inspired Soul Wars Collection: more ghosts!

More Nighthaunt today, I’ve decided to finally release these guys after several weeks of a break. Already the end goal is in sight with just a few more posts, with the finale post being the leader of the collection (I won’t spoil it here as it’ll ruin the surprise from the Soul Wars novel!) TheseContinue reading “Inspired Soul Wars Collection: more ghosts!”