Important announcement!

Important announcement!

As the title will suggest, I have an important announcement relating to my blog site. So without further or do, I’ll reveal the announcement!

I want to improve my blog site so that you, the reader, might be interested and inspired by content that I post every weekend. Already, I’ve been blogging over a year now, and I’m slowly improving my skills at being a blogger (specifically table top wargaming and art related posts),

However, I want to improve my blog  posts even more for you to enjoy, so I’ve decided to announce that I’m going to make an open hobbyist week on the future of my blog site!

How will this work and what do I do?

The aim for this open week is to share your ideas on where I should to take this blog site on for future projects to schedule. With the help of your choice, constructive criticism and advice, I can create better content thanks to your input in the open week.

Do I have to be a follower to contribute my input as well as like the post. Also, do I have to be a experienced in the hobby to vote?

No, you don’t have to be a follower of my blog and press the ‘like’ option  in order to contribute, nor do you have to be an experienced hobbyist. I want to make this open to anyone who would like to share their ideas, or just to share some advice and constructive criticism. 

Are there any restrictions on contributions?

None, if it’s relatable to the subject, I’m fine with anything. However, If I see comments that are unrelated to the subject or are out of line, they’ll be blocked.

How do I contribute?

Simple, share your thoughts in the comment section, with your choice that starts with the subject in capital letters (for example: TERRAIN DESIGN:). 

When can I start my input?

You can share your advice right now, this open week will continue until Sunday the 6th of August.

How to share your advice, ideas and criticism

In order to share your advice, ideas and criticism, choose one of the following subject points below that your idea is related to, in capital letters.

  • Art
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warhammer fantasy
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  • Terrain design
  • Blood Bowl
  • Painting tips
  • Lore and background
  • Digital art tips

Once you’ve chosen your subject with advice, ideas or criticism, send it and I’ll reply to your comment as soon as I can. If I have time, we could possibly have a discussion to share hobby ideas, tips and skills.


Thank you for reading this post. I’m really looking forward to seeing your suggestions, your input will really help improve my blog. I’m grateful for the hobby community who blog amazing content every week, it’s thanks to you ladies and gentlemen, that I’m inspired to post my collections every weekend. For that I’m happy to support you guys for your hard work.

Have a fantastic week, and I’ll hopefully be back with more hobby content this weekend,


Harbinger Legion (coming soon)

After much success with my 8th edition Black Templars collection, I’ve decided to make a new series for 8th edition, this time on the heretical side. 

Now just before I continue, I’m not abandoning the Black Templar series. I’m still planning on continuing that series as my main priority for this blog (I mean, heck, part 1 one was the highest viewed post on my blog site), so no worries.

Back to the subject, I’ve chosen to dedicate my heretical Astartes to the great unclean one himself, uncle Nurgle! This series (titled the same as this posts title), will be a dual collection of both Deathguard and renegade Chaos faction/ with some Daemons of Nurgle as a summoning reserves. This gives me the opportunity to choose either Chaos Space marine army list and Deathguard list to create some interesting combos.

Just to tease what’s to come, I have a WIP Terminator lord that I’m currently painting. 

Unlike most Terminator Lords (excluding Lords of Contagion), this mighty Warlord wields a power scythe of Nurgle. Truly, he is blessed by the great unpleasant uncle Nurgle himself!

When will the Harbinger Legion series be posted? Well, I’m planning on starting this series either this time next Sunday or the weekend after. I’m trying to build more back log models painted so that I can have more time to post updates on the collection, rather than being pressed for time to paint models for deadlines. 

Anyways, I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve got install for this project series, unlike my current 8th edition series, my dual Nurgle collection is already planned out with a start and an end goal! So there’s no excuses from me for errors on my deadlines now.

That’s all from me for now, The Harbinger Legion will (hopefully) be up by next Sunday, or the next one after. Oh and before I go, I’ve got an important announcement tomorrow that both readers and followers of my blogsits will want to see. I hope to see you guys again tomorrow. ✌️


I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 9

Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 9

Welcome back to part 9 in the continuing series on my Black Templars collection. Today, the latest units to join my collection are the Intercessors and Primaris lieutenant.  

My unit of Intercessors are slightly different from the usual MkX Space marines, with kit bashing of MkIII helmets used for this unit. I like the look of this unit more now that they’re wearing MkIII helmets, it gives them the appearance of power armoured knight crusaders.

The unit itself is from the easy to build set Primaris marines, I took the advantage of buying these sets to create a full unit and a dashing lieutenant to lead them. Probably more cheaper than buying them from individual box kits!

Leading the squad is a grizzled but dashing swordsman, bearing the rank of Sword Brethren. My inspiration for this model was from my kit bashing testing, using different parts to create my own unique lieutenant. The decision and inspiration for ranking this model as a Sword Brethren was inspired by Maxime’s Black Templar force, from the current White Dwarf issue in the tale of four warlords article.

If your interested in what I’ve used to kit bash my lieutenant, the spare bitz I’ve used for this model are listed below:

  • Sword from MkIII Space marine kit.
  • Bolted from the Chaos Space marines kit.
  • Purity seals from Space marine vehicle kits.
  • Bronze emblem from the Dark Angels upgrade kit (old upgrade sprue).
  • Bare head from the Space Wolves tactical squad kit.

Surprisingly, the hands for the model are just right size for kit bashing with Primaris marines models, so you kit bash a lot of options for your own Primaris unit or character models. 

Before I finish today’s post, I want to announce that I’ve finally finished the Land Raider! I can’t remember what the deadline was for this model ( I’ve been pretty busy lately in all fairness), but I can finally say that this model is completed! 


I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


The Grey-mane Dynasty Lore series: Grey-mane Dynasty part 2, A dynasty falls (generation three to eight)

The Grey-mane Dynasty Lore series: Grey-mane Dynasty part 2, A dynasty falls (generation three to eight)

Hello, and welcome back to part two of the Grey-mane dynasty lore series, where I present the origin of the dynasty. If you haven’t read part one yet, see Lore of the Realms: Grey-mane dynasty part 1 to see how it all started. This series will be an origin story for a lot of my army collections, and how it relates to all of my AoS army factions. 

Today, I’ll be telling the second half of the origins behind the dynasty from third to eighth generation. I hope you enjoy the second half!


Third generation to Fifth
It became apparent that the gifts bestowed upon the Grey-manes were not as pure as they originally thought. The entity’s selfish tampering with the winds of magic to create gifted users of these elements had major setbacks upon the Grey-manes. For example, the Arashar line of the Metal Alchemist lineage have an obsessive compulsion to eat their own kin as sustenance to survive. 

A theory behind this defect can be explained due to the bloodlines use in metal magic, some containing lethal chemicals that alter their taste and senses for food. However, some will deny this theory as blasphemy, instead suggesting that the entity had in some way intended this deficiency to be part of the bloodline. Wether by pure magical science for research observations, or by some sick irony upon the linage as a distraction for the entities amusement.

The Arashar line wasn’t the only linage to be affected by defects in their bloodline, other Grey-manes have developed different impurity in their generations.

  • Fire Grey-manes have developed a tendency to lose their moral obligations, and common sense when they fight in battles for too long. Possibly caused by the bloodlines heritage of the wind of Aqshy, maybe by more sinister roots from dark influence. They also develop delusions of seeing past Grey-manes of their linage, mocking them as failures as they surround him/her in battle.
  • Death Grey-manes over time become increasingly pale as their skin dissolves away to become a skeletal being with a soul and personality of the Grey-mane intact. 
  • Light Grey-manes have been said to have lived shorter life spans than most of their kin. This is due to their light magic causing radiation excess absorption, that degenerates the life span of the Grey-mane by half.
  • Life Grey-manes, although not all of their generations, suffer from a form of Lycanthropy of changing into a tree spirt like the Sylvaneth. This can spread to others once the host becomes a full Hybrid Sylvaneth, spreading spores to anyone nearby to create lesser servants to the Alpha/Matron. However, such claims have not been clarified due to insufficient evidence. Although, the Everqueen was rumoured to have commanded these unique hybrids during the Age of Chaos.
  •  Shadow Grey-manes [N/A]
  • Heaven Grey-manes are reported to have had increasing difficulty in controlling their magic capabilities, as their constant scrying for the heavens has left them in a state of constant influx in paradox. In some cases, leading them to either being in a coma, or death by miscast. Rumours say that the dead Grey-manes of this linage become spectral ghosts, having being one with the heavens as guides for future Grey-manes. Could Nagash somehow be behind this? 
  •  Metal Grey-manes suffer from compulsive cannibalistic hunger, cause unknown.
  • Beast Grey-manes will eventually lose their humanity by old age and become one with the chosen realm for eternity. Some become savages like the Savage Orruk, others become obsidian wraith guardians of the grave, or even guardians as a knight of green for the Sylvaneth. Evidence for this bizarre defect has yet to be explained.

From third to fifth generation, the Grey-manes had started to become complacent with the old ways, the limitations had strained them of their full potential as powerful leaders. One Grey-mane of the Life winds of magic linage, an old man called Avroskat, declared his intentions to the entity at the top of Silver throne. The foolish Grey-mane was banished, stripped of his powers and burnt alive by the entity’s cruel temper. Which left the poor old man to crawl away.

Only years later would he be found by a scholar of Azyr during the Age of Sigmar. A researcher named Fanzario was looking for evidence relating to the fate of Avroskat, eventually finding him as a Cairn reaper, a shadow of his former self dwelling at the marsh of ‘Dead mans transgressions’.

No one has since defied the entity’s intentions, that was until the last surviving generation put an end to the old ways, before the Age of Chaos arrived to take the dynasty to the grave.

Six to Seventh generation

During these next generations, the Grey-names had made alliances with many factions, including the wise spirits of the Sylvaneth, profiteering fleets of the Kharadron Overlords and the sea traders of the Scourge Privateers. However, such wealth of trade and prosperity had caused dire temptations for the Grey-manes, for the gleam of crystals and rich treasures beckoned the lords to drink deeply into their deepest desires.

Secretly, the Grey-manes smuggled these items with dark hunger, as their minds were clouded by greediness, like deep darkness. The generation of the sixth gorged on this greed to a sickening downfall, as they slowly forgot the duties that they had been entrusted with. The society reflected upon this greed with prejudice and hierarchy. Eventually, the three rank sectors of the dynasty became areas of class, from first to third, these areas would define you by wealth and power.


This map shows the sixth generations influence on the dynasty, as the each rank section is now seperated by class. Each rank defines your wealth, reputation, influence and power. 

The third class are known to be the slaves of the slums, their lack of wealth and power has left them to be nothing more than a side thought for the Grey-manes. 

Second class are very much more organised and have a few qualities that keep them from being in the third class. However, they are servents and civil duty workers for the first class, who are known to be either generous to their servents, or cruel with an iron fist.

Finally, the first class is reserved for the highest lord and lordeses of the hierarchy. They are politicians, philosophers, capitalists, high merchants and royal born residence that define the dynasty by their contributions. Only second below the Grey-manes, the first class dutys help to keep order to the dynasty, as well as retaining the traditions of the old ways (whilst still twisting the traditions to suit the satisfaction of the first class).


The Grey-manes at this time began to bicker and revolt against each other, boasting superiority over equal power sharing. The unity was crumbling like the ground beneath their feet like fissures. Many were banished, some were prejudice by political gains, as well as in rarer cases, hanged for treason by choice or false allegations.

In truth, this was the first sin upon which Chaos grew from the underbelly of the dynasty. The prince of Excess, Slannesh, whispered untold temptations into the ears of the Grey-manes. Although the God was still stuffed with the souls from it’s last meal, it needed more fresh souls to swallow. 

The seeds of Chaos are growing, and soon they shall open to unleash the great swarm from the damn realm.

Scribes researching this historical period had gathered information as best they could on the Grey-manes alive at that time. Surprisingly, Franzario had uncovered records of the Shadow Grey-manes title and name, however, nothing far from this small information has come to light. What worries him is the titles ominous meaning, could it be related to Chaos, or even Nagash’s own covenant?

  • Gartraitor, Grand Marshal of the Valixxinum armada (Fire Grey-mane)
  • [N/A] (Beast)
  • Dalinarius, Daughter of the blind seekers (Light Grey-mane)
  • Croscravo, Warden of the Crypt (Death Grey-mane)
  • Arashar, Master Alchemist (Metal Grey-Mane)
  • [N/A] (Life Grey-mane)
  • Farenlik, Overseer of the Heavens (Celestial Grey-mane)
  • Yanlija, Mistress of the Shadow coven (Shadow Grey-mane) [Note: generation unknown, however, records tell of her appearance during this generation].

The last generation (Eighth generation), the downfall of the Grey-mane dynasty
At this point in time, the dynasty had cut all ties with the entity, save for Talvar, a Celestial Grey-mane who kept in contact with his master. The dynasty was in a state of anarchy, the higher borns of the first sector tried to rig the economy to fit into their ideal lifestyle, leaving the poor to be crushed by inflation in taxes and lack of income to live on. 

Soon disease started to spread around the third and second sectors, many being innocent slum dwellers who were riddled with uncountable diseases. One notable event was the ‘Seven brothers of the noose’ a horrid and sickening display of prejudice against the poor had riled the third sector into madness and rage. The noble who caused the violence was called Baren Loken, he had seven sons of his own who lived in the second sector as middle class noble privileged. He and his sons were dragged from their house by the rioting crowds back to the third sector, where they were smothered in diseases and hung at the gallows by laughing peasants.

So it was that this day would be marked as the ‘Seven sons of the noose’, it would soon be made into a nursery rhyme that would tell the grim tale that the afflicted would laugh at, as their bodies slowly rotted away. They would praise the grandfather for his blessings to free them from the pain. When they ask for him seven times, he will elevate them to rot-hood……

The symbol of the blighted coven from the first sector, for those who bear the host of the plague. The cult has grown from the isolation of the pox slums, as they prepare for their saviour to arrive to bless them with distrusting blessings.
Only a few were Grey-manes of the eighth generation were around, the transition from seventh to eighth had been cut short by war and poverty between the lords. Only four of the eight Grey-mane linages had a successor in this generation, sadly, this would be the last chapter for the dynasty.

  • Arashar ‘the exile’ (Metal Grey-mane)
  • Tivan ‘the mad’ (Beast Grey-mane)
  • Talvar and Lokar, brothers of the Celestial college (Celestial Grey-mane)
  • Maltharn, Grand Marshal of the Valxxinum armada (Fire Grey-mane)

Grey-manes like Arashar, Tivan, Dalinarius and Gartraitor were denied their rights by political backstabbing and jealousy. As history will show for these figures, their demises are both cruel and unjustified. 

Arashar, was a believer of the old ways as a great influence upon the people, that still look up to it as the rule of the entity. The conspiring Grey-manes, Yanlija, Malthran and Farenlik knew that she was the only thing left stopping them from creating a new order for the dynasty. So they seeded lies and ‘accidents’ to the people, who eventually despised and hated Arashar and the dying old ways. She would later be casted out of the dynasty, left on her own to defend herself in the heated wastelands of Aqshy.

Tivan was going mad from his old age, his transition was starting to change him. However, rather than letting him free to find his calling, he was locked in a cage in the third sector like a rabid dog. His transition was corrupted for this act, as the diseases started to seep into his flesh as he evolved into a diseased ridden lunatic.

Dalinarius was assassinated by Yanlija at the top of beacon tower, as her protective ward guardians around the dynasty walls faded away. No one knows who contracted Yanlija to kill the her own kin, however, her deeds are somehow connected to the downfall of the dynasty. Now that the ward guardians were fading, the road was clear for enemies to invade the dynasty.

As for Gartraitor, he would be murdered by his son, Malthran, for keeping hold of the dying old ways. The young Grand Marshal declared a new order for the dynasty, the devotion to the ‘Eighth god’.

Age of Chaos
Everything was set in motion now that the dynasty was left defenceless. Without the four remaining loyalists to the old ways, the kingdom was beset by tyranny of fascist regime led by Malthran as its High Marshal. He declared that the dynasty must burn all texts and items related to the old ways, instead adopting the strict teachings of the ‘Eight God’.

However, not all of the traitors shared the same view as Malthran’s fascist empire of war and butchery. Yanlija had set her sights on Malthran as her target for assassination. She ordered all of her warriors to prepare for war, the Nippon knights in midnight black marched out from the darkness to attack the Valxxinum armada. 

The kingdom was at war, fire, blood, death and despair clutched at the throbbing black heart of the dynasty. Friends became enemies, families tore at each other’s throats, lovers became backstabbers and children became victims as the casualties. This once sacred and perfect kingdom was now tarnished by greed, disease, hatred and deceit.
Talvran could only watch from Silver Thorne as the smoke from the fires ascended to the black chocking skies. All was lost, the entities grand plan was tarnished by it’s own creations. The entity left it’s failed experiments to die, it didn’t heed the cries for help from the dying victims of this atrocity.

As the sun came down, the sky was choked by the smoke from the fires of the burning dynasty. The sight of this devastation would scar the few that survived the civil war.

So it was that Talvran called to the heavens for help in his direst need. Then with a shudder of the earth and the roar from the sky, a gigantic drake descended down from the veil of the stars. With this opportunity, Talvran pleaded the star drake to save his brother, Lokar, who was still inside the kingdom. The drake without question flew towards the kingdom, saving Lokar from deaths grasp, and took him to Azyr in Sigmars realm. With his brother safe, Talvran stayed to guard Silver Throne until his death.

Meanwhile, the war was continuing within the walls of the dynasty, as Malthran ordered the complete slaughter of all who opposed his rulership. Yanlija’s men had broken into the main palace, and stormed into the throne room to face Malthran to duel to the death. However, before they could fight each other, news had arrived that Tivan had been released from his cage, leading an army of diseased peasants towards the second sector. He had become a plague ridden mad man on his steed of Pestilent disease. He had been blessed by Nurgle to bring joy to the living by spreading his sickness to everyone around the sectors.

The situation was even more dire as the sky itself tore a great deep wound, as thousands of daemons descended upon the kingdom like flaming astroids. It was apparent that the war had escalated beyond just a civil war, it became a war of survival. 

It was then that the two colossal exalted daemons of both Tzeentch and Nurgle fought for this kingdom as their own. Nurgles exalted proclaimed that his minions have taken the kingdom, so its rightfully his. However, Tzeentch’s exalted weaved the plan for downfall of the dynasty from the start, so he has the claim for the dynasty.

Anyone caught in between the battle would be killed without mercy, like specks of dust. Malthran, proving his skills as mighty warrior for slaughtering many worthy foes, was exalted as Khorne’s pawn. His duel with Yanlija would last throughout the dark night, as both warriors duelled through the fires and corpses of the palace halls.

With one mighty swing of his accursed axe, Grimskorr, decapitated Yanlija like soft meat. Her body fell to the floor, as her pale and slender head rolled down the steps. As Malthran lifted his prizes decapitated head aloft, his power grew, as well as his rage. He left the palace aflame to lead his newly formed legion on a journey to slaughter and butchery, leaving behind his heritage as a Grey-mane to the ashes.

As the dawn arises from behind mount Valixxnium, the dynasty was nothing but a husk of its former self. All around its keep were corpses of the dead, burnt houses and old buildings and the rising smoke from the fires that burnt the dynasty to the ground. The once great society that was lead by wise rulers, had now become a dark reflection on the past. 

The aftermath of the downfall
However, not all of the Grey-manes had died from the Age of Chaos, a few that did survive would go onto lead mighty armies of good, evil and middle ground allegiance.

Below are records of what Fanzario could uncover for the surviving Grey-manes that still walk in the mortal realms.

The last Arashar (eighth generation), who would later on though the years be known as Elder Hag Queen Hexter.

Oaken ancient Ghuldryad (supposedly he has proclaimed that he himself is a Grey-mane of the Beast. However, it has been noted that Oaken is driven by madness, and can’t be trusted).

Croscavro, Wight king of Frost Crosil Crypt (seventh generation Death Grey-mane).

Matron of the Shadows (suspected to be a Grey-mane of Shadows, but from which generation has not been found)

Lord Celestant, Lancer, of the Lords of the Pisces Stormhost. part of the Grey-mane truce (suspected to have been Lokar, who was saved during the fall of the dynasty)

The Grey-mane dynasty influence maybe gone from the lands of Aqshy and the other realms, but it still lives on with the few that survived the Age of Chaos. To this day, many factions fight to secure the ruins of the vanquished dynasty hold as a bastion to build upon for power and influence. Even Elder Hag Queen Hexter herself wants to take the dynasty back from her long exile, to bring back the old ways as they should always be.

In the Age of Sigmar, sightings suggest that many of the survivors and new factions are heading towards the Grey-mane dynasty to retake it as their own. Unbeknownst to them, the Mighty Lord of Khorne, Malthran, is on his throne of skulls, preparing for war inside mount Valixxnium………

Next time: we’ll discover the aftermath of the surviving Grey-manes, and what they have been doing towards the Age of Sigmar. As well as the fate of the entity, and theories on who or what was the entity and its grand plans.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, of you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Where’s my chapter decal sheet?

Where’s my chapter decal sheet?

[Just to warn you guys on this post, the post is a rant/ criticism on the decal sheets for the Space marine range].

To those who don’t know what decal sheet (or transfer sheet) is, the title might probably make some of you scratch your head question ‘what missing chapter decal sheet?’. Well I’ll be explaining what a decal sheet is first (for those of you who already know what a decal sheet is, skip to the the first subtitle).

When you buy a model set, you would usually have a decal sheet included in the set (though some kits won’t include them), which you can use to decorate your models after painting them. The decals can be applied to create extra touches to your models that look professional and less hassle to paint free handed.

Ultramarines taking over the decal sheets!

So why am I asking about my chapter decal sheets for? Well, with some of the Space marine kits being reboxed for the new base sizes a couple of years ago having new decals of Ultramarine only. As well as the new Primaris kits being released, I’ve found that the decal sheets also have Ultramarine decals only!

I’ll be honest, I dislike the 13th legion with a passion (I’m a Word Bearer fan, so that gives a clearer picture on my views on the Ultramarines), and this limitation of Space marine kits having only this chapters iconography decal really irritates me.

Before the reboxing of the 32mm bases, the Space marine range had decal sheets of other chapters, including all Codex compliant first founding and Imperial Fist successor chapters. The great thing about this was that there was the option to use your favourite chapter decal without the need for free hand painting (I’m terrible at freehanded painting, especially when it’s for a whole unit of ten marines). However, now that the transfer sheets have changed to 13th legion only, I’m beginning to worry that I’ll run out of decals for my Black Templars collection. 

I know that Forge world have decal sheets for different factions, which is an alternative to getting chapter iconography, rather than eBay. However, I’m focusing  more on the mainstream GW stores, in the  prospective of a new or existing hobbyist that have different chapter armies.

I’m personally not happy with the way GW is pushing the notion in their products that the Ultramarines are more important than the other chapters. While yes it can be argued that now Robute Gulliman, Primarch of the 13th legion, has returned to lead his chapter and the Imperium against mankinds greatest foes. This giving the Ultramarines more attention for newer players to join the hobby.

But saying that, it’s annoying for others who aren’t an Ultramarine player to have to stay on the side lines like extras on a movie set. Just imagine how it must feel as a Salamander player to have no decal chapter icons for your collection? Would a new hobbyist want to paint freehanded icons throughout their collection, whilst somebody else has a quicker time with their Ultramarine decal sheet?

If your buying a product that shows different iconography decals that aren’t included into the set, then I personally feel that’s a rip off. If the new GW wants to make a difference, then at least release the option to have inclusive chapter transfer sheets.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, views/opinions on the subject, constructive criticism or discussion on this subject, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Blog schedule changes

Just a quick post to explain what’s going on with the blog, and what changes will happen going forward. 

Since I’m going to be busier than usual for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting one post on my hobby collection update, and another as filler (like opinion posts or table top gaming plans for warband lists). I was really hoping that I could do more during the summer, but I guess things don’t always go to plan. 

Before I go though, for those of you who have been reading my posts on my ongoing backstory for the Grey-mane dynasty (as well as the backstory for Elder Hag Queen Hexter), part 2 will be coming very soon! I’ve just about done writing the second half of the backstory that will connect all of my AoS collections into the story. All that’s left now is the imagery to go along with the story.

As a sneak peak of what’s to come, the picture below will hint a clue of what will happen during the down fall of the Grey-mane dynasty.

As the weeping daisy drips it’s Pestilent tears down its decaying form, a mad man shall be reborn as the reaper for the maggot harvest. A sixth sign had whispered promises of luxury and wealth to the foolish lords who abandon the old ways. From this corruption, jealousy and pride divides the lords and the dynasty apart. A civil war erupts, as the fires blott out the sun by dark skies. A tear in the fabric of reality will let loose the foul beings from the realm of nightmares. When the civil war feeds the hungry gods with more power, the sound of grotesque laughter will roar through the lands. A young warrior will be bestowed the honour of being crowned the pawn of the Blood Gods mark. The two rival gods, The Changer of Ways and the Great Unclean one will tear at each other’s throats, the dynasty itself being their battleground for their petty war. When all is done and the gods move on to fresher wars, the dynasty of the Grey-manes shall be no more.

Until then, have a great day!,


Black Templars, 8th edition collection part 8

Welcome back to part 8, today I’ll be showing my latest WIP models that I’ve painted for my Black Templars collection, the Bike squad and Land Raider Crusader. As well as an overal army showcase photo, showing the whole army in its current progress. 

Bike Squad

First off, the Bike squad was originally from my old Space marine collection, the Sons of Shiban, a successor chapter of the 1st founding Legion, the White Scars. Shiban was a notable character in the Horus Heresy series, a White Scar who was very inspiring to read in both HH books ‘Brotherhood of the Storm’ and ‘Scars’.

The original collection, as you’ll see below this paragraph, was my attempt at creating an army that fitted both into the Codex Astartes and White Scars traditional twist of fast attack focus. Sadly, this collection died off when I gave up on the project, due to my lack of interest in the current rules at that time (6th/7th edition).Three down, eleven more models to go! (So much paint to dissolve off and scrub  😦 )

Having spent a lot of time getting this units old paint layer off, Im glad that I can finally use one of my old models for my new army. Now that they’ve been painted in the colours of the Templars, I can now use them for games without the worry of terrible paint job. like the end result for this unit, it’s a simple paint scheme, but good enough for table top standard.


Land Raider Crusader

Whilst still in WIP, this mighty fortress tank is looking more glorious with each painting session. It’s taking me longer than usual to finish models this size, mostly due to other tasks or study that distract me from painting. However, with little time spare in between my distractions, I’m slowly painting this model towards completion.

The Darkstar Crusade

The army so far follows the Patrol detachment and Lord of War detachment force, including the following units:
Patrol Detachment 

  • 1x Marshal
  • 1x Chaplin
  • 10x Crusader Squad
  • 5x Sword Brethren with a Rhino  transport
  • 3x Bikes
  • 1x Land Raider Crusade
  • 1x Stormhawk Interceptor
  • 5x Sister of Silence

Lords of War Detachment 

  • 1x Saint Lilith and the Sisters of Sorrow (based on Saint Celestine model) 


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My thoughts on the Primaris Space marines

Hi guys, it’s been a crazy week as usual for me, since I’ve done my course work I can enjoy the summer break without doing anymore paper work! (although there’s plenty of chores to do…). Also, my blog schedule will be returning to normal this weekend with two posts on Saturday and Sunday, however, the schedule for next week will change. I’ll elaborate on this further this Saturday.

Today I thought now was the time to share my opinions on the Primaris Space marines, as well as wether or not to include them in my Space marine force.

The positive aspects of the Primaris marines is the scale of the models, which I’ve honestly preferred compared to the tactical squad size. I like how the models are designed to look more engaged in combat rather than squatting pose, which makes the tactical squad look very odd compared to the Primaris. My final positive point would be how the Primaris could have some interesting narrative role for future story’s for 40k, including their role with different chapters, relations to that chapter and ultimately wether or not their advanced superiority could threaten the Adeptus Astartes that we all know and love (The Adeptus Astartes civil war perhaps?)

Looking at some collections that include the Primaris marines, I’m really liking how hobbyists have made their marines with awesome painting schemes and badass kit bashings (If anyone’s interested in seeing some inspiring Primaris marine models, ask me at the comment section and I’ll post a link to the sites). I can’t remember which blogger I follow did the head swaps for his/her Primaris marines, but I was really inspired by the MkIII helm Swap. I personally like the MkIII marines, so seeing not only a true scale marine and an MkIII marine from kit bash was a joy to look at.

My final point for my positive outlook on the new marines would be the new lore on these marines being implemented to chapters that have suffered major losses. Take for example the Scythes of the Emperor, a chapter that had been nearly decimated by Hive fleet Kraken. If this chapter is still alive during the current event of 40k (during or after the Indomitus Crusade) than we could see some interesting narrative continuation for this chapter. Possibly the chapter could take their revenge on the xenos filth of the Tyranids, or help other chapters against this deadly threat with the knowledge and skill to effectively destroy the hive minds? Anything can be possible now that the lore of 40k is moving on towards an uncertain future.

Now onto my critical disagreements for the Primaris marines. My view on the prices for both Captain and Librarian is that I completely disagree with the cost, at £22.50 for each model is way too high! For that price I could have brought a (power armour) Librarian and a pot of paint, I just don’t see the point in buying something at that price when I can buy a cheaper model at a lower price (whilst maybe inferior to the new Librarian, I haven’t read the new rules yet for the new Librarian). 

I’m also concerned about the prices for other kits for future releases, especially if newer players are starting the hobby and wanting to build their collections. For example, for those of who are collecting  Stormcast Eternals from their first release will know that the original 5x Liberators kit costed around £30 (back then I thought the price was a joke), however, this year the kit was repackaged to be a 10x Liberators kit for £37.50. Now I can understand that the unit would last longer as a 10x unit, but the price change must have insulted a lot of players who had to buy the original 5x unit for £60. The point I’m trying to say is that I don’t want this kind of situation where GW will release a kit like the Liberators at a high price, then re-release at a slight cost increase and shrug back at angry consumers who had to pay double the price before this repackaging. I’m hoping this won’t happen, hopefully GW have learnt their lesson on this error and won’t repeat it again.

My next point is how the Primaris would affect the chapter structure and recruitment in the future (as well as the future of the smaller Space marine kits). Whilst this is a hypocritical point as I mentioned this as a positive point earlier, however, I’m concerned as to what will happen when the Primaris sell more profitabley than the older Astarte models. Whilst I’m not an expert on retail and marketing, I can however understand that if one product sells better than the other, than that could mean the older product could be discontinued from future sales. As for lore implications, how will they fit into existing chapter for structure, especially complex structures like theBlack  Templars, who don’t follow the Codex Astartes? Does a Neyophite earn a rank as an initiate and then a Primaris/ or Sword Brethren? I’m hoping this will be looked at and explored in the new Space marine codex, which might hopefully answer this problem. 

(Warning: ranting like a crazy Elccisiarchy priest ahead) However, if it’s a half arsed single page saying “Black Templars are not Codex compliant so we can’t be bothered to demonstrate a typical force organisation for you to build on” would be a poor example. Heck, I hope it isn’t like 6th edition for Black Templars, because I had no idea on how to structure my force from that editions lack of examples. 

I personally think that including the old White Dwarf article on Codex Astarte approved pages (like the Salamander chapter for example, which I found more interesting to read than 6th edition content on them) would actually give a comprehensive guid to the chapters history, structure and traits that can help new players start their collections. Getting rid of the usual two or three page spread of the chapter with condensed information, instead present something that can really inspire new players to have everything they need for context on the chapter. 

But I digress from the posts subject, I think overal the Primaris marines are a great looking kit that can open a lot of conversion opportunities and gaming challenges. As well as being vastly better in design and scale compared to the tactical marines. However, it’s no secret that there are lore implications on their introduction to the lore, as well as how the pricing structure will affect the models future interest by both old and new players.

Would I buy any Primaris marines? Well, I think I could if I really wanted to, but I’m not so keen on a full fledge faction of these marines. Instead I’d rather mix the old and new marines into a force that can present interesting narrative story, as well as playing this mixed force for games. Since I’m not going to build a massive army for my 40k army, I want to condense my options to just two or three units of Primaris marines to fill in the gaps in my chosen detachment list.

I hope you’ve found this topic to be interesting to read. If you have any comments on anything I’ve mentioned here, or your views on the Primaris marines, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

I’ll be back on Saturday to show my current progress on my Black Templars collection. I hope you are all having a fantastic day today!