My thoughts on the Primaris Space marines

Hi guys, it’s been a crazy week as usual for me, since I’ve done my course work I can enjoy the summer break without doing anymore paper work! (although there’s plenty of chores to do…). Also, my blog schedule will be returning to normal this weekend with two posts on Saturday and Sunday, however, the schedule for next week will change. I’ll elaborate on this further this Saturday.

Today I thought now was the time to share my opinions on the Primaris Space marines, as well as wether or not to include them in my Space marine force.

The positive aspects of the Primaris marines is the scale of the models, which I’ve honestly preferred compared to the tactical squad size. I like how the models are designed to look more engaged in combat rather than squatting pose, which makes the tactical squad look very odd compared to the Primaris. My final positive point would be how the Primaris could have some interesting narrative role for future story’s for 40k, including their role with different chapters, relations to that chapter and ultimately wether or not their advanced superiority could threaten the Adeptus Astartes that we all know and love (The Adeptus Astartes civil war perhaps?)

Looking at some collections that include the Primaris marines, I’m really liking how hobbyists have made their marines with awesome painting schemes and badass kit bashings (If anyone’s interested in seeing some inspiring Primaris marine models, ask me at the comment section and I’ll post a link to the sites). I can’t remember which blogger I follow did the head swaps for his/her Primaris marines, but I was really inspired by the MkIII helm Swap. I personally like the MkIII marines, so seeing not only a true scale marine and an MkIII marine from kit bash was a joy to look at.

My final point for my positive outlook on the new marines would be the new lore on these marines being implemented to chapters that have suffered major losses. Take for example the Scythes of the Emperor, a chapter that had been nearly decimated by Hive fleet Kraken. If this chapter is still alive during the current event of 40k (during or after the Indomitus Crusade) than we could see some interesting narrative continuation for this chapter. Possibly the chapter could take their revenge on the xenos filth of the Tyranids, or help other chapters against this deadly threat with the knowledge and skill to effectively destroy the hive minds? Anything can be possible now that the lore of 40k is moving on towards an uncertain future.

Now onto my critical disagreements for the Primaris marines. My view on the prices for both Captain and Librarian is that I completely disagree with the cost, at £22.50 for each model is way too high! For that price I could have brought a (power armour) Librarian and a pot of paint, I just don’t see the point in buying something at that price when I can buy a cheaper model at a lower price (whilst maybe inferior to the new Librarian, I haven’t read the new rules yet for the new Librarian). 

I’m also concerned about the prices for other kits for future releases, especially if newer players are starting the hobby and wanting to build their collections. For example, for those of who are collecting  Stormcast Eternals from their first release will know that the original 5x Liberators kit costed around £30 (back then I thought the price was a joke), however, this year the kit was repackaged to be a 10x Liberators kit for £37.50. Now I can understand that the unit would last longer as a 10x unit, but the price change must have insulted a lot of players who had to buy the original 5x unit for £60. The point I’m trying to say is that I don’t want this kind of situation where GW will release a kit like the Liberators at a high price, then re-release at a slight cost increase and shrug back at angry consumers who had to pay double the price before this repackaging. I’m hoping this won’t happen, hopefully GW have learnt their lesson on this error and won’t repeat it again.

My next point is how the Primaris would affect the chapter structure and recruitment in the future (as well as the future of the smaller Space marine kits). Whilst this is a hypocritical point as I mentioned this as a positive point earlier, however, I’m concerned as to what will happen when the Primaris sell more profitabley than the older Astarte models. Whilst I’m not an expert on retail and marketing, I can however understand that if one product sells better than the other, than that could mean the older product could be discontinued from future sales. As for lore implications, how will they fit into existing chapter for structure, especially complex structures like theBlack  Templars, who don’t follow the Codex Astartes? Does a Neyophite earn a rank as an initiate and then a Primaris/ or Sword Brethren? I’m hoping this will be looked at and explored in the new Space marine codex, which might hopefully answer this problem. 

(Warning: ranting like a crazy Elccisiarchy priest ahead) However, if it’s a half arsed single page saying “Black Templars are not Codex compliant so we can’t be bothered to demonstrate a typical force organisation for you to build on” would be a poor example. Heck, I hope it isn’t like 6th edition for Black Templars, because I had no idea on how to structure my force from that editions lack of examples. 

I personally think that including the old White Dwarf article on Codex Astarte approved pages (like the Salamander chapter for example, which I found more interesting to read than 6th edition content on them) would actually give a comprehensive guid to the chapters history, structure and traits that can help new players start their collections. Getting rid of the usual two or three page spread of the chapter with condensed information, instead present something that can really inspire new players to have everything they need for context on the chapter. 

But I digress from the posts subject, I think overal the Primaris marines are a great looking kit that can open a lot of conversion opportunities and gaming challenges. As well as being vastly better in design and scale compared to the tactical marines. However, it’s no secret that there are lore implications on their introduction to the lore, as well as how the pricing structure will affect the models future interest by both old and new players.

Would I buy any Primaris marines? Well, I think I could if I really wanted to, but I’m not so keen on a full fledge faction of these marines. Instead I’d rather mix the old and new marines into a force that can present interesting narrative story, as well as playing this mixed force for games. Since I’m not going to build a massive army for my 40k army, I want to condense my options to just two or three units of Primaris marines to fill in the gaps in my chosen detachment list.

I hope you’ve found this topic to be interesting to read. If you have any comments on anything I’ve mentioned here, or your views on the Primaris marines, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

I’ll be back on Saturday to show my current progress on my Black Templars collection. I hope you are all having a fantastic day today! 



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