(War)hammer horror 2018

I’m one of the rare few people that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, not because I hate it or for any religious reasons (well, kinda, I’m a fanatic of Lorgar and the Word Bearers), but it just never got my attention. Sure I did dress up for Halloween when I was young, but that went when I got to my early teens.

I guess it’s because I found the whole thing as not being scary or interesting, just trick or treating and dressing up. So for many years I’ve not had the festive feeling like many do. In fact, I never went to Halloween parties because I didn’t fit in with the rest. ASD has been my constant challenge that I’ve had to adapt with since I came into this world.

This year, well, I’ve finally got he feeling to try and join in on the fun in my own way. Instead of dressing up and knocking on doors or partying, I’d do my own festive fun. Every year on the 31st of October I’ll be celebrating (War)Hammer Horror day, showing horror related stuff like painting horror themed models, books and stuff I’ve found.

The family photo of ghosts, murderers, traitors and witch’s!

This year saw the release of the Nighthaunt faction for AoS, and what better time to celebrate (War)hammer horror than to start painting ghosts of the damned!

I’ve already got most of my models painted as part of my Inspired Soul Wars Collection series, but I haven’t gathered them together before in photo.

So here’s my gathering of my Nighthaunt faction, based on the gathering lead by Pharus Thaum in the Soul Wars novel.

Looking at it now, it’s one of the most beautifully horrifying painted collections I’ve done to date, both alluring by the colours and horror of seeing these ghosts massed as one. As this will be my last army based project alongside my Sacrosanct Chamber army, I’m happy to have painted this army to finish off my army painting days.

But it’s not only the Nighthaunt that come out at night to terrify the villagers, as other foul monsters by Nagash’s will stalk the forests and underworld of civilisations.

From Soulblight Vampires to insanely crooked Necromancers, I’ve added a few neglected Death alliance models to my collection. As allies, they can do the magic stuff that my Nighthaunt can’t.

The Word Bearers

After reading the Primarch series on Lorgar, I was inspired once again by BL and the works of literature for the Word Bearers. Unlike most legions, I always found the Word Bearers to be the top of the list when it comes to fascinating stories.

After nearly six years of neglect, I’m finally going to read the Word Bearers Omnibus by Anthony Reynolds. I’m enjoying it so far, still nearly passed chapter one. Why neglected you may be asking? Well, that’s a horror story in itself actually.

You see from the crack marks on the book, this book along with me had both survived a freak bus accident.

During my teens, I was a passenger on a minibus going back from school (thank god those days are done). One minute I was daydreaming, then the next the bus suddenly swerved and rolled-over off the road into a farm field. I couldn’t tell at the time since the whole event was blurred due to the speed of the bus. But once it stopped I only realised then that the bus had overturned. Luckily I survived with no major injuries, but I was mentally scarred by the event with anxiety issues for several months.

I still remember to this day when I looked in my bag (which was thrown wayback in the crushed bus) that my book survived with scars of its own. You could say the undivided pantheons saved me, well, probably not, but it makes me wonder sometimes.

It was a few weeks later after the event that I found out that the driver had by drinking and driving way over the limit.

Back to the book, I could never read it past chapter one every time I tried reading it. I don’t get any mental flashbacks from picking it up, but there’s this feeling I get every time where I can’t continue past chapter one. I like reading books, heck I usually put a book down I don’t like by chapter 2 or 3, but never chapter 1.

Very spooky (okay it’s not scary, but strange for me anyways).

So that’s it for (War)hammer horror 2018. Not a lot to type, but it’s a start. I’m hoping to make 2019 more festive by the time I have plans for content, possibly more Nighthaunt or other deathly creatures of the undead.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Inspired Soul Wars Collection: The Rise and Fall of Pharus Thaum

Got myself a Night of Shrouds the other day, and I’ve already finished painting it yesterday!

Before reading further, Just to warn you that if you haven’t read Soul Wars novel yet, ignore this post. There will be loads of spoilers in here so best avoid it, but read on if your interested still!


Once mortal of flesh and blood, a hero was slain on his final hours fighting the odds against his favour.

The Great Necromancer reaches for this soul to be sent back to his kingdom in the Realm of Shyish. A worthy soul to add to his unquestionable legion of the dead.

A God as old as the World-That-Was saw this hero’s deeds of heroism and sacrifice, so he reforged him as an immortal warrior clad in midnight black armour of Sigmarite. Bearing his lantern of judgment and his halberd in the other, Pharus Thaum, Lord Castellant of the Anvils of Heldenhammer was bearer of Sigmars light in the dark.

But his death should have belonged to Nagash, the Great Necromancer and god of the dead. A single soul stolen from Nagash is a missing tool to the great work. The Soul thief yet again is one step forward.

During his greatest challenge, Pharus Thaum protected the civilians of Glymmsforge from supernatural horrors. His efforts to protect the innocent have earned him both fear and respect of the citizens. Truly, nothing can defeat this hero?

Years, decades, even centuries go by and more souls are gone beyond his reach. Nagash in his deluded sense of justice sees this as an act of war. But who would steal what was rightfully his?

During the Necroquake, Pharus sacrifices himself to save a fellow Stormcast from deaths cold grasp. All would see him reforged and returned to the mortal realms again, but changed as expected by all who know the price of being a Stormcast Eternal.

The chaos gods? No, they couldn’t take every soul even the purest ones. The Aleves? They are mysterious creatures who could be the culprits behind this atrocity. No, no, it can be them. Could it be Sigmar?

Pharus Thaum’s reforging went astray when he was tormented as a gheist made from pure lighting. Rampaging in Azyr, he was finally lost to Sigmar as he fell through the many realms from the sky of Azyr, all the way down to Shyish.

What? That can’t be a comet, the sky is as dead as the dry soil and death sand of the deserts. There’s lightning coming off this fallen object, like it’s alive. Nagash plucks this soul from its full in his bony claw. After much thought and suggestion by Arkhan the Black, Nagash used this opportunity to rebuild this soul anew into his service.

All is on with Nagash, he endures even by fatal defeats. A legion of many and all serve him in death by his will. Pharus Thaum is now part of his legions, a half bred of Stormcast and undead. The man he was is now long dead and never to return, for he is now only a fragment of memories.

All is one with Nagash……..

I’ve just recently brought myself a Night of Shrouds kit the other day, which I’ve painted with much enthusiasm and determination to finish. I’ll be basing it on Pharus Thaum, a tragic character who would become a shadow of his former self as seen in Soul Wars.

One of my favourite villains in the story, Pharus morphs from a noble hearted warrior, to a slowly cold minded monster who would slay in the name of Nagash. You feel his pain as his story progresses with each chapter pulling him further into bitterness. It’s thanks to Nagash that Pharus would become the first victim of his Stormcast kin to be reshaped as a Night of Shrouds.

It raises a question of wether Nagash will create more of these lords from fallen Stormcast Eternals?

I personally liked Pharus Thaums story arc as it gave AoS a morbid story of fallen grace, where redemption to return as an immortal hero is impossible. He could have been a fantastic long running villain for AoS and Lord Arcanum Balthas’s nemesis, but alas he was finally defeated and gone from the world.

That’s only one of the few nitpicks I have with the novel, as Pharus could have been a really compelling villain to follow and see him evolve as a villain. He knows about Azyr and a life as a Stormcast Eternal, and his loss with bitterness against Sigmar for not saving him. I understand that he was necessary as an opponent to test Balthas to save/defeat Pharus that he failed to do the first time.

Lord Arcanum Balthas facing Pharus Thaum

But you might be wondering how I can play my Knight of Shrouds as Pharus if he’s gone for good? Well, with excuses and creative liberties, I have an idea! Basically this Knight of Shrouds is a shadow of Pharus, a copy you might say that Nagash created as an improvement from god first failed creation. This one still having the same spark of lighting (which Nagash saved for experimentation) as before, but smaller and less prominent. With hardly much memories left, this Pharus retains all the hatred and zeal against Sigmar and his creations.

Not the most unique excuse, but it at least gives me the best explanation to play my model as Pharus.

So now that my leader for the Nighthaunt collection is painted, I’ve only got one more unit left to paint before I’m done with the collection. What I do after that Is just some additional work with units and possibly adding endless spells onto my collection.

Spirt hosts await me!


Thank you for reading this post, if you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Rebasing my Orks

With Orktober in full swing now that Speedfreaks is on pre-order, I realised two things this week. 1) I still need to paint my Gretchins, I’ve been too distracted by my AoS project for weeks now. 2) I’ve also realised that some of the Ork kits will be changed to 32mm bases.

Problem is, months ago I was using the old bases which I’ve textured and painted. Now I’ve got to rip all of my Orks off their old bases and put them on 32mm. Great!

However, on the bright side, I can already see the benefits for having my Orks on 32mm bases! After the transfer work was done, I have some points below on my afterthoughts.

  • No more foot over the base, obviously.
  • The Orks look more impressive and dare I say bigger now that they fit nicely on their new bases.
  • Ork HQ look way better with the changes, especially the Painboy, as before his old base made him look less imposing compared to a Primaris Space marine.
  • Bad Moons on 32mm bases beat the other zogging git klans, I’m looking at you especially, Red Sunz!

Here’s how they look now!

Following units re-based: Ork Boyz, Weirdboy, Mek, Nobz, Stormboyz, Painboy, Runtherder and Kommandoz.

Now that I’ve got that side track task done, I can go back to focusing on the Gretchins. Then I can finally add a new Ork Vehicle before finishing the whole project off by getting my hands on the Codex.

It’s gonna be sad to finish this project off, although it’ll end on a natural conclusion as a Patrol detachment, it’s sad that this fun project will end soon. There’s a personal reason why I’ll be sad to finish it, but I’ve mention it before, which I won’t go on about here.

Anyways, I’m freaking excited about Orktober so far! Are you enjoying Orktober so far? What are your plans for Ork stuff this month?


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Inspired Soul Wars Collection: The Skeletons did it!

Today I have a unit of Deathrattle models and two Hero models that were re-based, and added to my Soul Wars Collection. After rebasing the on the right bases (were 32mm, now 25mm, don’t ask me why I did it on 32mm), I textured the bases in line with the rest of my collection.

My Deathrattle are based on the sub faction led by King Yuros, a Crypt King who seemed way too jolly and dashing in his skeletal prime. He took part in the war at Glymmsforge, which this war loving king helped strike into the city with his mindless hordes of Skeletal warriors.

The Deathrattle will be allies to my Nighthaunt collection, just to fill in the gap to evenly balance the point total with the Stormcast Eternals.

I’ve done a Necromancer too, not a notable character, but would likely be pawn to raise the undead.

The first ten Skeleton Warriors rebased and ready to play.

I have a few more undead models to paint, but my priorities are to get myself a Knight of Shrouds and paint my Spirit Host to finish off the Nighthaunt collection. I only just realised a two days ago that I had a unit of Spirit Hosts, and since they’re part of the Nighhaunt faction, I can add them to my collection.

After that, it’s just getting the next ten Skeleton warriors and ten Grave Guard painted. All of this will give me an est total of 1,500pt army list.

Oh yeah it’s nearly Halloween! I might have something spooky up my sleeves for a special undead themed post.

A ‘Soulblight’ special 🧛‍♂️


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Prosecutors of the Gravewalkers Chamber

After finishing off my last unit of Sequitors for my Sacrosanct Chamber, I went straight onto painting my Warrior Chamber of the Gravewalkers, the Anvils of Heldenhammer who guard Glymmsforge. I thought it would be fitting to paint my Prosecutors based on the legendary unit led by Prosecutor-Prime Galen Sleekwing, who helped Glymm (now known as Knossos Heavensen) defeat Vaslbad the Unrelenting during the first war for Glymmsforge.

During the battle, both human and Stormcast worked together to face against Vaslbad the Unrelenting, who wanted to seize the Free-City of Glymmsforge’s realmgate so that Nagash can summon his undead legions into the realm of Azyr.

Galen Sleekwing swooped into battle and took away Vaslbads only defence from his immortal life, his protective banner he took on his skeletal mount. When he lost his banner, he was vulnerable against any blessed weapons that would kill any foolish Soulblight vampire.

Glymm rode to war with his blessed lance and impaled the cursed Soulblight vampire through the heart. A major victory for the defenders of Glymmsforge and it’s safe keeping of its realmgate, the Shimmergate. However, this would come at a price as Glymm himself was fatally sliced in half by Vaslbad, his valiant heroism and victory was cut short.

But Sigmar had seen Glymm’s heroic deed and reforged him as Knossos Heavensen, Lord Arcanum of the Hammers of Sigmar Sacrosanct Chamber.

Galen Sleekwing would later return to defend Glymmsforge when the Knight of Shrouds, Malendrek, led his Nighthaunt host into a seige warfare to take the Free-City.

Whilst it took me only two days after painting my Sequitor cohort, it wasn’t plain sailing when painting this unit. Originally they were going to be part of my Knights of Excelsior warband in games of Skirmish. However, after reading Soul Wars novel, I wanted the unit to be in this collection instead.

Since they already had a white undercoat, it was difficult for me to Prime it in black as 1) I needed several coats of paint and 2) I didn’t have much paint in the spray can at the time. So, I had to paint areas that didn’t get the Black Prime with Abbadon Black, which wasn’t as good as Model colour Matt black in my opinion.

Anyways, it took me some time to get the coating right, but thankfully the unit was finally painted in the end!

Next up, I only have a unit of two Retributors left to paint before I need to get additional models for the collection. It’s been ages since I’ve brought miniatures for the project as I’ve been saving up for Orktober (and golfing equipment, but that’s a story for another day!).

My plan is to get the Knight of Shrouds model and the Shadespire Stormcast set, which will not only add more notable hero’s to my collection, but finish off the series. Well more like a series finale as break, I don’t want to burn out doing this project for too long.

Anyways, I’ll get back to work on my Retributors. Until next time!


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Second Cohort of Sequitors [Sacrosanct Chamber final!]

As the final unit of Sequitors are painted and the basing done, I was finally relieved to have finished this collection after what seemed like a long journey. I’m proud to have made it to this point of the series, I feel like a duardin fulfilling one of the many oaths I’ve promised (well partly, I still have the Nighthaunt to finish off and some Stormcast Eternals that aren’t Part of the Sacrosanct Chamber faction).

Today’s post is going to be in two parts, one focusing on the second cohort of Sequitors, and the other being a full showcase of the collection. Starting off, here’s my final unit of Sequitors, led by Sequitor Prime Porthas.

I brought the Tempest of Souls set which only had five Sequitors, two being Primes. Since I wanted both Mara and Porthas, I needed a female prime model (found in the Storm strike set) so the second prime was made as a regular Sequitor. You’ll notice the model on the far right has distinct features of a prime which sadly I couldn’t get rid of easily without ruining the model. I imagined this model being bestowed honours during secret missions when the Sacrosanct was still a secretive Chamber.

The second cohort is led by Sequitor Prime Porthas, who along with Mara’s cohort fought alongside Lord Arcanum Balthas during the battle of Glymmsforge. Whilst nothing is known in detail about Porthas, we do see how well he and Mara’s cohorts fight, with great team work and devoted to fight against the undead horrors unleashed by the Great Necromancer.

If Balthas and his Chamber do have their story continued in future books, I’d like to see more about Porthas and what his strengths and weaknesses are, and what was his past life like before being reforged. AoS is getting better each year now thanks to GW and Black Library’s hard work and creativity, we’re seeing more narrative progression and stories about the mortal realms in novels and gaming supplements. Hopefully these stories will be continued for years to come.

Now it’s time to have a look at the Anvils of Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber Collection!Lord Arcanum Balthas leads his Chamber to battle against the damned legions and the legions of the undead, smite by hammer and magic.

Knight-Incantor Miska channels the winds of Azyr to Perform a deadly spell against even the strongest of corrupted champions.

Lord Arcanum Balthas channels his magical talents using the alchemy winds of Chammon (lore of Metal).

Heroic in stature is Sequitor Prime Mara, but nevertheless she is determined to see the enemy of Sigmar destroyed for the preservation of order.

Evocator Prime bares the scars of war on his face that looks grim and morbid, his skills of the blade and magic is much to be feared and respected.

The wonders of warfare science has created such exquisite, master-crafted and deadly crafted weapons like the Celestar Ballista the means to being punishment from afar.

Evocator Helios along with a lone Gryphound share a common goal for loathing Chaos, the undead minions of Nagash even more.

Sequitor Prime Porthas and his cohort are warriors made for war, immortal by Sigmars creation, but not without a price……

The Castigators led by Castigator Prime Qunitus are specialists of long range weaponry, they are just as deadly as their close combat kin.

If you want to see more of these painted models on their own, check out my previous posts on Inspired Soul Wars Collection series on my blog.

That’s it for this long and well deserved finale post on my Sacrosanct Chamber side of the project. I’d recommend reading the novel Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds, as a staring point for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar for newcomers and long time readers. It’s a fascinating story full of strange and wonderful characters and locations that make the story feel like a good read.

However this isn’t the end of Inspired Soul Wars Collection, as I’ve mentioned above I’ve got more work to do! Currently I’m getting my unit of Prosecutors painted, representing the unit led by Prosecutor-Prime Galen Sleekwing.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


A. Cat

I did a tribute acrylic painting inspired by the lovable and morally “good” Khajiit hero of *TES IV: Oblivion, The Adventures of Autism-cat. A YouTube series created by Wilburgur, god of Memedus and Hero of Kvatch (and by god did he screw up summoning a corrupted Joffrey in Morrowind!)

If your curious who Autism-cat is, and where you can see more of Wilburgur’s work, I have a link below to his official YouTube channel.


*TES IV: Oblivion is a game by Bethesda.

The Grey-mane Dynasty lore revised and updated: part 1 of 2- pre history before the Age of Sigmar

This post is an updated and revised version of my own homebrew lore on my Stormcast Eternals Stormhost. Today’s post is one big mega post that tell the pre history of the Grey-manes, from the Age of Myth to the Age of Chaos.

I wanted to correct areas that I’ve overlooked and any mistakes that don’t fit into the lore of AoS. I hope you’ll enjoy this post!


Lore of the realms: The Grey-mane Dynasty part 1, The founding (generation one and two)

When the realms were born from the destructive aftermath of the The world-that-was, civilisation began anew from the ashes of the old world. Many would start out as farmers, tribal communities and small established villages.

But, unlike most civilisations, the Grey-mane Dynasty started out as a mystery to outsiders. The remaining evidence found of legends behind the founding of the dynasty may hold the answers. Or even more questions as to how the dynasty first established it’s place in the mortal realms.

The founding

During the beginning of the Age of Myth, eight individuals were created by an unknown entity at the top of the Volcano known as Valixxnnium. The entity in question may have been, as Scholars have predicted, to be one of the fabled ‘Old ones’ or possibly an ancient Slann from one of Aqshy’s many constellations. But none have so far produced sufficient evidence to prove these two theories.

The eight individuals were created to be unique in their talents for the eight magical winds, drawing their powers to do both battle and talents at their chosen field of specialty. These gifted individuals were not as powerful as the gods, nor demigods either, but they were still very talented as strong battle mages.

In giving these powers to the individuals, the entity had set about rules and wisdom to start building a civilisation through peace and unity. Before the individuals began building their established hold, they were requested to meet the entity at the top of the tallest mountain called Silver throne.The mountain was said to be a creation of the entity, a magical terraforming that created a mountain that could reach the sea of stars themselves. It was said that the mountain was formed to be the *peak of communication to the exalted beings from the stars.

(*However, as of current scriptures from Azyr scouts, this communication has been silent since the Age of Chaos. Although some rumours suggest that there has been sightings of a cult that are trying to re-communicate with these exalted entity’s).

It took the eight individuals a month to climb the mountain, it’s height was higher compared to it’s lower sibling of Valixxnium. For an average person, the trek up the mountain would surely take longer, without a map to show a quicker way of climbing the vast rocky slopes of Silver throne.

This was intentional as a defence against trespassers and enemy tribes who would seek to claim the mountain as their own stronghold. As the eight figures arrived at the summit of Silver throne, the entity bestowed each individual a gift. Artefacts that represent each individual based on their chosen wind of magic, and their role in the newly created civilisation.

Before the entity left, it decreed that these eight individuals will be named the Grey-manes, the highest authority and elders that will guide and teach the generations towards the path of enlightenment. The price for this rank is that these individuals will never own wealth, political power of an agenda (neutral ground) or self indulgents*.

(*For example they can’t own wealth in gold nor jewellery, as that would be a self indulgent possession. However, they are allowed to earn what they’ve worked on like building a house, mount a slain dragons head on a wall on top of the fireplace and forge their own swords/ staffs.)

However, the price was far more deeper than the entity had predicted, its meddling with the winds of magic would have repercussions for this dynasty in the future. Whilst this meddling would be pale in comparison to Nagash’s Necroquake, it would still be as devastating to the dynasty itself.

First and second generation

The transition from first to second generation is unrecorded and sketchy, since during that time no one had recorded but instead tell tales of legends to be passed down to future generations. In fact, no one really knew much about the first Grey-manes and how they successfully established their hold on Aqshy. All that is know, is that they have created a hold in the east as a starting point to build their dynasty.

The second generation however had a few records that started to show the dynasty’s aspirations, culture and philosophy. Notable remaing records found on Grey-manes that lived were Aghrath the Fire born, Barathor the Shadow, Arashar the Metal and Allnaria the Light. It is assumed that the remains four Grey-manes were traveling around different realms to find new sources of knowledge and people to join their growing dynasty. Also, the titles for the Grey-manes were simple ones, having not established much sophisticated knowledge to be named authentic.

Architecture was first established at this time period, having built simple huts and progressive knowledge on building stone walls for defence. This generation has simple ideals and concepts towards their dream architecture plans for the civilisation to thrive upon. Artworks and planning scrolls that show the future hold was an inspiring presence to many, as they started to build the new hold.

By the time the second generation of Grey-manes had passed away, the third generation had carried on the great task of finishing the predecessors goal of building a fortified stronghold for their dynasty. Consistent records show that there has been an evolution for the title of the Grey-manes, with all eight elders being recorded from this generation.

  • Tenvarskar, The Fireborn (the General of the strongholds army and chief of the ritual leader for Valixxinum day)
  • Arashar, The Alchemist (alchemy master and forger of metals)
  • Malinthor, The shadewatcher (unknown role)
  • Valenheim, The oakwise (ambassador for Alariella and agricultural chief for food and plant life)
  • Lixznumor, The Heaven listener (communicator to the entity and voice of wisdom)
  • Alcazzar, The Cryptkeeper (lord of the crematory and chief of the Crypt cult)
  • Alinaria, The lightseer (mistress of the light covern)
  • Gorkror, The Wildborn (ambassador to Gorrkamorka, and hunter of the wild)

By the time the stronghold was built, the Greymanes were at a point similar to the Middle Ages, masters in the art of both battle and peaceful idealists. The Grey-mane dynasty was now fully established, drawing in many travellers and merchants who have flooded the stronghold with goodwill and trade.

At this time, the third generation were at an age where they can take some minor responsibility from their parents roles, carrying on the legacy of their predecessors to a new and bright age of peace and harmony.However, the repercussions of the past have now started to take its toll on the third generation, as they realise the full price of what it means to be a Grey-mane.

Lore of the realms: The Grey-mane Dynasty part 2, A dynasty falls (generation three to eight)

Third generation to Fifth

It became apparent that the gifts bestowed upon the Grey-manes were not as pure as they originally thought. The entity’s selfish tampering with the winds of magic to create gifted users of these elements had major setbacks upon the Grey-manes. For example, the Arashar line of the Metal Alchemist lineage have an obsessive compulsion to eat their own kin as sustenance to survive.

A theory behind this defect can be explained due to the bloodlines use in metal magic, some containing lethal chemicals that alter their taste and senses for food. However, some will deny this theory as blasphemy, instead suggesting that the entity had in some way intended this deficiency to be part of their bloodline.

Wether by pure magical science for research observations, or by some sick irony upon the linage as a distraction for the entities amusement. The Arashar line wasn’t the only linage to be affected by defects in their bloodline, other Grey-manes have developed different impurity in their generations.

  • Fire Grey-manes have developed a tendency to lose their morality when they fight in battles for too long. Possibly caused by the bloodlines heritage of the wind of Aqshy, maybe by more sinister roots from dark influence. They also develop delusions of seeing past Grey-manes of their linage, mocking them as failures as they surround him/her in battle.
  • Death Grey-manes over time become increasingly pale as their skin dissolves away to become a skeletal being with a soul and personality of the Grey-mane intact. Possibly linked to the Nighthaunts?
  • Light Grey-manes have been said to have a shorter life span than most of their kin. This is due to their light magic causes radiation excess absorption, that degenerates the life span of the Grey-mane until death.
  • Life Grey-manes, although not all of their generations, suffer from a form of Lycanthropy of changing into a tree spirt like the Sylvaneth and other life based creatures. This can spread to others once the host becomes a full Hybrid Sylvaneth, spreading spores to anyone nearby to create lesser servants to the Alpha/Matron. However, such claims have not been clarified due to insufficient evidence. Although, the Everqueen was rumoured to have commanded these so called beings during the Age of Chaos.

Shadow Grey-manes [N/A]

  • Heaven Grey-manes are reported to have had increasing difficulty in controlling their magic capabilities, as their constant scrying for the heavens has left them in a state of constant influx in paradox. In some cases, leading them to either being in a coma, or death by miscast. Rumours say that the dead Grey-manes of this linage become spectral ghosts, having being one with the heavens as guides for future Grey-manes. Could Sigmar somehow be behind this?
  • Metal Grey-manes suffer from compulsive cannibalistic hunger, cause unknown.
  • Beast Grey-manes will eventually lose their humanity by old age and become one with the chosen realm for eternity. Some become savages like the Savage Orruk, others become obsidian wraith guardians of the grave, or even guardians as a knight of green for the Sylvaneth. Evidence for this bizarre defect has yet to be explained.

From third to fifth generation, the Grey-manes had started to become complacent with the old ways, the limitations had strained them of their full potential as powerful leaders. One Grey-mane of the Life winds of magic linage, an old man called Avroskat, declared his intentions to the entity at the top of Silver throne. The foolish Grey-mane was banished, stripped of his powers and burnt alive by the entity’s cruel temper. Which left the poor old man to crawl away.

Only years later would he be found by a scholar of Azyr during the Age of Sigmar. A researcher named Fanzario was looking for evidence relating to the fate of Avroskat, eventually finding him as a soul carin, a shadow of his former self dwelling at the marsh of ‘Dead mans transgressions’.

No one has since defied the entity’s intentions, that was until the last surviving generation put an end to the old ways, before the Age of Chaos arrived to take the dynasty to the grave.

Six to Seventh generation

During these next generations, the Grey-names had made alliances with many factions, including the wise spirits of the Sylvaneth, profiteering fleets of the Kharadron Overlords and the sea traders of the Scourge Privateers. However, such wealth of trade and prosperity had caused dire temptations for the Grey-manes, for the gleam of crystals and rich treasures beckoned the lords to drink deeply into their deepest desires.

Secretly, the Grey-manes smuggled these items with dark hunger, as their minds were clouded by greediness, like deep darkness. The generation of the sixth gorged on this greed to a sickening downfall, as they slowly forgot the duties that they had been entrusted with. The society reflected upon this greed with prejudice and hierarchy. Eventually, the three rank sectors of the dynasty became areas of class, from first to third, these areas would define you by wealth and power.

The Grey-manes at this time began to bicker and revolt against each other, boasting superiority over equal power sharing. The unity was crumbling like the ground beneath their feet like fissures. Many were banished, some were prejudice by political gains, as well as in rarer cases, hanged for treason by choice or false allegations. In truth, this was the first sin upon which Chaos grew from the underbelly of the dynasty.

The prince of Excess, Slannesh, whispered untold temptations into the ears of the Grey-manes. Although the God was still stuffed with the souls from it’s last meal, it needed more fresh souls to swallow. The seeds of Chaos are growing, and soon they shall open to unleash the great swarm from the damn realm.

Scribes researching this historical period had gathered information as best they could on the Grey-manes alive at that time. Surprisingly, Franzario had uncovered records of the Shadow Grey-manes title and name, however, nothing far from this small information has come to light. What worries him is the titles ominous meaning, could it be related to Chaos, or even Nagash’s own covenant.

  • Gartraitor, Grand Marshal of the Valixxnium armada (Fire Grey-mane)
  • [N/A] (Beast)
  • Dalinarius, Daughter of the blind seekers (Light Grey-mane)
  • Croscravo, Warden of the Crypt (Death Grey-mane)
  • Arashar, Master Alchemist (Metal Grey-Mane)
  • [N/A] (Life Grey-mane)
  • Farenlik, Overseer of the Heavens (Celestial Grey-mane)
  • Yanlija, Mistress of the Shadow coven (Shadow Grey-mane)

The last generation (Eighth generation)

At this point in time, the dynasty had cut all ties with the entity, save for Talvar, a Celestial Grey-mane who kept in contact with his master. The dynasty was in a state of anarchy, the higher borns of the third sector tried to rig the economy to fit into their ideal lifestyle, leaving the poor to be crushed by inflation in taxes and lack of income to live on.

Soon disease started to spread around the first and second sectors, many being innocent slum dwellers who were riddled with uncountable diseases. One notable event was the ‘Seven brothers of the noose’ a horrid and sickening display of prejudice against the poor had riled the first sector into madness and rage.

The noble who caused the violence was called Baren Liventekk, he had seven sons of his own who lived in the second sector as noble privileged. He and his sons were dragged from their house by the rioting crowds back to the first sector, where they were smothered in diseases and hung at the gallows by laughing peasants.

So it was that this day would be marked as the ‘Seven sons of the noose’, it would soon be made into a nursery rhyme that would tell the grim tale that the afflicted would laugh at, as their bodies slowly rotted away. They would praise the grandfather for his blessings to free them from the pain. When they ask for him seven times, he will elevate them to rot-hood……

Only a few were Grey-manes of the eighth generation were around, the transition from seventh to eighth had been cut short by war and poverty between the lords. Only four of the eight Grey-mane linages had a successor in this generation, sadly, this would be the last chapter for the dynasty.

  • Arashar ‘the exile’ (Metal Grey-mane)
  • Tivan ‘the mad’ (Beast Grey-mane)
  • Talvar and Lokar, brothers of the Celestial college (Celestial Grey-mane)
  • Malthran, Grand Marshal of the Valxxinum armada (Fire Grey-mane)

Grey-manes like Arashar, Tivan, Dalinarius and Gartraitor were denied their rights by political backstabbing and jealousy. Arashar, a victim of prejudice by the people and machinations of the conspiring Grey-manes by Yanlija and Farenlik. She would later be casted out of the dynasty, left on her own to defend herself in the heated wastelands of Aqshy.

Tivan was going mad from his old age, his transition was starting to change him. However, rather than letting him free to find his calling, he was locked in a cage in the first sector like a rabid dog. His transition was corrupted for this act, as the diseases started to seep into his flesh as he evolved into a diseased ridden lunatic.

Dalinarius was assassinated by Yanlija at the top of beacon tower, as her welcoming light around the dynasty faded away. No one knows who contracted Yanlija to kill the her own kin, however, her deeds are somehow connected to the downfall of the dynasty. Now that the lights were cut out across the dynasty, the road was clear for enemies to invade and pillage the settlements.

As for Gartraitor, he would be murdered by his son, Malthran, for keeping hold of the dying old ways. The young Grand Marshal declared a new order for the dynasty, the devotion to the ‘Eighth god’.

Age of Chaos

Everything was set in motion now that the dynasty was left defenceless from invaders. Without the four remaining loyalists to the old ways, the kingdom was beset by tyranny of fascist regime led by Malthran as its High Marshal. He declared that the dynasty must burn all texts and items related to the old ways, instead adopting the strict teachings of the ‘Eighth God’.

However, not all of the traitors shared the same view as Malthran’s fascist empire of war and butchery. Yanlija had set her sights on Malthran as her target for assassination. She ordered all of her warriors to prepare for war, thw shadow knights in midnight black marched out from the darkness to attack the Valxxinum armada. The kingdom was at war, fire, blood , death and despair clutched at the throbbing black heart of the dynasty. Friends became enemies, families tore at each other’s throats, lovers became backstabbers and children became victims as casualties.

This once sacred and perfect kingdom was now tarnished by greed, disease, hatred and deceit.Talvran could only watch from Silver Thorne as the smoke from the fires ascended to the black chocking skies. All was lost, the entities grand plan was tarnished by it’s own creations. The entity left it’s failed experiments to die, it didn’t heed the cries for help from the dying victims of this atrocity.

So it was that Talvran called to the heavens for help in his direst need. Then with a shudder of the earth and the roar from the sky, a gigantic drake descended down from the veil of the stars. With this opportunity, Talvran pleaded the star drake to save his brother, Lokar, who was still inside the kingdom. The drake without question flew towards the kingdom, saving Lokar from deaths grasp, and took him to Azyr in Sigmars realm.

With his brother safe, Talvran stayed to guard Silver Throne until his death.

Meanwhile, the war was continuing within the walls of the dynasty, as Malthran ordered the complete slaughter of all who opposed his rulership. Yanlija’s men had broken into the main palace, and stormed into the throne room to face Malthran to duel for the death. However, before they could fight each other, news had arrived that Tivan had been released from his cage, leading an army of diseased peasants towards the third sector. He had become a plague ridden mad man on his steed of Pestilent disease.

He had been blessed by Nurgle to bring joy to the living by spreading his sickened to everyone around the sectors. The situation was even more dire as the sky itself tore a great deep wound, as thousands of daemons descended upon the kingdom like flaming astroids. It was apparent that the war had escalated beyond just a civil war, it became a war of survival.It was then that the three colossal exalted daemons of both Tzeentch, Khorne and Nurgle fought for this kingdom as their own.

They fought to take this land as their own, by the will of their patron god. Anyone caught in between the battle would be killed without mercy, like specks of dust. Malthran, proving his skills as mighty warrior for slaughtering many worthy foes, was exalted as Khorne’s pawn. His duel with Yanlija would last throughout the dark night, as both warriors duelled through the fires and corpses of the palace halls.With one mighty swing of his accursed axe, Grimskorr, decapitated Yanlija like soft meat. Her body fell to the floor, as her pale and slender form rolled down the steps.

As Malthran lifted his prizes decapitated head aloft, his power grew, as well as his rage. He left the palace aflame to lead his newly formed legion on a journey to slaughter and butchery, leaving behind his heritage as a Grey-mane to the ashes.

As the dawn arises from behind mount Valixxinum, the dynasty was nothing but a husk of its former self. All around its keep were corpses of the dead, burnt houses and old buildings and the rising smoke from the fires that burnt the dynasty to the ground. The once great society that was lead by wise rulers, had now become a dark reflection on the past.

The aftermath towards the Age of Sigmar

However, not all of the Grey-manes had died from the Age of Chaos, a few that did survive would go onto lead mighty armies of good, evil and middle ground allegiance.Below are records of what Fanzario could uncover from the surviving Grey-manes that still walk in the realms. There’re were others in the linage unrecorded from the past, but they remain forgotten or kept in secret by Sigmar command.

  • Elder Hag Hexter (the last Arashar of the eighth generation)
  • Oaken ancient Ghuldryad (suspected to be a Grey-mane of the Beast, citation needed)
  • Croscavro, Wight king of Frost Crosil Crypt (seventh generation Death Grey-mane)
  • Matron of the Shadows (suspected to be a Grey-mane of Shadows, but from which generation has not been found)
  • Lord Celestant of the Grey-mane truce. Leader of the Grey-mane Stormhost of the Warrior Chamber, Lords of the Pisces (suspected to have been Loken, who was saved during the fall of the dynasty)

The Grey-mane dynasty influence maybe gone from the lands of Aqshy and the other realms, but it still lives on with the few that survived the Age of Chaos. To this day, many factions fight to secure the ruins of the vanquished dynasty hold as a bastion to build upon for power and influence.

Even Elder Hag Queen Hexter herself wants to take the dynasty back from her long exile, to bring back the old ways as they should always be. In the Age of Sigmar, sightings suggest that many of the survivors and new factions are heading towards the Grey-mane dynasty to retake it as their own. Unbeknownst to them the Mighty Lord of Khorne, Malthran, ever vengeful sits on his throne of skulls, preparing his warhost for war inside mount Valixxinum………

My thoughts on blogging so far

I’m going to dedicate today’s post talking about the behind the scene stuff with my blog, hobby work and what my plans are going forward.


This year has been one of my best years of blogging to date, with more models painted (from Summer of hobbying being a major factor) and my painting skills more refined and improved. Whilst I’ve had a very low point due to my energy and time being focused on course work, I was able to balance both without failing my Art and Design grade and my interest in blogging.

I’ve been more open to talk to other bloggers and hobbyists this year too, giving my thoughts and positive comments. My humorous and at times kinda sarcastic side can be a problem at times when I’m stressed, depressed and so on. Especially after my dog passed away this year my tone got the better of me at my lowest times.

Viewing statistics are look good, a lot more people are visiting my blog monthly this year compared to last year. I’m amazed at how many Australians and Americans read my posts, I guess I have a few fan readers from both countries (Or Imperial Fist loving heretics!). By the end of this year I’m hoping the blog will surpass last years number of viewers, so I can set next years goal higher!

Likes and comments have been fantastic as always, this year being my best yet. The advice, criticism, positivity and likes have really helped me to improve on my work, as well as me feeling less sceptical about my painting lol. I always doubt my painting as to me it either looks fine or near good, I guess it’s just an artist scepticism I have. Thank you to everyone that’s supported me so far!

I’m happy still to be blogging on WordPress even when my motivation at times can be lower than normal. With my social life changing a lot for the past two years, I’m finding that blogging on WordPress has helped me to find people who aren’t big on inflated egos and dictated bullies (I get many people like that in RL :/).

Anyways, onto a positive subject, I hope to do more blogging on WordPress for years to come. From both my miniature painting posts to my own art work.

Hobby Work

What can I say, it’s been a very busy year for me with loads of projects on the go, I’ve not been too bored or out of ideas for my projects. This marks the end of my Stormcast Eternals Stormhost Warrior Chamber, Lords of the Pisces, which has been an ongoing project for a year now. I’m really pleased to have finally painted a fully playable 2,000pt AoS army, my second one done after my Clan Moulder army.

More great news is that I might be able to finish off another project this year, including my inspired Soul Wars Collection and my Orks army. These are two collections that have started this year, and surprisingly soon to be done in a matter of months.

My first ever project, the Dark Elves, have finally been pushed to my attention recently, many neglected models had finally been painted after nearly a decade of neglect. To date I currently have a fully playable army (fully painted too!) in order to play small games. There’re only four more units to paint and rebase on standby, soon I’ll finally say without a doubt that I’ll retire from the hobby once this project is done! (Only jk)

To date here’s what projects I’m currently working on.

Warhammer AoS

    Stormcast Eternals Sacrosanct Chamber (Anvils of Heldenhammer), based on the Chamber from the novel, Soul Wars. [nearly completed]
    Fyreslayer’s, Lodge Grymthenian. [completed for now]
    Maggotkin of Nurgle, Stagrot Gladiators. [put on backlog]
    Blades of Khorne, Skullfiend Tribe. [put on backlog]
    Skaven alliance, Clan Skelnix. [put on backlog]
    Nighthaunt, based on the faction from the novel, Soul Wars. [One more model to add before completed]
    Ghoul Ogres (Destruction proxy army). [one more model to paint and base a few models]
    Flesh Eater Courts, Liverbone Court. [put on backlog]

Overall, my AoS projects are slowly getting done, with my Ghoul Ogres, Nighthaunt and Flesh Eaters Court needing a few more work for completion. I don’t intend to buy more models for AoS after my Soul Wars collections are completed, as I’m pretty much done with AoS for awhile. It will be awhile until I get one project completed, so I’m not betting on a deadline or promise for the sake of not letting myself down.

Warhammer 40k

  1. Space marines, Black Templars (patrol detachment). [Needs five more marines painted in order to use Patrol detachment]
  2. Orks, Bad Moons Tribe (Patrol detachment). [30 more Gretchins to paint]
  3. Renegade Chaos space marines, Harbinger legion (Battalion detachment) [Two more units of marines to paint before completion].
  4. Death Guard, Harbinger legion [additional poxwalkers before completion]
  5. Emperors Children small host [completed]

Since my 40k collections are nearly completed (and few factions compared to AoS), so it’s just a matter of getting on with painting remaining model. My Black Templars are nearly done, just a couple of more units to paint before this year+ project is finally done.

On the other hand, my renegade Chaos space marines still need some work done before completed, I just need to finish off two more marines in order to fulfill my Demi company sized renegade chapter. Later on when more projects are completed, I may return back to this collection to fill it with more Rhinos, a Predator and maybe a Land Raider.

Finally, my Death Guard Collection is nearly completed with only a bit more work to do. I just need to add more poxwalkers and either an elite unit or fast attack unit to finish off the project.

  • AoS Skirmish
    1. SE Knights of Excelsior.
    2. Khorne Bloodbound, Axes of Skarbrand.
    3. Kharadron Overlords.

    Warhammer 40k Kill Team

    • Death Guard Rotworm Brotherhood.

    Going forwards

    Now onto the final and hardest part of this post, you’ll see why below.

    You see, I’ve been in this hobby for nearly a decade, I keep saying this in nearly every post, and I’ll keep saying it! It’s been an unforgettable journey that’s changed my life and my social confidence.

    However, it’s time I leave the big army collecting, as I move on to smaller scale collections/ single miniature projects.

    This year may have been fantastic like I mentioned earlier, but my life is getting more busier with looking at a future career and growing up. There will be a point when I will have to change the way I do project works, even if I will miss doing big challenges like army building. I can’t carry on the way I am with the hobby, as it’s becoming a problem since my early days.

    However, instead of leaving the hobby altogether and become a miserable husk, I have a new course for the next year in form of small mini projects (like INQ28, Kill Team, Skirmish and etc). The legends that are IRO, Heresyofus, Iron Sleet and many more have done smashing work with their own mini projects from AoS to 40k. So why not join the party?

    Already you’ll have seen my first attempt at doing a smaller project with my two posts, Primaris First founding legion chapter paintings and Kill Team Death Guard Rotworm Brotherhood. These posts are a start at trying out smaller projects that I’ve tried out for the past few weeks.

    I’m hopping to finish off a few big projects like my Emperors Children mini project, Sacrosanct Chamber project and Death Guard, before getting into new smaller projects, that way I won’t have as much guilt with neglecting my unfinished work.

    This has been a big post to cover, but I hope it’s given you guys a full picture on my current plans and how I problem solve my flaws. Next time I do one of these types of posts will be Christmas and New Year’s Day, and I’ve got some ideas on what to do for those two special days.

    Anyways that’s enough from me for today, time to get back to work!


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!