(War)hammer horror 2018

I’m one of the rare few people that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, not because I hate it or for any religious reasons (well, kinda, I’m a fanatic of Lorgar and the Word Bearers), but it just never got my attention. Sure I did dress up for Halloween when I was young, but that went when I got to my early teens.

I guess it’s because I found the whole thing as not being scary or interesting, just trick or treating and dressing up. So for many years I’ve not had the festive feeling like many do. In fact, I never went to Halloween parties because I didn’t fit in with the rest. ASD has been my constant challenge that I’ve had to adapt with since I came into this world.

This year, well, I’ve finally got he feeling to try and join in on the fun in my own way. Instead of dressing up and knocking on doors or partying, I’d do my own festive fun. Every year on the 31st of October I’ll be celebrating (War)Hammer Horror day, showing horror related stuff like painting horror themed models, books and stuff I’ve found.

The family photo of ghosts, murderers, traitors and witch’s!

This year saw the release of the Nighthaunt faction for AoS, and what better time to celebrate (War)hammer horror than to start painting ghosts of the damned!

I’ve already got most of my models painted as part of my Inspired Soul Wars Collection series, but I haven’t gathered them together before in photo.

So here’s my gathering of my Nighthaunt faction, based on the gathering lead by Pharus Thaum in the Soul Wars novel.

Looking at it now, it’s one of the most beautifully horrifying painted collections I’ve done to date, both alluring by the colours and horror of seeing these ghosts massed as one. As this will be my last army based project alongside my Sacrosanct Chamber army, I’m happy to have painted this army to finish off my army painting days.

But it’s not only the Nighthaunt that come out at night to terrify the villagers, as other foul monsters by Nagash’s will stalk the forests and underworld of civilisations.

From Soulblight Vampires to insanely crooked Necromancers, I’ve added a few neglected Death alliance models to my collection. As allies, they can do the magic stuff that my Nighthaunt can’t.

The Word Bearers

After reading the Primarch series on Lorgar, I was inspired once again by BL and the works of literature for the Word Bearers. Unlike most legions, I always found the Word Bearers to be the top of the list when it comes to fascinating stories.

After nearly six years of neglect, I’m finally going to read the Word Bearers Omnibus by Anthony Reynolds. I’m enjoying it so far, still nearly passed chapter one. Why neglected you may be asking? Well, that’s a horror story in itself actually.

You see from the crack marks on the book, this book along with me had both survived a freak bus accident.

During my teens, I was a passenger on a minibus going back from school (thank god those days are done). One minute I was daydreaming, then the next the bus suddenly swerved and rolled-over off the road into a farm field. I couldn’t tell at the time since the whole event was blurred due to the speed of the bus. But once it stopped I only realised then that the bus had overturned. Luckily I survived with no major injuries, but I was mentally scarred by the event with anxiety issues for several months.

I still remember to this day when I looked in my bag (which was thrown wayback in the crushed bus) that my book survived with scars of its own. You could say the undivided pantheons saved me, well, probably not, but it makes me wonder sometimes.

It was a few weeks later after the event that I found out that the driver had by drinking and driving way over the limit.

Back to the book, I could never read it past chapter one every time I tried reading it. I don’t get any mental flashbacks from picking it up, but there’s this feeling I get every time where I can’t continue past chapter one. I like reading books, heck I usually put a book down I don’t like by chapter 2 or 3, but never chapter 1.

Very spooky (okay it’s not scary, but strange for me anyways).

So that’s it for (War)hammer horror 2018. Not a lot to type, but it’s a start. I’m hoping to make 2019 more festive by the time I have plans for content, possibly more Nighthaunt or other deathly creatures of the undead.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Inspired Soul Wars Collection: The Rise and Fall of Pharus Thaum

Got myself a Night of Shrouds the other day, and I’ve already finished painting it yesterday!

Before reading further, Just to warn you that if you haven’t read Soul Wars novel yet, ignore this post. There will be loads of spoilers in here so best avoid it, but read on if your interested still!


Once mortal of flesh and blood, a hero was slain on his final hours fighting the odds against his favour.

The Great Necromancer reaches for this soul to be sent back to his kingdom in the Realm of Shyish. A worthy soul to add to his unquestionable legion of the dead.

A God as old as the World-That-Was saw this hero’s deeds of heroism and sacrifice, so he reforged him as an immortal warrior clad in midnight black armour of Sigmarite. Bearing his lantern of judgment and his halberd in the other, Pharus Thaum, Lord Castellant of the Anvils of Heldenhammer was bearer of Sigmars light in the dark.

But his death should have belonged to Nagash, the Great Necromancer and god of the dead. A single soul stolen from Nagash is a missing tool to the great work. The Soul thief yet again is one step forward.

During his greatest challenge, Pharus Thaum protected the civilians of Glymmsforge from supernatural horrors. His efforts to protect the innocent have earned him both fear and respect of the citizens. Truly, nothing can defeat this hero?

Years, decades, even centuries go by and more souls are gone beyond his reach. Nagash in his deluded sense of justice sees this as an act of war. But who would steal what was rightfully his?

During the Necroquake, Pharus sacrifices himself to save a fellow Stormcast from deaths cold grasp. All would see him reforged and returned to the mortal realms again, but changed as expected by all who know the price of being a Stormcast Eternal.

The chaos gods? No, they couldn’t take every soul even the purest ones. The Aleves? They are mysterious creatures who could be the culprits behind this atrocity. No, no, it can be them. Could it be Sigmar?

Pharus Thaum’s reforging went astray when he was tormented as a gheist made from pure lighting. Rampaging in Azyr, he was finally lost to Sigmar as he fell through the many realms from the sky of Azyr, all the way down to Shyish.

What? That can’t be a comet, the sky is as dead as the dry soil and death sand of the deserts. There’s lightning coming off this fallen object, like it’s alive. Nagash plucks this soul from its full in his bony claw. After much thought and suggestion by Arkhan the Black, Nagash used this opportunity to rebuild this soul anew into his service.

All is on with Nagash, he endures even by fatal defeats. A legion of many and all serve him in death by his will. Pharus Thaum is now part of his legions, a half bred of Stormcast and undead. The man he was is now long dead and never to return, for he is now only a fragment of memories.

All is one with Nagash……..

I’ve just recently brought myself a Night of Shrouds kit the other day, which I’ve painted with much enthusiasm and determination to finish. I’ll be basing it on Pharus Thaum, a tragic character who would become a shadow of his former self as seen in Soul Wars.

One of my favourite villains in the story, Pharus morphs from a noble hearted warrior, to a slowly cold minded monster who would slay in the name of Nagash. You feel his pain as his story progresses with each chapter pulling him further into bitterness. It’s thanks to Nagash that Pharus would become the first victim of his Stormcast kin to be reshaped as a Night of Shrouds.

It raises a question of wether Nagash will create more of these lords from fallen Stormcast Eternals?

I personally liked Pharus Thaums story arc as it gave AoS a morbid story of fallen grace, where redemption to return as an immortal hero is impossible. He could have been a fantastic long running villain for AoS and Lord Arcanum Balthas’s nemesis, but alas he was finally defeated and gone from the world.

That’s only one of the few nitpicks I have with the novel, as Pharus could have been a really compelling villain to follow and see him evolve as a villain. He knows about Azyr and a life as a Stormcast Eternal, and his loss with bitterness against Sigmar for not saving him. I understand that he was necessary as an opponent to test Balthas to save/defeat Pharus that he failed to do the first time.

Lord Arcanum Balthas facing Pharus Thaum

But you might be wondering how I can play my Knight of Shrouds as Pharus if he’s gone for good? Well, with excuses and creative liberties, I have an idea! Basically this Knight of Shrouds is a shadow of Pharus, a copy you might say that Nagash created as an improvement from god first failed creation. This one still having the same spark of lighting (which Nagash saved for experimentation) as before, but smaller and less prominent. With hardly much memories left, this Pharus retains all the hatred and zeal against Sigmar and his creations.

Not the most unique excuse, but it at least gives me the best explanation to play my model as Pharus.

So now that my leader for the Nighthaunt collection is painted, I’ve only got one more unit left to paint before I’m done with the collection. What I do after that Is just some additional work with units and possibly adding endless spells onto my collection.

Spirt hosts await me!


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Rebasing my Orks

With Orktober in full swing now that Speedfreaks is on pre-order, I realised two things this week. 1) I still need to paint my Gretchins, I’ve been too distracted by my AoS project for weeks now. 2) I’ve also realised that some of the Ork kits will be changed to 32mm bases.

Problem is, months ago I was using the old bases which I’ve textured and painted. Now I’ve got to rip all of my Orks off their old bases and put them on 32mm. Great!

However, on the bright side, I can already see the benefits for having my Orks on 32mm bases! After the transfer work was done, I have some points below on my afterthoughts.

  • No more foot over the base, obviously.
  • The Orks look more impressive and dare I say bigger now that they fit nicely on their new bases.
  • Ork HQ look way better with the changes, especially the Painboy, as before his old base made him look less imposing compared to a Primaris Space marine.
  • Bad Moons on 32mm bases beat the other zogging git klans, I’m looking at you especially, Red Sunz!

Here’s how they look now!

Following units re-based: Ork Boyz, Weirdboy, Mek, Nobz, Stormboyz, Painboy, Runtherder and Kommandoz.

Now that I’ve got that side track task done, I can go back to focusing on the Gretchins. Then I can finally add a new Ork Vehicle before finishing the whole project off by getting my hands on the Codex.

It’s gonna be sad to finish this project off, although it’ll end on a natural conclusion as a Patrol detachment, it’s sad that this fun project will end soon. There’s a personal reason why I’ll be sad to finish it, but I’ve mention it before, which I won’t go on about here.

Anyways, I’m freaking excited about Orktober so far! Are you enjoying Orktober so far? What are your plans for Ork stuff this month?


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


Inspired Soul Wars Collection: The Skeletons did it!

Today I have a unit of Deathrattle models and two Hero models that were re-based, and added to my Soul Wars Collection. After rebasing the on the right bases (were 32mm, now 25mm, don’t ask me why I did it on 32mm), I textured the bases in line with the rest of my collection.

My Deathrattle are based on the sub faction led by King Yuros, a Crypt King who seemed way too jolly and dashing in his skeletal prime. He took part in the war at Glymmsforge, which this war loving king helped strike into the city with his mindless hordes of Skeletal warriors.

The Deathrattle will be allies to my Nighthaunt collection, just to fill in the gap to evenly balance the point total with the Stormcast Eternals.

I’ve done a Necromancer too, not a notable character, but would likely be pawn to raise the undead.

The first ten Skeleton Warriors rebased and ready to play.

I have a few more undead models to paint, but my priorities are to get myself a Knight of Shrouds and paint my Spirit Host to finish off the Nighthaunt collection. I only just realised a two days ago that I had a unit of Spirit Hosts, and since they’re part of the Nighhaunt faction, I can add them to my collection.

After that, it’s just getting the next ten Skeleton warriors and ten Grave Guard painted. All of this will give me an est total of 1,500pt army list.

Oh yeah it’s nearly Halloween! I might have something spooky up my sleeves for a special undead themed post.

A ‘Soulblight’ special 🧛‍♂️


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Prosecutors of the Gravewalkers Chamber

After finishing off my last unit of Sequitors for my Sacrosanct Chamber, I went straight onto painting my Warrior Chamber of the Gravewalkers, the Anvils of Heldenhammer who guard Glymmsforge. I thought it would be fitting to paint my Prosecutors based on the legendary unit led by Prosecutor-Prime Galen Sleekwing, who helped Glymm (now known as Knossos Heavensen) defeat Vaslbad the Unrelenting during the first war for Glymmsforge.

During the battle, both human and Stormcast worked together to face against Vaslbad the Unrelenting, who wanted to seize the Free-City of Glymmsforge’s realmgate so that Nagash can summon his undead legions into the realm of Azyr.

Galen Sleekwing swooped into battle and took away Vaslbads only defence from his immortal life, his protective banner he took on his skeletal mount. When he lost his banner, he was vulnerable against any blessed weapons that would kill any foolish Soulblight vampire.

Glymm rode to war with his blessed lance and impaled the cursed Soulblight vampire through the heart. A major victory for the defenders of Glymmsforge and it’s safe keeping of its realmgate, the Shimmergate. However, this would come at a price as Glymm himself was fatally sliced in half by Vaslbad, his valiant heroism and victory was cut short.

But Sigmar had seen Glymm’s heroic deed and reforged him as Knossos Heavensen, Lord Arcanum of the Hammers of Sigmar Sacrosanct Chamber.

Galen Sleekwing would later return to defend Glymmsforge when the Knight of Shrouds, Malendrek, led his Nighthaunt host into a seige warfare to take the Free-City.

Whilst it took me only two days after painting my Sequitor cohort, it wasn’t plain sailing when painting this unit. Originally they were going to be part of my Knights of Excelsior warband in games of Skirmish. However, after reading Soul Wars novel, I wanted the unit to be in this collection instead.

Since they already had a white undercoat, it was difficult for me to Prime it in black as 1) I needed several coats of paint and 2) I didn’t have much paint in the spray can at the time. So, I had to paint areas that didn’t get the Black Prime with Abbadon Black, which wasn’t as good as Model colour Matt black in my opinion.

Anyways, it took me some time to get the coating right, but thankfully the unit was finally painted in the end!

Next up, I only have a unit of two Retributors left to paint before I need to get additional models for the collection. It’s been ages since I’ve brought miniatures for the project as I’ve been saving up for Orktober (and golfing equipment, but that’s a story for another day!).

My plan is to get the Knight of Shrouds model and the Shadespire Stormcast set, which will not only add more notable hero’s to my collection, but finish off the series. Well more like a series finale as break, I don’t want to burn out doing this project for too long.

Anyways, I’ll get back to work on my Retributors. Until next time!


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Inspired Soul Wars Collection: Second Cohort of Sequitors [Sacrosanct Chamber final!]

As the final unit of Sequitors are painted and the basing done, I was finally relieved to have finished this collection after what seemed like a long journey. I’m proud to have made it to this point of the series, I feel like a duardin fulfilling one of the many oaths I’ve promised (well partly, I still have the Nighthaunt to finish off and some Stormcast Eternals that aren’t Part of the Sacrosanct Chamber faction).

Today’s post is going to be in two parts, one focusing on the second cohort of Sequitors, and the other being a full showcase of the collection. Starting off, here’s my final unit of Sequitors, led by Sequitor Prime Porthas.

I brought the Tempest of Souls set which only had five Sequitors, two being Primes. Since I wanted both Mara and Porthas, I needed a female prime model (found in the Storm strike set) so the second prime was made as a regular Sequitor. You’ll notice the model on the far right has distinct features of a prime which sadly I couldn’t get rid of easily without ruining the model. I imagined this model being bestowed honours during secret missions when the Sacrosanct was still a secretive Chamber.

The second cohort is led by Sequitor Prime Porthas, who along with Mara’s cohort fought alongside Lord Arcanum Balthas during the battle of Glymmsforge. Whilst nothing is known in detail about Porthas, we do see how well he and Mara’s cohorts fight, with great team work and devoted to fight against the undead horrors unleashed by the Great Necromancer.

If Balthas and his Chamber do have their story continued in future books, I’d like to see more about Porthas and what his strengths and weaknesses are, and what was his past life like before being reforged. AoS is getting better each year now thanks to GW and Black Library’s hard work and creativity, we’re seeing more narrative progression and stories about the mortal realms in novels and gaming supplements. Hopefully these stories will be continued for years to come.

Now it’s time to have a look at the Anvils of Heldenhammer Sacrosanct Chamber Collection!Lord Arcanum Balthas leads his Chamber to battle against the damned legions and the legions of the undead, smite by hammer and magic.

Knight-Incantor Miska channels the winds of Azyr to Perform a deadly spell against even the strongest of corrupted champions.

Lord Arcanum Balthas channels his magical talents using the alchemy winds of Chammon (lore of Metal).

Heroic in stature is Sequitor Prime Mara, but nevertheless she is determined to see the enemy of Sigmar destroyed for the preservation of order.

Evocator Prime bares the scars of war on his face that looks grim and morbid, his skills of the blade and magic is much to be feared and respected.

The wonders of warfare science has created such exquisite, master-crafted and deadly crafted weapons like the Celestar Ballista the means to being punishment from afar.

Evocator Helios along with a lone Gryphound share a common goal for loathing Chaos, the undead minions of Nagash even more.

Sequitor Prime Porthas and his cohort are warriors made for war, immortal by Sigmars creation, but not without a price……

The Castigators led by Castigator Prime Qunitus are specialists of long range weaponry, they are just as deadly as their close combat kin.

If you want to see more of these painted models on their own, check out my previous posts on Inspired Soul Wars Collection series on my blog.

That’s it for this long and well deserved finale post on my Sacrosanct Chamber side of the project. I’d recommend reading the novel Soul Wars, by Josh Reynolds, as a staring point for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar for newcomers and long time readers. It’s a fascinating story full of strange and wonderful characters and locations that make the story feel like a good read.

However this isn’t the end of Inspired Soul Wars Collection, as I’ve mentioned above I’ve got more work to do! Currently I’m getting my unit of Prosecutors painted, representing the unit led by Prosecutor-Prime Galen Sleekwing.


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!