(War)hammer horror 2018

I’m one of the rare few people that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, not because I hate it or for any religious reasons (well, kinda, I’m a fanatic of Lorgar and the Word Bearers), but it just never got my attention. Sure I did dress up for Halloween when I was young, but that went when I got to my early teens.

I guess it’s because I found the whole thing as not being scary or interesting, just trick or treating and dressing up. So for many years I’ve not had the festive feeling like many do. In fact, I never went to Halloween parties because I didn’t fit in with the rest. ASD has been my constant challenge that I’ve had to adapt with since I came into this world.

This year, well, I’ve finally got he feeling to try and join in on the fun in my own way. Instead of dressing up and knocking on doors or partying, I’d do my own festive fun. Every year on the 31st of October I’ll be celebrating (War)Hammer Horror day, showing horror related stuff like painting horror themed models, books and stuff I’ve found.

The family photo of ghosts, murderers, traitors and witch’s!

This year saw the release of the Nighthaunt faction for AoS, and what better time to celebrate (War)hammer horror than to start painting ghosts of the damned!

I’ve already got most of my models painted as part of my Inspired Soul Wars Collection series, but I haven’t gathered them together before in photo.

So here’s my gathering of my Nighthaunt faction, based on the gathering lead by Pharus Thaum in the Soul Wars novel.

Looking at it now, it’s one of the most beautifully horrifying painted collections I’ve done to date, both alluring by the colours and horror of seeing these ghosts massed as one. As this will be my last army based project alongside my Sacrosanct Chamber army, I’m happy to have painted this army to finish off my army painting days.

But it’s not only the Nighthaunt that come out at night to terrify the villagers, as other foul monsters by Nagash’s will stalk the forests and underworld of civilisations.

From Soulblight Vampires to insanely crooked Necromancers, I’ve added a few neglected Death alliance models to my collection. As allies, they can do the magic stuff that my Nighthaunt can’t.

The Word Bearers

After reading the Primarch series on Lorgar, I was inspired once again by BL and the works of literature for the Word Bearers. Unlike most legions, I always found the Word Bearers to be the top of the list when it comes to fascinating stories.

After nearly six years of neglect, I’m finally going to read the Word Bearers Omnibus by Anthony Reynolds. I’m enjoying it so far, still nearly passed chapter one. Why neglected you may be asking? Well, that’s a horror story in itself actually.

You see from the crack marks on the book, this book along with me had both survived a freak bus accident.

During my teens, I was a passenger on a minibus going back from school (thank god those days are done). One minute I was daydreaming, then the next the bus suddenly swerved and rolled-over off the road into a farm field. I couldn’t tell at the time since the whole event was blurred due to the speed of the bus. But once it stopped I only realised then that the bus had overturned. Luckily I survived with no major injuries, but I was mentally scarred by the event with anxiety issues for several months.

I still remember to this day when I looked in my bag (which was thrown wayback in the crushed bus) that my book survived with scars of its own. You could say the undivided pantheons saved me, well, probably not, but it makes me wonder sometimes.

It was a few weeks later after the event that I found out that the driver had by drinking and driving way over the limit.

Back to the book, I could never read it past chapter one every time I tried reading it. I don’t get any mental flashbacks from picking it up, but there’s this feeling I get every time where I can’t continue past chapter one. I like reading books, heck I usually put a book down I don’t like by chapter 2 or 3, but never chapter 1.

Very spooky (okay it’s not scary, but strange for me anyways).

So that’s it for (War)hammer horror 2018. Not a lot to type, but it’s a start. I’m hoping to make 2019 more festive by the time I have plans for content, possibly more Nighthaunt or other deathly creatures of the undead.

Happy Halloween everyone!



Rebasing my Orks

With Orktober in full swing now that Speedfreaks is on pre-order, I realised two things this week. 1) I still need to paint my Gretchins, I’ve been too distracted by my AoS project for weeks now. 2) I’ve also realised that some of the Ork kits will be changed to 32mm bases.

Problem is, months ago I was using the old bases which I’ve textured and painted. Now I’ve got to rip all of my Orks off their old bases and put them on 32mm. Great!

However, on the bright side, I can already see the benefits for having my Orks on 32mm bases! After the transfer work was done, I have some points below on my afterthoughts.

  • No more foot over the base, obviously.
  • The Orks look more impressive and dare I say bigger now that they fit nicely on their new bases.
  • Ork HQ look way better with the changes, especially the Painboy, as before his old base made him look less imposing compared to a Primaris Space marine.
  • Bad Moons on 32mm bases beat the other zogging git klans, I’m looking at you especially, Red Sunz!

Here’s how they look now!

Following units re-based: Ork Boyz, Weirdboy, Mek, Nobz, Stormboyz, Painboy, Runtherder and Kommandoz.

Now that I’ve got that side track task done, I can go back to focusing on the Gretchins. Then I can finally add a new Ork Vehicle before finishing the whole project off by getting my hands on the Codex.

It’s gonna be sad to finish this project off, although it’ll end on a natural conclusion as a Patrol detachment, it’s sad that this fun project will end soon. There’s a personal reason why I’ll be sad to finish it, but I’ve mention it before, which I won’t go on about here.

Anyways, I’m freaking excited about Orktober so far! Are you enjoying Orktober so far? What are your plans for Ork stuff this month?


Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


My thoughts on blogging so far

I’m going to dedicate today’s post talking about the behind the scene stuff with my blog, hobby work and what my plans are going forward.


This year has been one of my best years of blogging to date, with more models painted (from Summer of hobbying being a major factor) and my painting skills more refined and improved. Whilst I’ve had a very low point due to my energy and time being focused on course work, I was able to balance both without failing my Art and Design grade and my interest in blogging.

I’ve been more open to talk to other bloggers and hobbyists this year too, giving my thoughts and positive comments. My humorous and at times kinda sarcastic side can be a problem at times when I’m stressed, depressed and so on. Especially after my dog passed away this year my tone got the better of me at my lowest times.

Viewing statistics are look good, a lot more people are visiting my blog monthly this year compared to last year. I’m amazed at how many Australians and Americans read my posts, I guess I have a few fan readers from both countries (Or Imperial Fist loving heretics!). By the end of this year I’m hoping the blog will surpass last years number of viewers, so I can set next years goal higher!

Likes and comments have been fantastic as always, this year being my best yet. The advice, criticism, positivity and likes have really helped me to improve on my work, as well as me feeling less sceptical about my painting lol. I always doubt my painting as to me it either looks fine or near good, I guess it’s just an artist scepticism I have. Thank you to everyone that’s supported me so far!

I’m happy still to be blogging on WordPress even when my motivation at times can be lower than normal. With my social life changing a lot for the past two years, I’m finding that blogging on WordPress has helped me to find people who aren’t big on inflated egos and dictated bullies (I get many people like that in RL :/).

Anyways, onto a positive subject, I hope to do more blogging on WordPress for years to come. From both my miniature painting posts to my own art work.

Hobby Work

What can I say, it’s been a very busy year for me with loads of projects on the go, I’ve not been too bored or out of ideas for my projects. This marks the end of my Stormcast Eternals Stormhost Warrior Chamber, Lords of the Pisces, which has been an ongoing project for a year now. I’m really pleased to have finally painted a fully playable 2,000pt AoS army, my second one done after my Clan Moulder army.

More great news is that I might be able to finish off another project this year, including my inspired Soul Wars Collection and my Orks army. These are two collections that have started this year, and surprisingly soon to be done in a matter of months.

My first ever project, the Dark Elves, have finally been pushed to my attention recently, many neglected models had finally been painted after nearly a decade of neglect. To date I currently have a fully playable army (fully painted too!) in order to play small games. There’re only four more units to paint and rebase on standby, soon I’ll finally say without a doubt that I’ll retire from the hobby once this project is done! (Only jk)

To date here’s what projects I’m currently working on.

Warhammer AoS

    Stormcast Eternals Sacrosanct Chamber (Anvils of Heldenhammer), based on the Chamber from the novel, Soul Wars. [nearly completed]
    Fyreslayer’s, Lodge Grymthenian. [completed for now]
    Maggotkin of Nurgle, Stagrot Gladiators. [put on backlog]
    Blades of Khorne, Skullfiend Tribe. [put on backlog]
    Skaven alliance, Clan Skelnix. [put on backlog]
    Nighthaunt, based on the faction from the novel, Soul Wars. [One more model to add before completed]
    Ghoul Ogres (Destruction proxy army). [one more model to paint and base a few models]
    Flesh Eater Courts, Liverbone Court. [put on backlog]

Overall, my AoS projects are slowly getting done, with my Ghoul Ogres, Nighthaunt and Flesh Eaters Court needing a few more work for completion. I don’t intend to buy more models for AoS after my Soul Wars collections are completed, as I’m pretty much done with AoS for awhile. It will be awhile until I get one project completed, so I’m not betting on a deadline or promise for the sake of not letting myself down.

Warhammer 40k

  1. Space marines, Black Templars (patrol detachment). [Needs five more marines painted in order to use Patrol detachment]
  2. Orks, Bad Moons Tribe (Patrol detachment). [30 more Gretchins to paint]
  3. Renegade Chaos space marines, Harbinger legion (Battalion detachment) [Two more units of marines to paint before completion].
  4. Death Guard, Harbinger legion [additional poxwalkers before completion]
  5. Emperors Children small host [completed]

Since my 40k collections are nearly completed (and few factions compared to AoS), so it’s just a matter of getting on with painting remaining model. My Black Templars are nearly done, just a couple of more units to paint before this year+ project is finally done.

On the other hand, my renegade Chaos space marines still need some work done before completed, I just need to finish off two more marines in order to fulfill my Demi company sized renegade chapter. Later on when more projects are completed, I may return back to this collection to fill it with more Rhinos, a Predator and maybe a Land Raider.

Finally, my Death Guard Collection is nearly completed with only a bit more work to do. I just need to add more poxwalkers and either an elite unit or fast attack unit to finish off the project.

  • AoS Skirmish
    1. SE Knights of Excelsior.
    2. Khorne Bloodbound, Axes of Skarbrand.
    3. Kharadron Overlords.

    Warhammer 40k Kill Team

    • Death Guard Rotworm Brotherhood.

    Going forwards

    Now onto the final and hardest part of this post, you’ll see why below.

    You see, I’ve been in this hobby for nearly a decade, I keep saying this in nearly every post, and I’ll keep saying it! It’s been an unforgettable journey that’s changed my life and my social confidence.

    However, it’s time I leave the big army collecting, as I move on to smaller scale collections/ single miniature projects.

    This year may have been fantastic like I mentioned earlier, but my life is getting more busier with looking at a future career and growing up. There will be a point when I will have to change the way I do project works, even if I will miss doing big challenges like army building. I can’t carry on the way I am with the hobby, as it’s becoming a problem since my early days.

    However, instead of leaving the hobby altogether and become a miserable husk, I have a new course for the next year in form of small mini projects (like INQ28, Kill Team, Skirmish and etc). The legends that are IRO, Heresyofus, Iron Sleet and many more have done smashing work with their own mini projects from AoS to 40k. So why not join the party?

    Already you’ll have seen my first attempt at doing a smaller project with my two posts, Primaris First founding legion chapter paintings and Kill Team Death Guard Rotworm Brotherhood. These posts are a start at trying out smaller projects that I’ve tried out for the past few weeks.

    I’m hopping to finish off a few big projects like my Emperors Children mini project, Sacrosanct Chamber project and Death Guard, before getting into new smaller projects, that way I won’t have as much guilt with neglecting my unfinished work.

    This has been a big post to cover, but I hope it’s given you guys a full picture on my current plans and how I problem solve my flaws. Next time I do one of these types of posts will be Christmas and New Year’s Day, and I’ve got some ideas on what to do for those two special days.

    Anyways that’s enough from me for today, time to get back to work!


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!



    So very near to the end of book three in The Founding arc of Gaunts Ghosts (written by Dan Abnett), as well as one last short story to read before I’m done reading this book. I’m really hooked on the current third act of the story, probably one of the best siege warfare stories I’ve read!

    For those of you who have read The Founding arc books, which one was your favourite and why? Also which character did you enjoy reading the most?

    After reading this book I’ll be getting down to making my top ten BL books I’ve that I’d recommend reading. I would like to share my thoughts on the books I’ve chosen and why I picked them for my list.

    “Try again”- Bragg


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    My workspace

    I thought I’d share some insight into what my workspace is like, what inspires me and how I get motivated.

    My work station isn’t the prettiest space to work on and it’s not as big as many hobbyist work tables. But it’s where I work on painting and glueing models you see on this blog. So far it’s really helped my flow of getting more models painted ready for displaying on my shelf. But how did I come to painting on this small table?

    I used to paint in the dining room with newspaper as cover to protect the table, and having to cope with havoc of noises, distractions and my late dog wanting to reach for the paint brushed tissue paper. I got to the point where I needed my own space to work on my projects undisturbed, so with a camping table and barely much space left, I had my painting workstation in my room.

    Not exactly pro quality set up, but I like it better than being distracted.

    It’s been about a year or year and a half now since I first set up my office, and so far it’s still intact. I’ve noticed how much of a difference it is having my own space, it’s given me more time to unwind and stress less. Over the past year it’s helped me a lot in coping with stress from college work and problems that I had to deal with during my attendance.

    I’ve slowly added magazine cases for my hobby codex’s and army books, easier access for me to look for inspiration. I wouldn’t need to go into my book piled draw storage and sort out what books I wanted to read, and have a pile of books yet to be stored. Now I can just pick what I want to read what’s in front of me.

    Speaking of books, my inspiration doesn’t only come from the codexs and army books, I also take a lot of inspiration from reading literature. I had a shelf made years back to store my books, manga books and anime dvds.

    Over time though, I have moved away from anime and manga as I was growing up and started to open up space for more BL books. Now my bookshelf is slowly becoming a shrine to all things Black Library, surely the Harlequins will be on my case for keeping these forbidden knowledge.

    For motivation on my projects, I tend to put on some music that can set me into the mood for painting. Such examples are instrumental music by Jeremy Soule, Inon Zur, Paul Leonard-Morgan and Mitch Murder. Already many of these artists come from different music genres, which I find helps change pace on my flow of work on painting miniatures.

    Other times I listen to commentary on YouTube from Warhammer 40k channels like Adeptus Podcastus, Oculus Imperia, Chapter Master Valrak, Kirioth, Kitetsu and many more. It’s really engaging to paint models whilst listening to something fun and interesting, especially if you can learn new things on the go.

    Finally, audio dramas are great to get into the mood of listening to a story whilst painting, wether it be a AoS or 40k, it’s great to have a zone of narrative to inspire you to keep painting. It helps me take my mind off the boring process at times when painting many models in batches.

    I hope this post was interesting and helpful for how you can set up your own painting workspace, even if it might be the size of a camping table. If you have any questions or suggestions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!


    Once a Red Corsair, always a Red Corsair

    I found this a few days ago at a charity shop whilst I was looking for the second book to the Sundering trilogy (I past it off for a couple of weeks), sadly it was sold by the time I went in. However, this anthology book was nonetheless a good find as it’s a pretty old BL book published (and I don’t think it’s been reprinted either).

    So far I’ve read one of the short stories, into the Maelstrom by Chris Pramas, which is story that really gripped me at the edge of my seat. It’s one of favourite Red Corsair stories that really paints a fearsome picture of Huron Blackheart as a rightfully titled tyrant.

    I might read more into this book during road trips, as I like to read short stories when I’m out on long journeys.

    I’m currently reading the last 100 or so pages of Necropolis by Dan Abnett, such a smashing book to read in my opinion so far. Soon enough I can finally do a top ten post on my favourite BL books I’ve read and recommend to read.


    Thank you for reading this post. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!