Making plans for a new collection: The Liverbone court 

Today I’ve finalised my plans on how to build up my Ghoul army, which took longer than expected, but worth the wait. So a while back I mentioned that I’ve started to move on from building my skaven army, as I felt happy with the amount I’ve collected to play the army. With a fullContinue reading “Making plans for a new collection: The Liverbone court “

Hobby update!

I’ve made some progress on my three Blood warriors, I’ve got them all basecoated, and painted the icon bearer (nearly completed). Wait a minute, he’s got a bolt pistol? That’s right, he’s been kit bashed to look like a real butcher, Bezerker  marine! I felt it would have been more sensible to get the tenContinue reading “Hobby update!”

Bearer of the word, for the undivided!

I’m back with a new post on a project that’s been going on and off for a few years now. It’s a short post though, as I’m not feeling too enthusiastic to make a full post like usual. (Hopefully my enthusiasm will return once I’ve done completing my writing on my course work annotations. 🙂Continue reading “Bearer of the word, for the undivided!”

Changes to my blog site + 2D art project

So recently I’ve been really busy with my course work, which has left me with not much time to do model painting posts or art related posts. Sadly I can’t really change this, but I’ll be back once I have some spare time. 🙂 Anyway, I have decided to evaluate on my blogging so far,Continue reading “Changes to my blog site + 2D art project”