Making plans for a new collection: The Liverbone court 

Today I’ve finalised my plans on how to build up my Ghoul army, which took longer than expected, but worth the wait. So a while back I mentioned that I’ve started to move on from building my skaven army, as I felt happy with the amount I’ve collected to play the army. With a full chaos army ready to play, I wanted to focus on building my next army collection from the death alligence. Out of a few that was available, I’ve chosen the Flesh-eater courts as my next army project.

Why collect ghouls you may be asking? Well, I’m fondly into Ghouls from different representations in fiction, including Tokyo Ghoul, Until Dawn and of course Warhammer fantasy battles. I really like how ghouls are represented as delusional, wretched and sadistic flesh eating cannibals (depending on which fictional lore you read on for ghouls).

The aim for this collection is simple, to build up a decent sized army at a cap of 1,000pt vanguard army. It must include a Abhorrent ghoul king on a Terrgheist, and at least one courtier in the army.

Below is my list of what I’ll be using for the army (bearing in mind that not all of the units will fit into the 1,000pt [+500pt summon reserve points] gap. But are instead be used as summon units, or as changeable units on new army list).

  • 1x Abhorrent Ghoul king on Terrorgheist
  • 1x Crypt Ghoul Courtier
  • 3x Crypt horrors
  • 3x Crypt horrors
  • 1x Crypt Haunter Coutier 
  • 20x Crypt Ghouls
  • 20x Crypt Ghouls
  • 20x Crypt Ghouls
  • 2x zombie dragon
  • 1x Terrorgheist 
  • 3x Abhorrent Ghoul kings (on foot)
  • 3x Crypt Flayers
  • 3x Crypt Flayers
  • 3x Crypt Flayers
  • 1x Crypt Infernal Courtier

The process for collecting this army will be slow, mainly because there’s quite a lot of models to collect from the army list. However, I have a devious plan on how to quicken this process ;).

You see, the main back bone of the army is the Crypt Ghouls, weak in defence but great at being meat shields for the Ghoul king. I need at least three units to get a really good horde of ghouls, but currently I don’t want to grind through buying three boxes of Crypt Ghouls. Until an unholy idea formed in my head, why don’t I use my clan rats as Crypt ghouls instead? (Que the trumpets!)

Indeed, using Clan rats as Crypt ghouls would be an awesome way for me to add variety on different races that have been befallen by the Abhorrent Ghoul king. But why stop there, when you can get a kit of six Ogres, and kit bash them to be two separate units of three Crypt Horrors. With these little changes, I can build up a court that’s not only racially mixed species, but also having  unique culture asthetic design for the army.

Finally though, I would be interested to hear what your suggestions are, and what your ideas for your own Ghoul army. If you want to suggest your ideas, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

Improving my blog posts

Improving my blog posts

Lately I’ve been wondering about my blogging posts, and what worked well, and what didn’t work during the months since I started way back in March. I want to deliver on posting great stuff for both my followers, and to new readers that read my posts. But sometimes I feel like I’m not delivering on great content.

‘The war for Ghyran’ for example was something new for me to try out, as I’ve never done a story based on campagin table top games before. It’s definitely something I’m proud of, because it’s a story that I can share, based on a campaign that me and my friend really enjoyed playing.

 Whilst I’ve put a lot of effort in getting the best out of my ability to deliver on the story, it didn’t catch a lot of people’s attention. Personally I felt it was my fault that I’ve not tried hard enough to spread the story out to hobbyist bloggers, who might be interested in reading it. 

I’ve also done a few art posts, mostly from my art course that I’m currently still working on. But I would like to do art posts that aren’t just from my art course, however I’m unsure on what to do that I can do on a regular basis.

If anyone is interested in commenting on advice on what will help me improve my blog posts, I’d be grateful for the advice. 🙂

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve my blog posts, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!

Hobby update!

I’ve made some progress on my three Blood warriors, I’ve got them all basecoated, and painted the icon bearer (nearly completed). Wait a minute, he’s got a bolt pistol?

That’s right, he’s been kit bashed to look like a real butcher, Bezerker  marine! I felt it would have been more sensible to get the ten man unit set of Blood warriors for my Khorne Bloodbound, rather than a five man unit. With this decision,  I’ve decided to kit bash my icon bearer into a World Eater marine, (which looks awesome! 😉 ) that will be in a troop unit (since my lord is marked of Khorne in my Word Bearers Warband).

Compared to the current Bezerker marines set, the kit bashed model looks a lot more  menacing and in motion in his pose. I’m hoping to get the other two marines painted, with an additional two marines to complete the unit.

What will happen to my Bloodbound Warband? Well their still a thing, I’ve got the battalion warscroll called ‘Dark feast’, which will be a fun little Warband to use. Beside that will be my unit of Blood warriors and my Lord of Khorne as the final additions to the Warband. 

Finally, on a different subject matter, I’ve made my plans on what I’ll need for my Flesh-Eater courts army. This will be elaborated on its own post later on this afternoon, where I’ll explain what the plan is.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

Husk, single eye

Since halloween is coming soon, I thought I’d use my novice skills at digital art to create a few pictures leading up to Halloween.

The art piece was inspired by my older sketch drawings of creatures that I used to draw whilst I was still at school, it was during a difficult time in my life when I lost faith and trust in people. I would put my anxiety and sadness into my drawings, sort of like getting stress off my shoulders.

The pictures themselves looked childish and terrible (the proportions on character designs were bad tbh lol), but it helped me nonetheless to take my mind off things. I would eventually find my way in life to move on from the people I once trusted, moving on to rebuild myself as an individual.

I always liked artwork that doesn’t    necessarily have the answers, but asks the viewer to give their interpretation on how the picture makes them expressively feel. To me, I want my art to never have a definitive answer, but instead welcome people’s views for how they see it. Wether the viewer sees the picture for its visual representation, or its creators own psychology on he/she’s work, it’s neither right nor wrong.

Bearer of the word, for the undivided!

Bearer of the word, for the undivided!

I’m back with a new post on a project that’s been going on and off for a few years now. It’s a short post though, as I’m not feeling too enthusiastic to make a full post like usual. (Hopefully my enthusiasm will return once I’ve done completing my writing on my course work annotations. 🙂 )

Recently I’ve been looking at my some of my collection of Warhammer 40k armies, that I’ve not been keen on painting for quite a while now. One such army is my Word Bearers Warband, a mixture units of Possessed attached to a Rhino, Chaos lord, Dark Apostle and a Helbrute.

It’s been a while since I’ve last painted this army, rebasing my models on the newer sized circle base. I felt now was a good time to go back and finish off this Warband. The paint pallet for these models are simple enough to do, as I’ve kept a record of paint stage in my note pad.

(Collection so far for my Word Bearers Warband)

I want to get back into painting this Warband, but I need some advice on what units would be useful to add into the army (that’s lore friendly). If you have any hobby advice or know anyone who has played a Word Bearers army, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can.

Changes to my blog site + 2D art project

So recently I’ve been really busy with my course work, which has left me with not much time to do model painting posts or art related posts. Sadly I can’t really change this, but I’ll be back once I have some spare time. 🙂

Anyway, I have decided to evaluate on my blogging so far, to see what has worked and what can be improved. I feel that I need to post more art related projects, because most of my posts are mostly to do with my passion for painting table top miniatures. Now this isn’t a bad thing as I’m still going to post my hobby collection posts, but I want to focus on my art projects more often as the main backbone of the blog.

I’m also planning on redoing my front page, as half the stuff I said I’ll do hasn’t really been on schedule. So I’m going to try and sort out something different, but not quite sure what to do yet.

So to start off my art project, I’ve been planning on doing a 2D drawing of the human form. Not necessarily the whole form, but part of the form on drawing. Below are pictures of my current processe on drawing a tonal human form. Enjoy!

If you have any comments or questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!