Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [31/12/16]

Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [31/12/16]

Things are slowly getting back to normal (well almost…) now that my winter bug has gone for good. With joyous delight I’ve started to build up my court with additional model from the ‘start collecting’ battalion for the Flesh-Eater Courts.

The collection is currently in work in progress, mainly because I don’t have my second battleline for a full 1,000pt army to play. Therefore, once I’ve added additional units of Crypt ghouls into the army I’ll be happy enough to use it in AOS games.

Collection so far:

Ghoul king on Terrorgheist

The rumour of King Rens rise to dominance

King Ren of the Liverbone court rides upon his Behemoth to war against any who dares enter his land without trade of diplomacy (basically, trading human cattle for enterance and a truce). He was called Ren Ashtheon in the Age of Myth, who once ruled a small kingdom in Aqshy until the Age of Chaos arrived. Escaping  with his life, the king was lost on the wastelands for days, months even years. He feasted on his own kin to survive and journey on in the never ending realm, until he met a dying Ghoul from an aftermath of a battle that took place not too long ago. The Ghoul king blessed him with his sickly black magic, ascending the Ren to a true Ghoul king. With his apotheosis and delusional thirst for battle, he was henceforth known as Ren Liverbone, and amassed an army ready for war to take back his kingdom from Chaos.

The Terrorgheist is still a work in progress on painting the model, but looks impressive so far. Once the Terrorgheist is completed, I’ll be painting the Ghoul king separately to avoid complication. He’ll be riding the behemoth to war as my general for the army, for both pitched battles and path to glory campagin. 

Ghoul king (Sychophant)
The second ghoul king is a metal model from the undead Bloodbowl team. The model is nearly complete with only the base to be decorated for the final touch.

Crypt Haunters and Crypt Infernal Coutiers
The Crypt Haunters are slightly altered to have their heads be similar to the Ogre ghouls, showing a dramatical change from their hefty big size to a thin body with bones sprouting out. I like how the Haunters look a lot more untaural for their faces being Ogre like with thin bodies that looks deformed from years of depraved feasting on the battle field. The Infernal is nothing new, apart from a bit of an alteration to fit the small wings on its shoulders ( I’ve kinda made the wrong model body for the Infernal, but my creative skills did its best at making an Infernal anyway).
Crypt Ghouls and Crypt Ghast Courtiers
The first set of ten Crypt ghoul models were made into a unit of six, and two Crypt Ghast Courtiers. There’s another unit ten Ghouls to assemble for the first of three units. Hopefully I’ll be able to make unit of thirty Ghouls to get the most out of their attacks.

Crypt Horrors
These were shown in a previous post not too long ago, now in progress of being painted in the colours of death! (Que over dramatic drum beat). The unit leader is already completed and looking gruesome from his bloodsoaked mutated hands. The rest will be done after painting my Terrorgheist, outcoming in a full unit of six models of Crypt Horrors that’ll feast on my opponents infantry for supper (no matter wether its flesh, rotten flesh, bones, bark or warp forms).

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, and hope you all have a happy new year! ☺

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The winter bug on Christmas Day -_-

[just to note the first subheading are based on unhappy subjects, if you dont want to go into those the second subheading onwards are more light hearted subjects. Hope you enjoy the post 🙂 ]

The winter bug

First off, I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t posted an update post on my Orgre Ghouls and Crypt ghouls as I’ve promised, I had an unfortunate case of the winter bug. I’ve not been feeling well leading up to Christmas Day, so I’ve had to put the project on hold until my winter bug has gone. Hopefully you’ll understand why I’ve had to put the project on hold, and I hope to fulfil the posts that I’ve promised to do for awhile now.

Update on the War for Ghyran campagin

Last time I’ve mentioned about the campagin story, I’ve announced that part 2 was being at the starting phase planning. Currently I’ve been building up some time to think about how I can improve the story from my first attempt. Therefore the changes for the way the story is presented will be different, but still interesting enough to be told. 

Theses changes will include:

  • Changing the ‘War for Ghyran’ to ‘War for the Whitebark Clan Glade’. This was changed due to the campagin not being entirely set on major battlefield events, but instead based on a small event that stacks up with other battles across the realm of life.
  • The way I’ll be presenting the story will be shortened down to not include short preludes and epilogue. This way I can detail the main story without dragging the narrative with unnecessary filler. The filler will instead be gap filler posts that will be in between each major story posts, which will delve deeper into the aftermath of the battles.
  • Art for the posts will be limited to one per post, due to time constraints on preparing each on before deadline.
  • The campagin could be part of an ongoing story to be continued if me and my friend decide on where the story should go from the final battle. (no spoilers for the ending ;))  

These changes should improve the narrative story posts to be more entertaining and interesting. Part two is still work in progress, but I’ll be sure to update you guys on when it will be posted.

Spreading the word for bloggers

Now that I’ve been blogging for quite a few months now, I’ve seen some fantastic blogging from bloggers who have different passions for blogging. Their works have helped me be inspired to get off the sofa and do some art work, and I want to show my appreciation for their dedicated effort by spreading word about their blog.  

I’m not sure who I’ll mention at the minute, but I’m hoping that soon enough I’ll be making a top 5 list of bloggers that I would like to share and help their community grow. I’m only going to choose bloggers that I follow, so I’m not adding anyone that I dont follow for the time being.


I’ve hoped that everyone is enjoying their Christmas holiday so far, and looking forward to the new year celebration. 

Thanks for reading this post!


Frostbone Knights, Ashtheon Court (Liverbone court)

Frostbone Knights, Ashtheon Court (Liverbone court)

It must have been ages since I’ve last mentioned about building my Flesh-Eater courts army project (actually, a lot of projects were on hold because I’ve been so focused on getting my current course work task completed. I’ve forgotten to post an update post on a few models I’ve done for the collection, I do apologise 😅). Well today is finally a progressive step up for the project, as I’ve brought a kit of six ogres as my Crypt Horrors. 

In terms of lore behind why my Orgers are used as substitutes models for Crypt Horrors rules, it’s simply to do with the ghoul king blessing his favoured chosen knights of valor (the Ogres). The king shares his accursed blood to his chosen, causing an altertion to the orgers physical and mental state. They’re Vastly better from their blessing with inhuman speed and strength. However, they are subjected to an encrochingly painful eternal hunger, that’s more persistently painful their spell bounded state.

I wanted to create a personalised collection that looks unique to its lore background, by kit bashing various models to create some really impressive models. My inspiration for kit bashing was based from various collectors that have their own unique styles that I’ve been inspired by. 

I can’t remember one of the collectors name, but from what I remembered he/she had a collection of a mixed army of Dark Elves and Undead in one of the White Dwarf issues. There was a unit of zombies with a single ogre model that had Rat Ogre hands kit bashed on to look like big clawed hands. The model was painted to look fit alongside the undead models, which I really liked the visual alteration look once it was painted.

So far I’ve made four Orgres our of the six models, which will be split into two units of three. Hopefully if Christmas doesn’t consume me too much I might be able to post a complete assemble photo of the two units in time. However, I have a post coming up on some Crypt Ghouls that I’ve painted, which will cover on what my colour scheme will be used for the whole project.

That’s all from me, have a great day!


Don’t forget to check out my blog post every week for updates on my art and model collection. If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks! 😊

Small projects, part ||

Small projects, part ||

Tonight I’ve got more pictures from my small projects, some are still in progress like my Blood Bowl squad and digital art of Cuirithir. However I do have a completed piece based on my task theme for a 2D protest art, inspired by various artists including Noel Fielding and Richard Hamilton. Hope you enjoy the post!

  • Name: Protest art: Corporate lies 
  • Mediums: watercolour/ newspaper collage

Updated progress on digital art.

First attempt at painting human bloodbowl linemen, using the Astral Templars colour guide.
Repurposed undead Blood Bowl model as a Ghoul king for my AOS FE courts army. Still work in progress.

Work in progress kit bashed model to be made as a Varghulf, using spare blitz. Still not sure on how I will fill the main body for the model.

Updated watchtower with a banner bearing the Clan Skelnix claw mark.

Basecoated Spawn counter.

If you have any questions, post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thank you!

Balanceing work time for art project deadline 

When it comes to deadlines, you need to be flexible for time to get as much work done as possible before the final day of the project. However, sometimes it can be hard to get everything done, especially if you feel unmotivated and stuck for ideas. On this post I’ll be giving some tips on how to overcome these problems from my own experience of meeting deadlines for art projects.

Just a quick note before I start, I just want to make it clear these tips aren’t a ‘100% guaranteed’ advice, as they might not be suited to your flow of working. However, they can be altered to suite your flow of creativity if you wish to.

Creative block

Sometimes, when your planning on what your project concepts based on a theme, you may hit a creative block. This happens when you may be stuck on what to do, getting stressed out because you cant think of what to do for your art work.

A solution to this was given to me by one of my art tutors a few years back, when I was in a creative block during my GCSE Art planning. Rather than trying to mentally focus really hard on an idea , my tutor instead suggested that I should try sketching/shading/mark making simple 2D and 3D shapes. 

At first I was skeptical about this advice, because it just didn’t seem to make sense on why it would help me for conceptual ideas. However, the technique eventually made me realise that the excersize wasn’t about figuring out original abstract and conceptual ideas, but instead relaxed my thinking process. 

The whole point of doing these shape sketchs was to relax the mind from overthinking, to flow at a relaxed pace to rebuild new ideas. Not only that, but it’s also helpful if you haven’t done drawing for a long time, as the excersize also helps to strengthen muscle memory for hand drawing. 

Research artists/ sample worksIt’s important to fully grasp your chosen theme or project from doing research and sample testing. Whilst artist are very creative and resourceful in their skills, it can however sometimes be a lack of inspiration that stop them from developing further on their project towards the deadline.

In order not to follow this path, you could do some artist research based on your chosen theme. This way you have the resources available to you if you should need some inspiration for your project. However, I would like to mention that some websites and pictures on the internet aren’t 100% factual as they aren’t officially by the artists themselves. So the best way to get factual information is to either:

  • Email the artist for questions on what influenced their work and how they created them.
  • Google Scholar is a good place to get factual information, though some sites are at a cost to look at them
  • Sites like Tate are gallery sites that feature many artists works, ranging from different themes to research from.
  • Some artists do have their own official websites for people to look at their collection of art pieces. As mentioned above, you could email them for more information.

I hope this has been helpful for you, and hopefully it might help you get through to the deadline day. There’s an endless amount of tips and skills that you can gain from artist who share their skills for the next generation.

If you have any more questions post a comment below and I’ll reply back as soon as I can. Thanks!