Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [31/12/16]

Things are slowly getting back to normal (well almost…) now that my winter bug has gone for good. With joyous delight I’ve started to build up my court with additional model from the ‘start collecting’ battalion for the Flesh-Eater Courts. The collection is currently in work in progress, mainly because I don’t have my secondContinue reading “Flesh-Eater Courts: Liverbone court army [31/12/16]”

The winter bug on Christmas Day -_-

[just to note the first subheading are based on unhappy subjects, if you dont want to go into those the second subheading onwards are more light hearted subjects. Hope you enjoy the post ­čÖé ] The winter bug First off, I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t posted an update post on my Orgre Ghouls andContinue reading “The winter bug on Christmas Day -_-“

Frostbone Knights, Ashtheon Court (Liverbone court)

It must have been ages since I’ve last mentioned about building my Flesh-Eater courts army project (actually, a lot of projects were on hold because I’ve been so focused on getting my current course work task completed. I’ve forgotten to post an update post on a few models I’ve done for the collection, I doContinue reading “Frostbone Knights, Ashtheon Court (Liverbone court)”

Small projects, part ||

Tonight I’ve got more pictures from my small projects, some are still in progress like my Blood Bowl squad and digital art of Cuirithir. However I do have a completed piece based on my task theme for a 2D protest art, inspired by various artists including Noel Fielding and Richard Hamilton. Hope you enjoy theContinue reading “Small projects, part ||”

Balanceing work time for art project deadline 

When it comes to deadlines, you need to be flexible for time to get as much work done as possible before the final day of the project. However, sometimes it can be hard to get everything done, especially if you feel unmotivated and stuck for ideas. On this post I’ll be giving some tips onContinue reading “Balanceing work time for art project deadline┬á“