Small Projects

Usually inbetween my big project works I do some short term projects, which is refreshing change from not getting bored and unmotivated. I thought I’d share some project photos of some of the work that I’ve been doing.  Wooden Watchtower, made from BBQ sticks and card.Test process for painting an Astral Templare Stormcast Eternal. Still workContinue reading “Small Projects”

My Blood Bowl team

I’m back, after weeks of having a break from the table top hobby, I’ve decided to return to start a new project. Now before I go on, I know I’ve said that I’m starting a Ghoul army, and that is still in the works, so it’s not being abandoned. They’ll be a new post tomorrowContinue reading “My Blood Bowl team”

Red balloon (digital art)

Hi everyone, I’m back with another art post, this time I’ll be showing a visual process guide from start to finish. I’ve used a photo that I took as the background picture, with a combination of digital art to combine both realistic and digital into one picture.  Whilst I would of like to explain thisContinue reading “Red balloon (digital art)”

Clay bowls and protest art [updated]

Just a quick post today on two recent art projects that I’ve been working. One is my three clay bowls (last one was in the kiln and glazed) for test designs towards my final piece, and the other is three pictures of my protest art that’ll be made into a collage. These are still workContinue reading “Clay bowls and protest art [updated]”

War for Ghyran: part two coming soon

After Thursdays climatic result from the campagin game on round three, I can now start writing part two! So I thought I might give you guys the current campagin score and Warband rewards we’ve got from part one. The campagin was about the Skaven defending a Wormhole gate, adding up the dice (with modifiers) eachContinue reading “War for Ghyran: part two coming soon”