Hobby challenge is back!

I think I’ll start this month off with a hobby challenge, I haven’t set one up for awhile so why not?

This month’s task: your current tabletop miniatures project.

Whether it’s a single miniature, a squad, a tank or a small warband, so long as your work is built and primed you can join in!

Start date is today and the end date will be next month on the 7th September.

To join just let me know that you want to join in, by messaging me in the comment section of this post. This will make it easy for me to find everyone who’s joining the challenge. Then once you’ve done your chosen miniature/warband, either as a blog title or mention in post ‘The Tidal Leviathan hobby challenge’.

I’ll then link your post in my round up challenge post. I don’t use others photos from post into my round up as I’d rather let readers see your work on your own blog. 🙂

Until next time,


One thought on “Hobby challenge is back!

  1. I’m in, so long as I can get a mini done by then! It could very well be close considering how much I have to go on my current project but fingers crossed that I can make it on time.

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